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Daily missions

Basic principle

Every day, you have the opportunity to carry out seven missions in the order of your choice, randomly selected from all the "Task" missions and/or "Occupation product donation" missions.A filtering option allows you to restrict the select-able missions according to the fames that you do not want to lower or raise.You also have the option of completing only certain types of missions, but de-selecting missions may have an impact on your final gain.You can abandon a mission at any time if you do not want to do it or do it later. However, this one is not replaced by another and will remain in the list of missions proposed for today.For the moment, Prime Roots missions are not available (who said "fiuuu!"?)

Filtering options

Four filtering options are available:    

Filtering of the area in which to perform each type of mission:

  • Select here the level of the area (50 --> 250) in which you want to perform each type of mission (craft, forage, combat, exploration). If you choose the "None" option, then no mission of this kind will be offered to you.
  • [Note] Selecting only one type of mission will reduce the reward.

Filtering of fame that should not decrease:

    Here, you have the option to apply a filter to remove from the list those missions that would cause you to lose some of your fame.    Thus, a Ranger should check all the boxes in the "Fame that you do not want to decrease" line.

Filtering of fame that should not increase:

    Here, you have an option to apply  filter to remove from the list those missions that would cause you or win some fame.    Thus, a Marauder should check all the boxes in the "Fame that you do not want to increase" line.    

Filtering of occupations:

  • Filter here which occupations can be offered to you. If you choose all of them, a maximum of four occupation missions can be randomly selected. Choosing all occupations considerably increases the reward.
  • [Note] Occupation missions do not require that you have the occupation active but only occupation products to give, including those obtained by exchange or purchase.

The rewards

        For each completed mission, you will be able to choose from four possible rewards:
  • Dappers
  • Nation Points 
  • Involvement 
  • Choice tokens for the wheel
You can choose if you wish a different reward for each completed mission.The more daily missions you complete, the higher the reward rate will be.


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