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Revaluation of the game's missions to expand your fun

Dear players,

The Ryzom team has recently started a series of game-play modifications to highlight any possible improvements of the game's 11,000 missions.

1 - [COMPLETED] Decrease in the gains obtained via the "New Horizons" missions (Dappers, Nation Points, Fame), which are too advantageous and make other classic missions meaningless.

2 - [COMPLETED] Increase in the typical Fame & Dapper gains from the game's 11,000 classic missions (excluding the crafting missions) to make them more attractive.

3 - [TESTING] Various balancing of classic missions:
  • Reduction of the loss of reputation per mission for non-marauders.
  • Addition of a maximum limit of fame that can be won or lost per mission.
  • Correction of waiting times to resume a completed mission.
  • Enhancement of classic craft missions.

4 - [TO BE COMPLETED] Addition of an information "Where is... ?", allowing players to know where a mission NPC is at a given moment, including Patrolling or wandering NPC's.

5 - [TO BE COMPLETED] Addition of "Daily Missions": A series of missions (classic and from occupations) to be carried out before choosing your rewards (Dappers, Nation Points, New Implications, Tokens).

In order to balance the situation, the Ryzom team will also make changes to upgrade the "camp tour" missions (Dappers, Nation Points):

- [BEING TESTED] Decrease in the weight of a package, in order to be able to carry out the mission without a Mektoub.

- [BEING TESTED] Increase in gains in the lower zones.

In addition, the occupations, previously used for "New Horizons" missions, are being promoted again within the "Daily Missions" which, we hope, will contribute to improve your gaming experience.

The Ryzom team remains at your disposal for any further information and wishes you a good game on Bark!

Ryzom Team

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Mise à jour :

3 - [EN TEST] Divers équilibrages des missions classiques :

    Réduction de la perte de renommée par mission pour les non maraudeurs.

==> Ajout d'une question dans "Idées pour Ryzom", en ien avec les cas des futurs et futurs ex-maraudeurs : #1

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