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Curious kids watch as a small porch rises next to the NH in Yrkanis.
Is it the small size of the Tryker that seems to control the work, his outspokenness, his funny face or his funny black short pants that reassures the kids, but in the end one of them starts to ask:
- Deles Silam ser, what's with all these lanterns? Is there going to be a party?
- Lordoy kids, where the heck did you come from? Of course there's going to be a party! It is 2603, the Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani will again make the Homins happy. Look! Even these insipid Transporters have become magnificent since we acquired them. Ask your parents to take you to Virginia Falls, it will be a healthy walk and there, we have planned such beautiful activities that even the most uptight Matis will be amazed. We'll even have a fashion show.
A dreamy smile floats on the Tryker's lips for a few minutes.
He suddenly recovers and with large gestures disperses the crowd:
- Go on, go on, disappear! Go on and spread the good news everywhere: on 8h - Prima, Harvestor 19, 2nd AC 2603 (*), the festivities of the Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani will welcome all the Homins for the greatest show!

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O'Yrroy Mirkly and Mac'Wirrel Blathwick are sitting without a move as O'Reier Lamil is raging, pacing around the meeting room.
Which head will be cut off after the failure of the 2603 Jena Year Festivities? Neither Mirkly nor Blathwick dare to look up to Lamil.

— What a bunch of incompetent homins you are! Only 6 Millions dappers for the auctions and 600 000 dappers for the dice! Not even enough to cover the cost of repairing the Three Barrels Game. What about the models, do you think they had make a fashion show with bathing suits in the snow for peanuts? Rhaaaaaaa!

Lamil's long cry of rage shakes the walls of the meeting room, fortunately very well soundproofed.
And suddenly...
All is quiet!
Mirkly, anxious, finally glances furtively at Lamil and almost falls out of her chair when she sees him wink at her and laugh.
— Hahahahahahahahahaha! You should have seen your faces! Hahahaha, that was so funny!
Lamil pulls a chair with a determined gesture.
— All right, let's get to work! What are we planning for next time?

Poster displayed next to the attendants of the transporter “To New Horizons”
The Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani wishes to thank all the homins who have participated to the 2603 Jena year Festivities and looks forward to seeing you next year with an even more generous Three Barrels Game and endless surprises.
Don't miss this annual event that will bring joy and fabulous gifts to young and old alike!
See you in 2604!
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