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@Sinvaders - I'll have to start keeping better documentation then. I can say that it seems that the only ones I can recall having issues with were all in Lakes. However, I haven't done enough to know if that's actual data or merely happenstance/coincidence.
@Rissa - Much of the complaining about reducing NH rewards had to do with there being no viable way to get any form of points that were usable to purchase things like potatoes or (especially) sap crystals. The 1800-point occupations were replaced with missions that took three times as long for less than half the rewards. Unless you work 90 hours a week for a mere $3 (2,71‎€) per hour, I think you can see the problem. While the Daily Mission system is a bit flawed at present, at least there are missions that take less than an hour that earn something that can be traded for an amount of products that makes it worth taking missions. And one plus side is that Neutrals do not get their rewards reduced by 50-75% for RP-ing a lack of nationalism.
@Moniq - While it would be good to bring up at the meetings, I don't know of many people who are willing to take Monday off of work to attend. So unless the meetings are moved from Monday to Sunday, there's an entire continent that will only be able to discuss such ideas on the forums. Just something to keep in mind ;)


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.

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What's wrong with this picture ?
The fact that you're doing dailies?

Me and 4 pages of other folks. Have any alternate suggestions on how to spend my time ? I'm all ears.

But the obvious answer to the question is, it says "Choose a reward from the ***four*** listed above. There's only three listed above..

@ Rissa:

Perhaps this will help

1. As per previous posts, and the announcement (link in adv stats' tab) the value ratio of Elyps is 100 to 1 ... so 400 from the Kitin invasion is equal to 4 Elyps. I do the 7 missions in about 40 minutes that nets me 126 Elyps ... or 12,600 from old kitin invasion which, using your 20-30 minutes (chose 25) = 787.5 minutes worth of invasion.

2. The dapper / fame rewards are what they are in the missions ... these are not new missions. Walk into any tribe camp or find wandering NPC and these are the missions you get. The DM system randomly chooses 7 missions from the 11,000 missions in game. For example, the Outlands Supplier in Cuzans Camp... pays big in fame w/ delivery missions, butt small dapper rewards. The guy near him has only craft missions ... he pays out 3 million if ya do all his missions

3. Without the bonuses, I got 12, with full bonus I got 18 ... it shows right on my screen that I am getting a 20% bonus. I get a bonus on each mission .... if I complete 7 , I get 7 x 17 ... if i do 5, I get 5 x 18. If I'm getting extra somehow, I didn't notice. By my reading, the bonus is set by the preference choices not how many missions you do... if you restrict the options in any way, your bonus is cut down ... have all options open, you get full bonus.

4. I agree on the giant window pop up that obscures the entire screen. It does get in the way and often takes a few tries to close.

5. As for the nation points ... to my eyes that was not only unfair but far, far, to generous. The person with 100 fame gets 4 x the person with 50-50-50-50 fame ? In short, it was a gift for the factioned that no one else can get ... if you're in the faction you love it. But frankly, at best this was a gift ... to my eyes, far too much reward for far too little effort, tho not officially designated as such ... I saw it as an exploit. Those kind of rewards were extremely unbalances compared to any other path in game.

Most of these issues I addressed in previous post

@ Gidget:

1. Just to give you a bit of optimism ... I have found every NPC in every mission with little trouble. Granted if you ever worked tribe fame chasing "Spirit of Sally Field" title, you probably have them all flagged on map. If not, it's going to be a bit more of a challenge. Otherwise a) BM map will find most locations that they frequent b) silenda will have a few more. I have a tribe macro that I have adopted from days of doing tribe fame. It's basically the same as the ole Boss macro. I select all the missions in one region .... replace the NPC names from last bunch with the new ones, then check the usual spots while spamming the macro if I don't find right away.

2. As for occupations .... Here's my approach. Day 1 collect 24 MC mats, improve them, practice 6 times ... I now have 6 x 24 mats, quit and take a new OCC. Day 2 rinse and repeat with WC, quit and take a new occ. Day 3 rinse and repeat with Florist, quit and take a new occ. So basically... Im doing 1 occupation a day between the 20 minute puzzle pieces ... and I get 144 things to hand in every day. Then I take a break for a while ... Of course, this means that for quite some time every time you land in FH, Ykr and Zora, ya stop by and grab waters, flowers and ambers.

3. There are a few missions that can not be completed .... i.e. "Kill Kidniak" or can't be reasonably completed (by 1 or 2 players) ... i.e kill super herbie. I have been reporting these as encountered for about 2 years. They are "quite rare".

I was able to ease into this because have been doing tribe missions since spring. So I can understand that it is a bit trying at first. But OTOH ... life before NH was fine ... It seems it made us all a bit fat and lazy. Like having a no show political job.... "All I had to do is walk out to the mailbox and grab the check and show up once a week ... now they expect me to show up every day ... that's ridiculous !

Personally, I am finding this a lot more rewarding ... areas I always avoided before because of unfamiliarity (Upper Bog), Bounty Beaches, Western EI) I am now comfy in because having to go there gave me an opportunity to find safe zones, recognize migration patterns that I am now able to enjoy more of the game than I did before ...

But hey, I'm more of a "It's the journey not the destination" kinda guy.

As to what you can buy with the Elyps ..... assumes 250 toon.

- DP Wipe (100 Elyps) ... Would not use under any circumstances ... Id use MakDuh / Jena option or dig 5 nodes.  That's 80% if Daily Mission Effort

- Stack of Wundahmat (780 Elyps) ... way, way, way, way overpriced.

- Stack of Cats  (320) .... Useless.   The existence of 200 and 250 cats on this makes no sense.   They are free.

- Stack of Crystals (120) - Seemes extremely cheap compared to the others.

- Register Animal in your name (100) - Seems fair

- Random Naming of Animal (50) - I don't get it

- Name your animal (4773).... 2000 seems fair, current price will set a goal for those wanting to be the 1st on the block.  Price will go dow over time ... ws 4774 so down 1 for me so far !

Probably should have some guidelines here ... character limitations, things we don't want to see ... Since Mek's are Atys' "Donkeys / Jackasses ... prolly don't wanna see names like "My Fat Ass".

As to the mission types ... the only concern I have here is the "impossible Missions Force" ones.... Yes, certainly going out into Loria and looking for a Kidniak is truly impossble".   OTOH, I don't see folks doing these missions in team.   So going out to kill a couple of Super Herbies (Bolobi, Shallah, Ploderos), while possible .... with tons of eggs, potions, etc., ... it is equivalent to Tom Cruise and the Impossible Missions Force.  As for the occupations part ... certainly, every occupation can easily enough be completed by a solo player.  The "kill 4 Ploderos in Kitin Lair" is however equivalent to the super herbie assignment ... folks will just keep abandoning the mission till they get something more practical.

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@Freddy - I've found the ones in the Jungle and Forest no problem. RNG has not yet given me any such missions in the desert. However, every single such mission I've had in Loria has had issues. Every. Single. One. There was one where the NPC was not in either BM nor Silenda and I found him after spending half the night looking, and three where they were not found, period. I went back and forth from their startign spot, in ever widening sweeps, then along the other cost of the lake, then from WoM portal to the Kami TP with a bit of zig-zagging.... nothing. And unlike the other regions, the compass was useless. One odd coincidence though; had they not been dailies, they would all have been from Ba'Duffy Aeddan. If you can do the 7 missions in under 40 minutes then you must not be getting any from Ba'Duffy! Maybe the last patch that borked the compass erased those NPCs?

As for occupations, collecting enough to practice 6 times takes me longer than I have many nights; 4 times (16 of each; 32 total) is more normal for me since I can't run 500m in under 12 seconds. Looking at the payout for turning produce in as a daily, I feel better off leaving all 8 boxes unchecked. And when the attempt to make people do more missions has people stop doing missions, your attempt has failed in ways that should send you back to the drawing board instead of being doubled down on.

Regarding killing super-herbis, I've only had those twice... in the last three days. Sure, that may not sound bad, but when you consider that there's only been three days that I even bothered trying Dailies at all, I'm thinking that they may not be so rare after all. Sure, maybe I was unlucky, but if I get one more before 2020, I will wonder what definition of "quite rare" you have in mind; I think of it as well under the percentage I'm at right now.

Your talk about pre-NH is just begging for an "Okay, Boomer.". Sure, back in your day you earned 12 dappers for missions that took you 3 days and you loved it, but it's 2606 now and there are a lot of folks who started out in a different Atys than the one of your youth. More importantly though, every attempt to fix the economy that I've seen so far has been a drastic over-correction that tries to fix all the problems in too short a time, often to the point of feeling like we're being railroaded EVEN MORE THAN WE ALREADY ARE. It's bad enough that not being a nationalist cuts your rewards by 75%, or that not worshipping a higher power causes issues with transportation that the "I luv 2 wolk!" crowd who publicly lament the existence of TPs see as an upside, but many of the attempted economic corrections just add to the being jerked around at the whim of others that I play games to (try to) take a break from.

I find skipping the missions and running nekkid into a kincher spawn more rewarding. I get paid about the same half the time, and I have a lot more fun. When death is preferable to daily missions, it's safe to say that daily missions need a bit of work.


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.

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@ Gidget

1. Yes, I have found many missions in Loria that don't work.

-Kill Goo Creatures
-Kill Kidniak
-Kill 230 Kiban
-Kill [Don't remember] Level Kizoar and Kiban ... this one I have been told exists ... but if it's a only one in a spawn and it's dead ... have to kill rest of spawn thing, never gonna find it.

And other missions that aren't practical ... for example killing 4 and 5 star super herbies. I killed a plod in Outlaw Canyon once ... took me 20 minutes. Tried Loria... when I sat down to regen, it had 100% HP by time I stood up. And when running around carting multiple tools, focus and HP mage gear ... I don't have room for 2h weaps, HA, eggs and stuff.

2. I do 2-3 occupations at a time. Takes me about an hour for each ... (except Butcher) to collect 6 days worth of practices. With NH, I would go to bench and practice grades 1 thru 6 in one sitting ... after improving them, I'd walk away with 24 x 6 mats (144) as you can practice each level occ once per day. That's 4 days of NH hand-ins for a bit over an hour's work the 1st day and 2 minutes on the following 3 days.

DM's make it harder. DMs require 10 Q70s / 20 Q60s ... 40 Q20s. No Q10s at this point but that's supposed to be fixed. I hope they also fix the numbers, and get rid of the oddball numbers an make them match. If ya gonna get 18 for 100%, then make the hand ins 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54. Or give out 20 for 100% and make the hand ins 10, 20, 30 ....For improved, we'd get + 33% ... Again, no odd numbers ... 33% would give us 6.67 each time... or 20 after 3 tries ... so out of every 3 tries gives us a 1/3 chance of getting a +10 and a 2/3 chance of getting a +5 for same % bonus.

EDIT:  I git the numbers wrong from memory ... actual numbers for hand ins are listed here but same thinking applies.

https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/25037/4 5#45

3. I been doing since Day 1 ... did just green ones for 2 days and then no restriction. I have had 1 what I call "Impossible Missions Force" (maybe possible but not worth the T, E & R) happen on about 3 days and 2 of them twice

4. It's not about dapper back in the day versus now. It's not about liking missions ... what I like is variety so things don't get boring. What I like is a thought process for making a decision as opposed to only one option making sense. What I like is balance so everyone is not doing the same danged thing all the time. Ryzom doesn't reward the player with quick twitch finger muscles, it works hard to work best for those who use the muscle between the ears.

5. It appears that I must have not explained my point clearly. It's all about balance... it's all about making an intelligent choice. It's all about making the same rewards accessible to the entire player base, and not favoring particular play styles or mindsets.

In focus beta we spent weeks assigned to various tasks killing things with magic versus melee... the point being ... if one or the other dominated, everyone would focus on the one thing. Everyone would be using a 2H axe ... everyone would be using the same spell.

After release...every weapon did the same thing ... all that changed was looks. Then, a patch gave weapons various different characteristics. An axe did more damage but would have less speed. That now meant no best weapon, but each could be best in individual circumstances. Sometimes, pike form example, the advantages / disadvantages were not immediately apparent. But with the greater reach, you took less damage and you could hold more mobs.

What we had with NH was:

a) Way to get the most fame for your time investment = NH by a huge margin.
b) Way to get the most dapper for your time investment = NH by a huge margin.
c) Way to get the most points / rewards for your time investment = NH by a huge margin.
d) Factioned players saw up to 4 times the rewards as other groups creating an elite class.

So, no ... not about how much you get now versus then ... it's about various path to the goal could be taken then with reasonably equivalent rewards.  NH chamged that; NH left us with only a single logical pathway.  No other pathway could provide equivalent rewards for the same T & E.  You don't lik that factioned players get 4 times the rewards .... but here's where we disagree ... you are OK with NH, even for the neutrals like us, giving ius 4 to 5 times the rewards of any other pathway.

With everyone complaining about "no content", after NH, there was over 11,000 pieces of content that no one was participating in. After a mission oriented Silan ... once NH arrived, those new folks you spoke of were guided by their 'elders' ... "no don't do that do this, never advance your occupations cause you get the same rewards much easier this way".

Now we are rewarded in different ways ...

a) Need fame ... focus on the "Green Missions" (explore / deliver) ... much fame, little dappers.
b) Need dappers, focus on the blue (craft) missions.
c) Need mix of both, do the Purple (Prospsct).
d) The Red (kill) missions are similar to purple but not as much dapper.

But the best thing about the missions, (and I got this doing tribe missions before DMs came along) is I am visiting more areas of Atys ... back in the day, like up until 6 months ago... I avoided BB and EI , HOP, UB ... because they were "problematic" to get around. We all stayed with what we knew cause if you were level 40 in dig, you were told to go to Dyron ... and, back in the day, screwing it up for the higher level players who might get 30-45 minutes a day before KT made digging impossible.  Meanwhile all the lower areas the higher level players got no benefit from diggin in were 100% KT.

Now it's as if I was given an expansion pack.  I did the grind for lakes dig in EI from 100 - 200 near kami TP and by the time i finished, I was so bored with EI , I never went back except to do NPC bosses. Western EI was a nigtmare so i stayed in my little corner w/ no aggro in 1000 meters. Now I am comfly in all areas of EI only cause completing tribe missions made "pushed me" to go there.

6.  But the most important thing about DMs over NH is it treats all player groups equally. No more 4 x the rewards for one group over another. Of course, those who enjoyed the preferential treatament will be disappointed, but as long as we all pay the same subscription and all have to put in equal time and effort, this is fairer.

7.  In addition, you are not pidgeon holed into doing things you don't want to do ... don't like harvest missions, exclude them.

a) You can get to 50 fame in about 3 days with NH ... 12 days and you 50-50-50-50. As Joe Pesci said in "My cousin Vinny" ... "I got no more use for this guy"

b) Just leveling my skills, you can make 10 million a month ... after paying for the NPC plans reassembly, again "I have no use for this guy".

c) As for crystals ... I am split on my feelings. yes, it gives you something to do when you have no one to team with ... OTOH, one reason you have no one to team with is cause many folks are off leveling with their alts and crystals.  Might was well go play Witcher or Metro if I am going to play alone.

8. Economy ?  There is no economy, never was.   The only thing I felt had any real damaging effect over all the "corrections" was when the cost and value of everything was reduced post merge ... to no great efefct ... exept the cost of NPC plan restoration remained at 90 million instea dof being reduced propertionately.

It's barter economy and NH didn't change that one bit to my view. What NH did was pigeon hole the entire population into do one thing day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. It's about resources .... dapper so you can pay expenses, nation points so you can buy consumables. And NH was the single most priftable thing you could to ... nothning else gave you an option that was even 25% as productive on a time and effort investment basis.   So everyone did level 1 maybe 2 in two occs and dead ended there.

9. Now instead of 2 occs, plyers realize significant advantage in having 8 ...You will still get about the same amount of crystals with NH as you do with 2occs now. But if you have 8 occs, you get a 20% bonus. If you get to Grade 6, you get more rewards for your time investment than with lower grades ... If you improve the mats, you get even more rewards.  Essentially, the more areas of the game you explore, the more rewards you get. Not like NH where there's no incentive to pass Grade 1. NH was the equoivalent of the no show job you got cause because your uncle is a union boss or a politcal appointee :).

In summary ...

DMs = more variety
DMs = eliminate your cult favoritism issues
DMs = greater rewards for greater efforts and accomplishments
DMs = greater exposure to infrequently visited areas

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i would like to break a lance for the starter up players... not quite so high level as are Fyrosfreddy, you and others like you but only as far along in crafting or less so than i: imho it is in most (if not all?) cases for such low level crafting skilled players simply not possible to fulfill the blue missions, very likely also often not the purple.

I cannot craft level 14 boots etc if i cannot yet craft higher than level 7, for example.

So at least some such missions ought to be pre-determinedly leveled at the thus yet low-leveled crafting skills for the proposal to make sense not only to the long-established high level in everything (almost) players but also to the yet low leveled new or other players such as neglected to uplevel in crafting of the to be crafted mission items while upleveling other prioritized skills.

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The base level for the rewards are, as far as I can tell choosing only 200 - 250 level options so far:

15 Elyps
15 Choce Tokens
20k Dappers

With the 20% Bonus:

18 Elyps
18 Choce Tokens
20k Dappers

With the 20% Malus:

12 Elyps
2 Choce Tokens
16k Dappers

Here's the Bonus / Malus Distribution

Occupation Bonuses:

8 occupations = 4 x 5% = +20%
7 occupations = 3 x 5% = +15%
6 occupations = 2 x 5% = +10%
5 occupations = 1 x 5% = +05%
4 occupations = 0 x 5% = +00%
3 occupations = 0 x 5% = +00%
2 occupations = 0 x 5% = +00%
1 occupations = 0 x 5% = +00%

Classic Bonuses:

4 Mission Types @ 200-250 = +10% + 10%
4 Mission Types @ 150-199 = +10% + 00%
4 Mission Types @ 100-149 = +10% + 00%
4 Mission Types @ 050-099 = +10% + 00%

3 Mission Types @ 200-250 = +10% + 00%
3 Mission Types @ 150-199 = No Indication
3 Mission Types @ 100-159 = No Indication
3 Mission Types @ 050-099 = No Indication

2 Mission Types @ 200-250 = +10% + 00%
2 Mission Types @ 150-199 = No Indication
2 Mission Types @ 100-159 = No Indication
2 Mission Types @ 050-099 = No Indication

1 Mission Types @ 200-250 = -20% + 00%
1 Mission Types @ 150-199 = -20% + 00%
1 Mission Types @ 100-159 = -20% + 00%
1 Mission Types @ 050-099 = -20% + 00%

The DM, seems to me, were prepared to encourage exploring all the content.   We've seen the folks who master 1 or 2 skills in 6 weeks ... and they're done ... they've reached end game.

And yes... for new players, I think they **should** be creating a balanced character ... and when they get skills to level 40 or so , they should be able to handle all but the craft missions ... ideally they can do 2 or 3 ... but not at all.  But one thing I do remeber from doing the rites was "you didn't have to do the crafts ... just someone in team".   So this is a way for guilds and players to meet, group and split up the craft load for mutual game.  Of course I have not confirmed this yeat ... but it's "on the list"


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1 - That is the largest source of my disdain for DMs. If they made DMs possible by fixing the broken Loria missions, then I'd be a far happier homin.

2 - I'm curious how you run so fast.

3 - The fact that my luck seems to be so much worse than a lot of folks has led to me having a ton of opinions that don't ride the bandwagon.

4 - Diversity, monotony... either is preferable to bug-ridden. My issue is with broken.

5 - I don't do NH for either fame nor money. And if you think I am OK with factioned players getting quadruple the rewards of Neutrals like me then you must have me confused with someone else; it's actually one of my biggest pet peeves. I love the DM thing in theory, but if reality matched theory then I'd wonder when I got transported to an alternate universe.
That said, I'm not into travel for the sake of travel. I'm a goal-oriented, destination-driven type. Sure, maybe I'm traveling to a destination where I'm going to do something pointless and stupid, but even the dumbest/silliest thing I do is far more fun and rewarding than the trip. I don't avoid places because of agro; I avoid them simply because there's nothing there I want or need. I've wandered all over Atys and few spots get more than a "Meh..." from me. If you like exploring at least ten times as much as I do (a pretty low bar to clear) then you do you, boo! But don't tell me that something I could not care less about is a huge upside.

6 - That's one thing I like about DMs.

7 - Right now, I see almost as many guildmates online each night as I did for the last couple of months I was in one of the larger guilds on Atys; pretty sad when you consider that right now I'm in a four-member guild... and I'm two of them!

8 - As previously stated, I didn't/don't do NH for fame or dappers. I found dig/craft was easier dappers, and bandit missions piled up fame fast enough.

9 - If we got rid of the need to juggle constantly by lifting the "Three occupations per homin" limit, then sure. But unless/until that happens, they can take the occupation produce DMs and shove them. I would probably feel different;y if I hadn't run into glitches the last few times I tried swapping occupations, but see #3 above.


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.

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1.   Since the start, I'd say I have found 6 or 7 in Loria that I couldn't to.  I got a response to my ticket saying "they are there" ... look harder :).

-Are they there seasonally ?
-Are they there only when moss and it's part of the minions ?
-Are they there as part of a spawn, so that you wom't see it unlees rest of spawn is kiled and spawn reporps

But today I had:

- Kill a  Voracious Arma
- Kill a  Voracious Wombai

I couldn't find either of them after a pair of N=>S / S=>N traverses.  Now I have seen the Wombai ... I believe however that it only appears when the Boss pops at south end.... or parhaps seasonally

So call it 8 ... and over that time I have done @ 248 missions  At a 3% broken rate, I can deal w/ that.  Hopefully over time, these will get fixed.

2.  it's more sweeming than running for WC .... for MC I use my mount.

3.  I can deal w/ 3% ...  These are obviously new:


... but as long as the dev team makes progress over time, I won't be disappointed.

4.  As above.

5.  It was my biggest peeve ... and DMs erases it.  As this is the case, I don't understand "Where's the beef" as the saying goes.

6.  It would seem we are in violent agreement on this one.

7.  I'm not seeing the connection between population and freedom of choice.  I don't see anyone leaving over having more choices ... I don't see it necessarily bringing anyone back either ... but I am enjoying no longer being second class citizen.

8.  Who needs dappers or fame really is not in any way relevant to the point I was making.    What I am trying to make clear is... for example immediately post merge:

a)  We all needed fame
b)  We all needed dappers
c)  We all needed rewards

To get all of those, we did what we did pre-merge.  Post NH however, the path for new players using NH was easier by orders of magnitude.   And, again, it's not the difficulty or effort that was the issue ... it's that it is out of balance.  You didn't like that rewards were 4 times as great for one play style as oppossed to another.  That is the beef here also, one method of getting to hwere touy wanted to go was 4 times easier than all the others.

If an Atys Citizen has to put in 4 times the T & E to get the same reward as a Nation Citizen id bad, then why is it not bad that one who takes an alternative path to fame / dapper  / points has to put in 4 times the T & E ?

Now once we obtained our fame, didn't need to pursue it any more ... once we bought our packers, apartmenmts, GHs and NPC plan restorations, we didnt need dapper anymore.  At that point, most mainly just did it for the crystals  ... and to  a lessr extent ... wundahmat, picks etc.  So it's not a matter of who needs what and when ... it's  a matter that when there is a need, you could spend 3 days getiing it thru NH or spend 12 days hours getting it by alternative options.  It efefctively renders all that "other content" extraneous.  HWat is more "interesting" ?

a)  Do the same 2 Occs in 2 regions and repeat the same actions without advancing just doing the basic level repeatedly over and over again
b)  Stand in front of an NPC and "travel" to where you are standing 4-5 times.


a)   Be exposed to ~ 40 regions, 50+ tribes, see different vistas, learn new travel routes,
b)  Get rewarded for advancing to 6th level and 8 occupations
c)  Enjoy the variety of 11,000 missions ... yes many are similr but has every haburger you have eaten tasted the same ?

9. The game doesn't require that you do them so why "shove them" and deny anyone else the opportunity to choose this option.   With a little bit of forthought, I fail to see an issue with the 3 limit thing.  id like it better oif the result was 20 mats instead of 18.

Over 2 days, I can earn 144 occ produce w/  imptovedf mats  ... Over 2 days, I can turn in only 80 matsI turned in ... Net gain +64 mats.

Ok so lets say you don't improve the mats.   It' just a matter of setting up a "system".  Now with the vagaries of chance you want to have a reserve in case you get the same occ cupla days in a row.  Let's say 500+ mats. 

Starting on the 10th day, once I have the reserve of 540 mats, over the next 8 days will collect 432 mats (3 Occs x 8 days x 18 mats) ... and spend 400 over 5 of those days (4 Occs x 20 mats x 5 days).    Over an 8 day period

3 Days:   0 Occs + 7 Missions
5 Days:  4 0ccs + 3 Missions

Now that's if you wanted to do so as to concentrate and maximize results.   I think Im more inclined to alternate days:

Odd Numbered Days:   0 Occs + 7 Missions
Even Numbered Days:  4 0ccs + 3 Missions

10.  I would like to see one change.  Allow up to 3 occupations until you have mastered 3 occupations ... After that, any occupation you "master' stays on the board.

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1&3 - If my rate was only 3% then fine, whatever. That's Ryzom. But my experience so far is closer to 13%. My luck has been bad enough that your argument is not really any different from arguing that seat belts are useless because you personally have never been in a car accident. The distribution has been such that I cannot attribute it to luck though, unless you are willing to concede that your own personal experience is in no way, shape, or form any more indicative of reality than mine.

5 - Part of the beef I have is simply that I've seen enough folks who are all, "Travel is it's own reward!", that hearing that the best thing about DMs is visiting more parts of Atys evokes a visceral reaction. If my boss paid me in navel lint instead of dollars, I'd have a similar reaction. Don't tell me something is an upside unless it's something I actually care about. Add in that I've had more bum missions than you by large margin (and for a STUPID reason), and you wind up with an even larger sense of "Why bother?" simply because of broken things.
My opinion will change once Loria missions are fixed to be as doable as the other region's missions are now, but until then, don't bother trying to tell me broken stuff is good even if I like what they are trying to do.

7 - That was in response to your split feelings on crystals.

8 - I got here just after Merge. I didn't know about NH until I was pretty high in all fames and good enough at dig/craft to earn more dappers more easily from overseers. Different experiences, so different opinion.

9 - If I read right, you do an hour a night per occupation. That means that on your four-occupation nights, you're already on for at least twice as long as I often get these days. Run that chart on 90 minutes 4 days a week and see if you'd be as ambitious. Also, since you mentioned "vagaries of chance", re-read the first paragraph of this post. Again, different experiences, so different opinion.


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.

#55 Report | Quote[fr] 

Im have not been and have no intention of trying to argue that you are wrong here ... Your points are valid based upon the assumptions you've made.  But I think you will find that those assumptions do not serve well.

1&3.  The seat belt example is a false equivalancy.  We are both doing DMs and both have had failures.   This is simple math / science and mathematics ... just like work :) .  The accuracy of any predicted outcome is based upon sample size ... like polls... a sample size of 1000, will produce greater accuracy then a sample, size of 100.  A sample size across all relevant demographics will be more accurate than one that isn't.  We can't give an accurate estimation of drowning deaths by sampling the population of Prudoe Bay Alaska and a sampling of 10,000 people will be more accurate than 100.    Statistics is a science, that science has it's rules and that science produces consistent and reliable results.


I have done DMs every day since day 1 and due to the less than 24 hour cooldown I prolly picked up an extra 1 or 2.  You said you do 4 days a week and lets assume you also started day 1.  So if I have done 280 missions, you have done 160.  Using the referenced standard statistival error calculator, and  a year's worth of daily missions (2,550) as our yearly mission count, my margin of error with my sampling size is 6%.  Your margin of error with your smaller sampling size is 8%.... Not huge, but not equal either ... 33% more  

But more importantly , "where's the beef".   If we both did NH, we'd wind up with about 163 crystals.   If we did DMs, we'd have 1050 crystals with 7 successful missions.   Your 13% is a bit less than 1 a day so lets call it consertaively and give ya the edge of 1 failure a day (14.2%) ... so with 1 failure per day,  your getting a bit more than 900 crystals per day on average.

In short, there's absolutely nothing to concede here... the reality actually is that a) larger sampling size = more accuracy and b) being "goal oriented" you are far exceeding you previous goal as DMs, even with the failures factored in, are giving you more crystals per day.

5.   This analogy is another false equivalency.

Option 1 - You belong to a dinner theater club and every 2nd Thursday of every month they go to the same theater, see the same show and have the same meal.  Same story, same actors, nothing varies.

Option 2 - You belong to a dinner theater club and every 2nd Thursday of every month they go to the a different theater, see a different show and enjoy a different cuisine.

Which group is more knowledgeable ? ... who will be more knowledgeable about the various talents of the actors, writers, directors when evaluating whether to see a new show coming to town ?  The knowledge I have gained in the geography, aggro locations, pathways, etc. from doing tribe missions has made me far more capable in traversing the planet safely simply because of the exposure to what I learned.

I learned that traversing EI clockwise is hard ... counterclockwise is easy.  Collecting puzzle pieces was a piece of cake as I could navigate many areas far easier than I could before, gaining that knowledge when chasing tribe fame before DMs came about.  My survivability rate has improved as a result of doing Tribe Fame.  Everything i do in game has benefitted because I have additional knowledge that I didn't have before.

If this doesn't mean beans to you, it is still irrelevant.  I think we can agree that a good thing is when the pluses's exceed the minus's.  So if it's your position that none of this benefits you in any way, shape or form, then any negative impact that you can present makes your case.  Let's look and see if that is actually possible.

As I understand it, your position is that they can shove DMs because NH is better since you can't fail and the DMs fail 13% of the time.  That's not been my NH experience.  Doing 3 occs and 6 practices per occ in each "sitting" ... I often screw a couple up.  So there are failures, my fault but still failures.
You don't need dappers, and you don't need fame so it's clear that you are doing NH for crystals.  At 50 fame, you earn 50 nation points per product or 1800 NPs max per day.  At 11 points and 11 dappers per QL500 crystal, you can buy (163) Q500 crystals.

Now with the alternate DMs, you earn 18 Elyps for one mission.  With your 13% failure rate, you are completing just over an average of 6 mission per day, earning you 108 Elyps.  Each stack of 100 QL crystals costs you 12 Elyps, allowing you to buy 900 crystals.

So where's the minus ?   With 1 failure per day, how is your goal oriented approach in any way being negatively impacted in any way.  When your reward with 1 failure / day, you are exeeding your established goal by a factor of 5.5

Even if you went full on faction / nation with 100 fame, you'd get 655 crystals w/ NH ... so where's the beef when, by doing daily missions w/ one failure per day you are now getting 1.4 times more rewards those 100 fame factioned doods get w/ NH ?  Not only are you no longer a 2nd class citizen, you are getting more than them.  As it stands now, you need only complete 2 missions per day .. 5 missions could be broken and you'd still be ahead of where you were before.

I'll need you to provide a quote to address the claim that I said "broken is good".  No such suggestion has been made.  Your taking issue with a "downside" that, as has been demonstrated above, does not exist.   It's unfortunate that a small % of missions are broken .

In no way does that say "broken is good", its says "yes some missions are broken, but you are in no way being negatively impacted so there's nuthin to complain about.  Do just 2 missions a day and you're ahead of the game ... then go do NH and double up.

So now, what can we do about it ?  How can we make it better ?

I have reported each mission that I have been unable to complete.  IIRC, 4 have been acknowledged as not possible, for other 3 the response was, "I found them, they can be completed".  So maybe my "broken" is really half what I think it is.

One, not in the 7 was completed after another player told me where to look.  One I had yesterday, I was unable to complete.  The Voracious Wombai I found at ponds by Kami TP there in summer was not in Autumn....  but I had completed it previously.  So if I did it in summer and couldn't do it in autumn, is that broken or is that Life in Atys ?

The remaining topics have kinda been rendered moot by the preceding but for clarity

8.  I don't see the reasoning.  Either something is unbalanced or it isn't.  If it's unbalanced in 2004 and still exists in 2009, 2014 or 2019. it's still inbalanced.  DMs are not giving you anything less than NH, it's giving you more... much more.   More importantly, it's giving everyone the same opportunity.  No more imbalance.  I expect the rewards will be tweaked as tme goes by ... and the purchase costs are relatively outta whack.  Crystals are cheap, Wundahmat ridiculously expensive ...

9.  I guess it's because of our different approaches to game that I was unable to adequately convey the perspective in first series of posts.   To my eyes, how much you get is not so much te point ... inbalance is a horrible thing.

How would you describe ....

-Having one race that is significantly more powerful than all others
-Having one weapon that is significantly more effective than the others
-Having one class that gets significantly more rewards than the other

My answer to all is  "poor game design".  A chnage was made... it presented an imbalance, attemps are underway to correct it.

9.  Not quite ... It typically takes me an hour or so to collect certs for the most common occupations (Water / Mag Cart).   Hard to tell as always interupted by craft requests, out of game obligations ... I timed mag cart once and it was 64 minutes to collect a week's worth of certs.  Butcher takes me a good part of a day. Medic and Scrollmake go fast.  Toolmaker and Florst take more than they should beause i don't like doing what averyoine else dos and repeatedly abandonong missions i don't like.  But then Im done for the week.   When doing NH, I'd do 6 practices at one sitting and then do the NH hand ins daily spending 2 minutes aday.

But I havent done NH in about 3 years .... no need for any of the rewards.   When Skiy was restoring her NPC Armor Plans,  I sold Q70 scrolls for 9999% markup.   Best income I have come across so far.  Grinding craft left me dumping 10 mill a month in GH.  After completing crafts, moved onto tribe fame and that was surprsingly and unexpectedly well compensated.  I took 15 propecting missions today for tribe fame and made about 3 - 4 million with 2-3 deliveries thrown in.  I been 50-50-50-50 fame since a month after merge.

But the concept of obtaining fame, rewards or dappers ... when needed.... should be proportional to the effort involved.  And if one path is alarmingly more poductive than others, then the others for the most part become irrelevant.  It's my position that the goal of game design is to provide balance... NH destroyed that, it was recognized and efforts are being made to correct it.

And that is THE reason why after being removed, NH is now back and, I presume, why it exists side by side, wuth DMs.  You can do DMs or if you don't like them stick with NH.  If you prefer not doing DMs because you run into a broken mission, no one is stopping your from continuing to do NH.  This is a test / tweaking period, missions will be fixed, rewards will be tweaked.  keep doing NH until the broken mission count is more to your liking.  Or keep the staus quo and only attempt 2 missions  a day.


#56 Report | Quote[en] 

It is not false equivalency to just not be in the same part of the distribution curve as you are. Increased sample size is likely to tend towards the median, but it doesn't always move towards the median without fail. As unlikely as it is, it is possible to flip 100 fair coins and have all 100 land Heads. I see your refusal to avoid admitting that it's possible that you and I have had different experiences as basically refuting that (1/(2^100)) is still greater than zero. I didn't think I was asking for a huge concession there. Also, surveys and probabilities are different enough that I question the relevance of that link since it pretty much refutes/dismisses the existence of data too far from the mean; data like much of my entire life, ingame and offline. I hope that you aren't saying that I don't matter because I'm too far outside the norm to fit the narrative!

We agree that big positives and small negatives equals "overall a good thing", but you're overlooking that it's not all about the crystals for me. More crystals is a positive, yes, but the frustration and annoyance of broken missions is a negative, no matter how much you downplay it. A rather large one for me, actually. Sure, it's a lot more crystals, but that should tell you how big a negative I consider running into broken things at a rate that you seem to consider impossible really is to me. I simply don't see a positive that is outweighed by a huge negative as a good thing. Again, my opinion would be different if my luck put me as close to the center of the bell curve as you seem to be, but I've gotten so used to being a statistical anomaly that I consider hoping for a normal life (like the one you tried to tell me I have with your lesson on statistics, evidence to the contrary be damned) to be a variant of the Monte Carlo fallacy.

Speaking of false equivalencies, since when does knowledge correlate with love of travel? Is it not possible to do things and learn from them without liking the enough to consider them something you'd seek out? I'm glad you like to travel for the sake of travel, but I do not share your passion, and would appreciate it if you weren't condescending about that. Now, if you argued that there was a correlation with how much you traveled then I might be inclined to agree, but that's not what happened.

There is no need for a direct quote due to your constantly going on and on about the benefits of missions while downplaying the negatives, and also admitting a few things are broken. You obviously think DMs are good despite being broken. If you want to dissuade me of that notion, then do something about the factors that led me to that conclusion. And while you're at it, don't tell me I'm not negatively affected by something that negatively affects me. If I want gaslighting, I'll argue politics on Facebook!

Whether something is technically possible at all and whether it's possible do on a given night are two separate things. If I'm given a mission that I cannot do for reasons beyond my control like season, then it's effectively broken regardless of whether it's possible at some other time of the Atysian year. To me, giving missions that require disproportionate T&E or are simply not able to be done is unbalanced and in need of fixing. Some missions are locked off during certain seasons, so part of it is obviously fixable with relative ease. And it does strike me that Loria NPC hunting is problematic since similar missions in the other three regions are done in a reasonable amount of time without issues.

We do agree that DMs are more balanced than NH, and I really would like to see DMs work out. But as it stands, they have far enough to go that I feel NH needs to stick around while the bugs get worked out. It's not a matter of liking NH so much as considering reliable things better than broken things in the absence of any factors that tip the scales in favor of one or the other. You put different weights on different factors, so of course you have a different opinion.

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Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.

#57 Report | Quote[fr] 

Is simple math ... the answers are absolute with certain ranges and there's no different way to interpret results differently.  More data = better results.   I've used this data to predict life cycle costs for roads, treatment plants, construction costs, municipal budgeting, etc.  The process is a mandatory question on the engineer's licensing exam.  Doing it incorrcrtly and outside accepted standards can not only result in lawsuits, dismissal but loss of licensure.

Simply put, it is accepted science.  As I indicated, and as the sampling shows... thos results wull prove to be accurate 95% of the time ... in other words.... 1 out of 20 times, my numbers will be wrong. So no, it in no way implies that your experience does not matter ... it's just that it matters less ... it's will be a less reilable indicator due to the lower probability of it representing the actual failure rate.

If you bet on red 4 times at the roulette table and win 3 times, what odds would you recommend to the casino manager for a bet on red ot black ?   How about we meet at a casino and with your 3:1 data set you pay me just 2.5 to 1 for every time I put a $100 bill on black ... say when. 

You seem to confuse the terms Possibility and Probability.  No, possibility does not = probability.   The chances of 10 heads in a row are 1024 to 1

A classic example is as follows:

You measure the time it takes a single job applicant to type a letter at 1,000 locations throughout the US and results vary from 1.5 to 19.5 minutes.  The actuall average of the 1,000 is 10.5 minutes.    But what is the probability of any subset of people coming out at 10.5 ?

Sampling of 10 people = 7.65 - 13.35
Sampling of 100 people = 9.24 - 11.46

So no, I am not saying that the smaller sampling size doesn't matter, I am saying that it matters less than the more accurate sampling of 100.  If byou are betting on probabilities, for budgetary planning, capital project planning. vegas oddsmaking, your odds of "hitting the correct number" are  vastly greater with larger sampling sizes.

What constitutes a broken mission ?

a)  Kill a mob that doesn't exist.  Agreed.
b)  Killing a mob that you can not defeat solo. Life's tough
c)  Killing a mob that exists that you can't find.  Look again.
d)  Killing a mob that is part of a spawn containing different level creatures ... and you won't see the one you need until spawn is killed and respawns.  Again, life is tough.  Success is not guaranteed.
e)  Killing a mob that is not present in the current season.  This seems unfair but who said life here or in Atys is fair ?  I'd prefer it was possible, but I rec'd no guarantee that every mission could be competed.

I would expect that as problem missions are troubleshooted, some of those categories will be given higher priority.  I would like it if I could do all those missions ... but I don't make the rules.   I generally report all of those categories.  I'd reject a "not broken" determination on only the 1st.  Id argue the point for last based upon my personal PoV but would accept a decison of the decision makers determined otherwise.

I am a bit puzzled as to the sourve of your expectation that we are somehow entitled to complete all missions.  What if mission was "Kill Dai-Den solo".   Possible, but I wouldn't invest the T & E to do it.  What if one mission popped up "Haha... a Bounty Hunter came by and stole ya mission."

There's an idea ... as each problem is reported, it is replaced with "Bounty Hunter took your mission" message ... and leave it that way until volunteer efforts result in a fix.  Is that better ?  Nothing in ife is guaranteed, not on earth, not on Atys. 

Your position also dictates that replacement system should not exist until all the bugs are eliminated ?  That makes no sense:

a)  Who are you expecting to find all the problem missions ?  How much longer should a good portion of the player base remain 2nd class citizens in order to accomplish this ?
b)  Why take the option to do DMs out ? ... no one is forced to do them ?   You are free to choose to remain a 2nd class citizen and do NH.
c)  Is there any better way to find these problem missions than thru the ticket system ?

To my view, the expecation of perfection is unreasonable.   If you demand perfection, don't choose the DM option ... stick with old reliable NH.  This is a new feature ... there's going to be bugged missions.  How do you deal with the fact that sometimes we're told to collect 5 skulls and one out of 4 kills actually drops one.  I once killed 23 mid level bolobis to get the last drop I needed.

The DM interface has errors saying to do an Occ in the wrong region ... so what ?   Follow procedure ... submit a ticket .  I have asked if you have submitted tickets ... given the lack of response, I'' conclude no until informed otherwise.  Well how can anyone fix what they are not aware of ?

Speaking of false equivalencies... creating them is not a response.   In order to provide counterpoint to a statement, that statement has to actually have been made.  That's simply not happening here, they're being fabricated.  No one can't provide a direct quote unless those words were actually uttered.  Every example you have given was never stated or implied.   hese are imaginary constructs.  Counterpoint can not consist of "Let me tell you why these positons you have never taken are wrong".

Never said that "broken is good' ... never said that "things weren't broken" ... never said "travel for its own sake is good" tho the entire tourist industry of the world is based upon just that assumption. See natutal wonders, enjoy new experiences, learn new things.  In fact,  I clearly stated that I filed tickets for missions that are broken multiple times.  How do you reconcile that with the "nothing is broken" claim ?.  Has a new game ever been released w/o bugs ?

To get over the inherent bias against all things DM, let's take them out of the equation for a moment.  Please confine responses only to words in italicized text without adding wording, positions and meanings that are not there. 

1.  When I was pursuing tribe fame, in one instance the tribe I was working on was in Upper Bog.  I don't spend much time in forest and of all the sub-regions there, I have spent the least time in UB.  I did the mission and I get +3 fame, and 259k dappers and now I have a safe haven to escape mobs or go afk in their camp.  Please explain how this is "travel for its own sake" with no benefit when I now have +3 fame, more Yubo points, an aggro safe zone and 259,000 dappers ?  Not everone may be thrilled about all of them but if none appeal to you,m gotta ask ... why do NH or DMs ?

2.   As a result of this travel ... an area I always avoided cause not having spent much time there I died a lot, is now available to me.  With increased knowlede and familiarity, I can now effortlessly travel thru the area having discovered safe havens, mob patterns, safe pathways ... now giving me full access to the reqion without repeatedely dying.  Rewards = less wasted time having to respawn and start again to travel desitiation (*i.e. Mada boss) , less working off DP ... how can increased options, time saved, access to more resources be considered of no benefit ?

3.  As a result of this travel, as I continue other efforts ... I learned I can now access craft mats as well as get to nameds and bosses easier.  I picked up several mission mat locations that I had not found in any other region and others that were available easier than in other regions.   Again, saved time, easier access to resources is a definitive benefit.  When I need a specific mission mat or craft mat ... I'd go to "what I knew" and I'd sit and wait or maybe take 3-4 tries (resulting in death)  to get in a position to harvest something .  As a result, I can meet goals, that I previously struggled with in shoter times, less T & E and less DP.

4.  When taking folks to FH, traveling thru BB, always took the same route ... the same route we trekked in 2004 when I first went to FH.  From doing Tribe Missions, I found alternate routes, that are much safer.  I now have safe havens where we can run from mobs and get saved by the federales or in tribe camps.  Whereas in the past I wouldn't go thru BB w/o a team of 3-4 ...now Im fine doing solo or trekking a new player.   I can not fathom how this can not be seen as a tangible benefit.

5.  During Anlor Wiin, I skipped a few puzzle pieces because they were in areas just too hard to get to.  In EI idie several times and skipped that bone when it popped.  This time, as a result of comleting tribe fame missions, I found just approaching in a more roundabout fashion, I could use lakes, ponds, OPs and tribe camps to do the trek safely by shedding aggo at each spot.  No you can claim there's no tangible benefit from any of this but the argument is far from convincing.

To address the no benfit to "travel for travel's sake ...  Why ever leave lakes ? ... Ever been to Virginia Falls ?  Why ?  Did you get XP ?  Did you get unique mats ?   Or was it just nice too look at ?

You have yet to provide one instance of actually being negatively affected by DMs in any measurable way... in what way specifically is your toon worse off since DMs were introduced.  Yes, we get it ... you wanted to do 7 missions and you could only do 6.  No disagreement there.   Now let's talk relevancy.  In what measurable way is your toon disadvantaged because of DMs.   You're sitting in court, claim your damages.   It's like the guy who claims ... "since the accident, I can't play the piano".   Before the accident, he couldn't play the piano.  Since DMs came about ... what is it that you can not do that you could do before ?

Would your skill level in any area be higher if DMs never existed ?
What resources would you have that you don't have because DMs are here ?

So exactly how are you disadvantaged ?  Your perceived damage is that you wasted time and didn't get your just rewards.   Prove it.  Show us how you got less rewards than you would have gotten w/o DMs.  Let's imagine NH actually was gone and we're flies on the wall and the devs are trying to decide which route to take ... fix all the missions, or just give greater rewards ...

a)  8/10 missions work and you get 25 rewards for each
b)  10/10 missions work and you get 20 rewards for each

In both cases, we are attempting 10 missions so T & E is same .... in both cases you getting the same rewards.   How are we in any way disadvantaged ?  In court of law, you have to prove damages. ... you can't.  Completing 6/7 is still giving you more rewards than NH did.

Here's a very real example....  My son once paid 15% over the cost of a reference GFX card for an EVGA card with a custom PCB and 20% factory OC.  We went thru 20 support calls over 18 months and 5 RMAs to no avail.   They finally sent a next generation reference card with no factory OC.  Do we have a case for claiming ... my old card was 15% faster than reference cards .. this one is not.    He enjoyed a sense of pride because he was 15% faster than everyone else.  Now his card is just run of the mill and he no longer gets the same sense of satisfaction of having something special.

No we can't .. we were guaranteed a certain level of performance and the new reference card is faster than the old fancy smancy card.  Case closed.   You may get a sense of personal satisfaction by completing 100% of the missions, but the only way you can be "disadvantaged" is by showing you are "getting less". 

You do realize that NH is still here right ?   I followed the official posts as we went from NH to "no NH" to DM + NH ?    It was made clear that the system will be revamped and that NH would remain in place until it's where they want it to be ... well balanced and, hopefully ... eventually, bug free.

1.  NH had issues, we were advised that a new system would be incorporated.

2.  They put in a new system, everyone complained .. mosty that the unbalance that they enjoyed was gone, also because it had minor quirks.

3.  They announced that they would revise and reintroduce the new system while leaving NH in place giving players the option or doing either.   You already have exactly what you want.

The other parts not discussed.

1.  All the missions that I have encountered that can not be completed are kill missions.  Simple Solution - Select "None" for Fight missions, problem solved.  Take 7 missions from the other 3 categories.

2.   Select the 4 occupations that you do for NH for DMs, that leaves you just 3 missions, greatly reducing the chance of getting an undoable missions.  

3.  When you talk about 13%, that's just for Loria missions ? ... It's not clear but ***if*** so, when we include all 4 regions .... we're talking 3.25 %

On average we're talking 4 different types of missions...

-I have never had a craft mission fail over the past 18 months I have been pursuing fame.
-I have never had a forage mission fail over the past 18 months I have been pursuing tribe fame.
-I have never had a track, deliver, explore mission fail over the past 18 months I have been pursuing tribe fame.

So if your mission failure rate is 13% ... you're talking the % of kill missions failiing is 52% ... Having done all the tribes in Loria before DMs.  And the DMs consisting of faction, nation and by far the majority being tribe missions.  I can remember:

- A kipee mission on OC


#58 Report | Quote[en] 

If I did not know you, I would have a very bad opinion of you based on this entire exchange. As it stands, I feel that this discussion is utterly pointless, and that I've had enough of being dismissed, disrespected, and outright gaslit that I'm just going to walk away from your uncharacteristic megalomania. Hopefully when next we meet, you will be the more reasonable Freddy that I've liked and respected for years rather than whoever wrote the last few posts that have your name attached to them.

I will say that I've found a way to make DMs marginally tolerable, but that does nothing to sway my opinion about being drafted into the beta-testing, and (especially) not my feelings about being blown off and talked down to for simply not having a mainstream experience.

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Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.

#59 Report | Quote[en] 

What constitutes a broken mission ?

a)  Kill a mob that doesn't exist.  Agreed.
b)  Killing a mob that you can not defeat solo. Life's tough
c)  Killing a mob that exists that you can't find.  Look again.
d)  Killing a mob that is part of a spawn containing different level creatures ... and you won't see the one you need until spawn is killed and respawns.  Again, life is tough.  Success is not guaranteed.
e)  Killing a mob that is not present in the current season.  This seems unfair but who said life here or in Atys is fair ?  I'd prefer it was possible, but I rec'd no guarantee that every mission could be competed.

I would take the opportunity to address a longer pet peeve of mine, using this example.

First, some prerequisites. What is the beginner and average player knowledge level? How aware are they of the bugs-dressed-as-features of Ryzom? How inclined are they to have patience to figure out the details? Mostly rhetorical questions.

Oh, and second set of pre-requisites: what is the purpose of a daily mission in other games?

Now, onto the quote:

a) Non-existing mob is in the category "beyond broken". Especially grating since killing "goo mobs" has been an item in regular mission lists for years. Seeing the same flavor of problem again is ... I have no words.

b) Un-soloable mob is in the category "grating but acceptable". In any other game, I would say that the level designer who told me to kill a mob that's way too difficult is a dingus. In Ryzom, this is typical, you're expected to ask for a party. Fine, let's allow it.

c) Mob/npc that is incredibly difficult to find - No, sorry, I hated this in the past, and I'm certainly not the only one. But at least with regular missions, it was my choice to pick up the task - presumably I had the time/inclination to go around looking for things. But in a daily? No, this doesn't mesh well with my definition for a daily - too time-consuming and frustrating. It's not fit to be a daily mission if it takes 3 quarters of an hour and several stacks of death penalty.

Being able to look items up on BMSite just marginally improves things. Many people, myself included, dislike having to resort to out-game resources. It takes you out of the game, and it spoils the fun somewhat.

d) Needing to kill a spawn in order to get a different mob - this is completely anti-intuitive. Over the years, hundreds of newbies have asked for help with "that kipee mission in Fairhaven"; many others may have simply given up on the game thanks to such idiosyncrasies.

This is a clear case of a bug dressed as a feature, and therefore such an experience has NO place in daily missions. Consider that higher level players sometimes fail to remember this particular aspect of the game, suffering needlessly before someone puts them out of their misery.

e) Daily mission, but you are season restricted? As in, needing to wait 2-6 real life days, just for one mission? This is anything but a daily.

f) Bonus: the ordeal of occupations in dailies. Figuring out occupations when you're a beginner is difficult to begin with. Trying to balance dropping and retaking several occupations is simply too much mental overload for most players that I know.

In short -- I like the idea of dailies, it is a clear step in the right direction, but so far the entire system is plagued by the issues carried from existing mechanics and designs in the game.

I am sure things will improve with time, but only if we drop this attitude of "I've played for years and I'm a geek, therefore everyone would get the same kind of enjoyment as I do". The player base is far more diverse than that.


My home is always sweet Yrkanis..

#60 Report | Quote[fr] 

a) broken misssion;
b) depends on how the mission is advertised, I have no problem with it;
c) I'm fine with it as long as it's guarentee the mob exist when you take the mission;
d) broken by design (level-designer were lazy I would say);
e) once again, broken by design ... when you take a mission you except it to be doable right after not 4 days.
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