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Dear Players,

Thank you very much for all your feedback about the last patch! The feedback is invaluable and helps us to understand how the changes we make affect your game time.

Specifically referring the changes made to the NH rewards system, these updates form a small part of the overall balancing system we have planned that will ultimately improve Ryzom. There are additional updates in the planning that will re-balance the rewards gained from the various missions available on Atys that will counter the affects of the changes to the NH rewards.

In an ideal world, it may have been better to make the adjustments to the mission rewards ahead of the the NH changes, although this was not technically possible. With that said, the planned re-balancing of the missions rewards system is a subsequent follow up patch to the main JY 2603 patch, and is already in the final stages of preparation for release. In addition to balancing the mission rewards, this subsequent patch will also address a few of the minor bugs that have arisen.

The Ryzom team is at your disposal for additional information and wishes you all the best!

- Ryzom Team
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