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I really wish I could adjust the foraging missions more to my levels as they are quite different. Using the lowest possible one of course works but is a bit sad :)

Probably one could argue similar for crafting.


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Okay... Is there someone who could tell me why, instead of the homina's head, I now get a full view of her hips, in the daily missions window, please?

It's not that bad, as such things go. But, you know, Krill would prefer homin hips. Or, where she given a real choice, the rounds of a beer barrel...


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So yes, now I can explain why :)

I may have pushed the concept a bit far, but during an update I added the following feature:
When you own a guild island, the face of the guild island steward is displayed and when you don't own a guild or no steward it's a random face.

So where does this homine in panties come from?
Well from the particular case where the player has the guild, the steward but in its basic version (without being dressed like a player).
In this case I didn't have the information about the steward's outfit and face and so the display was as it is on your screenshot :)

Is it solved ? Yes, for the moment the basic stewards will not be displayed in the daily missions.

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So in other words .... No "Hoochie Coochi" bars on Guild Island.   For the curious, my recollection of the term comes from my youth and was used by my "Nana" to warn us against playing in the industrial section of our neighborhood where one of these was supposed to exist.  That makes me feel really old as the term is described as:

The "hoochie coochie" is a catch-all term to describe several provocative belly dance-like dances from the mid-to late 1800s.

If you're wondering ... yes, that warning only made us go looking for it and it we never found ... My guess it was a recollection of "Nana's" youth where her "Nana" who musta lived in that era told her the same thing.


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Corrections of Daily Missions

We have fixed some bugs concerning daily missions, especially when you ask for a new mission.
Also, rewards are now integrated directly in the daily missions window and not as missions anymore.

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