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hi, I am doing the last prospect mission, and have found no way to use the 4 bottles on the Goo sources....

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Zecas, when you are connected, ask in the Universe channel, you should find someone to help you.

If not, don’t worry about this specific mission is not important for the future.

If you did all the others mission, you should be ready to come to the Main Land!

With the command:
/who gm 
you can see if a game master is connected.

The other commands are here :

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Check this page: https://en.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Silan_Guide/Harvest#The_Merry_Harv ester_.231

Last mission, Merry harvester #2. Just look for the purple Goo mounds by the Chorogoos and equip the phial in your hand and use on the mound. Not all of them are active, find the ones it works on.

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Some of them will let you use them, some won't.

It seems a bit random and one time I had to wait until I logged in again since I only found 3 of the 4 I could use the bottles on.


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Those places are always same afaik.

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equip the phial in your hand

This is my problem : how to put the phial in my hand?

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I didn't have to. Just double clicked certain mounds with the bottles in inventory.


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Been a while since I did this mission, but what worked for me was right clicking certain mounds (not all of them are targetable) and picking "give item".



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equip the phial in your hand

This is my problem : how to put the phial in my hand?

Not sure if this is the case but generally, to equip an item right click on it in your bag and select Equip. For hands you can also click the area where your weapon(s) in hand(s) are shown and select from its context menu.

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