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1. This works best if ya have an angled wireless charging stand like the RavPower.

Angled Charging Stand

2. Use your phone browser to go to:

3. Log in using your Toon Name and password,save the LogIn Info and then click the AppZone icon in upper right:

You now have access to all of your IG Apps and can leave them open w/o wasting screen space on your PC.

4. If you don't want to deal with the screen dimming and locking you out, then ...

i-OS - Settings / Display and Brightness / AutoLock / Never

Android - There are various utilities to accomplsih this:

-Keep Screen On
-Stay Alive

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It works better with a tablet ;)


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Works best with two monitors.

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This post was done for two reasons:

1.  It's a given that everything works better with more / better equipment, but that's wasn't the point.  I would think everyone already knows how to access the Ryzom site on their PC.   The only real issue with the cell phone is keeping the screen on. 

One of Ryzom's strengths is ability to be played on some very inexpensive equipment.  Context matters; so while those of us with access to 2 or 3 screens will use them, not everyone who plays Ryzon has this option. But a great many do have access to a smartphone.  By way of explanation .....

The forum post was actually the result of an In Game Unichat discussion that started with keyboard crud and segwayed into Gaming Keyboards w/ LCD displays that output data from various PC or Game Utilities so as not to waste screen space.

Game Apps -
System Apps -

Logitech stopped making them and announced a new initiative, ARX a coule of years back which would replace the LCD with a "phone dock" so that you could use those same G19 applets on your cell phone, thereby making the KB mounted LCDs redundant. .arxcontrolapp&hl=en

This gives rise to the other contextual issue .... mounting either of those on your monitor stand or Phone Dock not to mention carrying extra screens with you when on the road and using your lappie.

The discussion finally turned to Ryzom IG apps and whether they could be accessed / displayed on the phone like the G19 / ARX does.  So I gave it a try, ... what I needed to see was clearly visible on the small screen, posted that it worked fine and that I'd make a post.

I haven't tried all the apps yet , but .....

World Clock - Can't tell, not working no matter how I access it.

Ballistic Mystix - Didn't try everything but those I did work fine.  Navigation requires some swiping but all good.

Molly's Materials - Large database so scrolling will likely make routine usage prohibitive.  But good enough in a pinch, tho ya may want to put off wrking on that new recipe when ya have access to large screen.

Molly's Materials - Again, yworks but ya will likely want to put off working on that new recipe till ya have access to large screen.

RyGReg - No problem navigating to get what you need, screen size is no more limited than expected for any app .  If ya drill down to large member lists will require some finger swiping.

Bunny Tools - Everything Works, but will address in detail in BT thread.

2.  Options:  Sometimes "better" doesn't bring anything to the table and "convenience" rules the day".  If my wife asks me to hange a frame in my office ... I could tool up for a frame hanging by a) going into the garage to get my air nailer b) going downstairs to get a tack hammer outta my toolbox or c) what i actualy did when she asked me ... one tap with the bottom of a stapler that was within reach of the spot it was going and my job was done.  :)

So, sometimes it's not about what's better just what's more convenient at any point in time.   I have a phone charging dock right below my main screen, so one of my initial ideas, since the phone is sitting there every minute that I'm sitting in that chair, is to display the World Clock so I knew what time it was for other players. ... unfortunately that app is down ATM.

So today, I decided to do some experiementation mostly for the benfit of others who don't have a 2nd screen option.   And i found ... for some things, the "stapler" is just more convenient  :).

I was digging mace mats today and for 13+ years I don't dig 1000+ mats w/o knowing exactly how much of each type I need to get me abd packer 100% full.   To see this I need about 2" x 4" of screen space.  Being CRS afflicted, I found it far more convenient to have the phone display the teeny window instead the manin ore secondary screens.  Played with some others and so far these are some examples where I find the phone dock a better option.  Maybe ya wil agree, maybe ya won't but it's a choice....and choice is never  abad thing.   I have a wireless charding plate which is sitting on my monitor stand, angled at about 45 degrees ... so I place the phone on it sits right below my app bar.

a)  So as i started to describe above, i was  digging / crafting, today and I had phone display what I had to dig for my next crafting session.  In game, I am continually opening and closing / minimizing the app window on main screen and the 2nd screen (and 3rd when used) is usually full with ryzom related   web sites forums, youtube whatever.   Having this image sitting below my monitor while digging for  mace craft was rather convenient.,,, njever had to turn my head, unminimize a window or do anything.

I filled that "order" 3 times today and during each fill up, I had to remind myself a few times what I needed ... CRS strikes again .... and in what storage space I needed it to be.  Moving only my eyballs, it was simply more convemient than any other option.

b)  Searching for plants jools amber ...

Now here, I can move to whatever area I need to be based upon the humidity I see on the Map without moving my heaf and w/ no mouse clicks.   If I'm spending the day loading up on those, wanan see it all the time.

c)  Now for a disappointment ... the BM Weather Map doesn't show on cell phone :( ... but fame tracker does nicely.    BM Map now working fine .... fits perfect.

So if Im chasing fame that day, I'm gonna line up the tribe I', working on and use the phone rather than 2nd / 3rd screen on which I will have maps, my forum posts on missions, etc.

Having had the opportunity to do some experimentstion, trying it both ways, I find that those things that I am going to be manipulating over and over again  throughout the day ... yes those will be on the 2nd or 3rd screen.

But things I want static, sitting there for long periods ... I'd rather have them sitting under my main screen, requiring less head turning and saving my screen space for other more dynamic uses.

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I think enough folks that don't bother with a second monitor and the video card required to do dual-sceen for whatever reason still have a tablet though, which is why I mentioned it. I don't have the deskspace for a second screen, but there have been times where I've perched my tablet betwen my keyboard and monitor. The apps to keep the screen alive are handy though.


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.

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Yeah, my post wasn't to lower your post FF. I can the utility in using your phone or tablet for apps off screen.

Was made in jest.


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Yeah, my post wasn't to lower your post FF. I can the utility in using your phone or tablet for apps off screen.

Was made in jest.

Beleive me ... when the light bulb went off, I thot ... this may be useful for others.  Then in order to do a follow up, I actually found it useful myself.   And BTW, the BM weather map is working now ... I had forgotten about the hard to see light gray lettering tap.


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