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Patch 3.5.0 - 2019-05-18

A client, data and server patching and a restart of the game server are planned on May 18th in order to implement the following additions, improvements, changes and fixes:

  • Additions:
    ○ new interface for teleportation at Kamis and Karavan altars(available for Kami Adepts and Karavan Followers only);
    ○ option to automatically rebuy a Kami or Kara pact after a teleport (only for Kami Adepts and Karavan Followers with max fame);
    ○ storage of user-created channels in xml file, so as to not lose them after a reboot;
    ○ option to put a Zig in the bag. (Please note: the weight of zig (5kg) and his bag is added to your total weight, so take care not to be stuck!) ;
    ○ your Zig can be teleported with you. (Just need put the zig in your bag, teleport and then pull from bag. For convenience, this is done automatically if the zig is following you);
    ○ team Invite button in Guild Member List and Friend List;
    ○ welcome message in chat channels in order to clarify what the channels are for.


  • Improvements:
    ○ Kami and Karavan teleport pacts no longer have weight/bulk in your bag;
    ○ Ryzom installer (new URLs for download, erasing of a profile on MAC or Linux debugged);
    ○ interface for the choice of status when approaching OP battles (debugged);
    ○ functioning of the MP3 player;
    ○ WebIG HTML parser (more options for app developers);
    ○ "Free Look" option of camera;


  • Changes:
    ○ New fresh backgrounds for icons
    ○ the context menu in order to copy from the chat window now pops up at a right click;
    ○ landmarks stored in XML file instead of ICFG file (meaning editable out of game);
    ○ mount now becomes visible again when unmounting while in first person view;
    ○ removal of the pop-up warning when using Universe chat for the first time ( replaced by a welcome message in thechat channels).


  • Fixes:
    ○ OpenAL driver (no more looping sound causing crash during teleportation);
    ○ copying cyrillic letters is now encoded in UTF8 in the clipboard;
    ○ new underwear icons (they now show the right color).

This patch also includes the results of the work done on Dynamic Events (DE), New Horizons (NH) and the target command.

  • Dynamic Events:
    ○ addition of the "Kitin Invasion" Dynamic Event: defend Atys against hordes of kitins!;
    ○ addition of the "Puzzle" Dynamic Event: find pieces of a puzzle all over Atys! (this first version will be available during OOC events only);
    ○ addition of a button in the Map window to display all Dynamic Events on Atys;
    ○ a blue round icon on Map shows the location of each Dynamic Event.


  • New Horizons:
    ○ merger of New Horizons and Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani;
    ○ bugs of "Support Missions" fixed;
    ○ global limit for "Support Missions" removed;
    ○ fame rewards from "Support Missions" removed;
    ○ fame check for travel removed;
    ○ same cost (1 000 dappers) of travel for all characters whatever their fame.
    ○ new loading screen added to "Travel"


  • Target command now supports keyword search (e.g. for a yubo) as follows:
    ○ /tar yubo -- no quotes, target closest entity that contains 'yubo' in its name;
    ○ /tar suckling yubo -- no quotes, target closest entity that contains both 'suckling' and 'yubo' in its name;
    ○ Order not important, full words not needed '/tar y kling' would be a match. Also /tar "ora" -- with quotes, Will target an entity who's name starts with 'ora', as currently /tar "suckling yubo" -- with quotes, targets an entity who's name starts with 'suckling yubo';
    ○ some current old macros may need quotes now for short keywords, i.e. 'ora', but existing macros using quotes will continue to work.

Addendum: Evolution of hardware infrastructure
The month of March and the beginning of April were the occasion for a spring cleaning, including:

      ○ the moving of the billing server to
      ○ the migration of Ryzom Chat to another server while retaining its URL:
      ○ the migration of the Yubo server to a new, more powerful machine; it is now dedicated to the tests required by ongoing developments;
      ○ the installation, identical to that of Yubo, of a new server called Gingo, which hosts the tests for acceptance of completed developments before they are put into operation on Atys; this is the pre-production server whose implementation was long overdue;
      ○ the implementation of the supervision of all servers through the Icinga2 tool, which considerably facilitates their monitoring;
      ○ the development and implementation of a tool to centralize the configuration of firewalls;
      ○ the implementation of a centralized tool to manage the servers' backups.

The next step in the hardware reconfiguration of the platform will see the migration of Atys, the game server, to new higher performing machine and the confirmation of Gingo as the Atys mirror server facilitating the application of patches and providing a rescue solution in the event of a failure of the latter.

The Ryzom Team remains at your disposal for any additional information, and best wishes to you!

Ryzom Team

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Content added during Jena Year 2603

The above patchnote lists all the additions, changes and improvements that will occur during Jena Year 2603 (JY 2603).
  • A part of this list will be added during the main patch "JY2603".
  • Remnants will be added by smaller supplemental patches throughout JY 2603.
To learn more, please refer to the roadmap: n=readonly&token=c46b5ea0f37c83d155f3eacc3acf6956ee75cbfca4af a3f2c107fcb4e74d&from_index=1

New Horizons 2.0

  • As consequences of the New Horizons takeover by the Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani: 
  • Travel price is set at 1000 Dappers for all the players;
  • Fame rewards for support missions is removed. The goal is to restore the value of the classical missions; their fame and Dappers rewards will soon increase.
  • The NPC have orders to no longer refuse support mission material on the pretext they don't need it.

New roleplay reward system

A new roleplay reward system is completing the HRP rewards from the Wheel of Fortune. In this patch, we are proposing a first version that will be improved over time.Version 1: Participate in "Kitin Invasion" Dynamic Event to gain Implication (displayed in advanced stats window). Then, go to see the federal, imperial, royal or dynastic merchant or its Ranger or Marauder equivalent: he/she will propose to use the Implication won to perform amake a virtual task and you will be paid (with raw materials and sap recharges only for the moment).The next versions will allow you to win roleplay rewards that will be common or specific to each nation, faction or organisation.The kind of events allowing to win these rewards will progressively increase: other dynamic events, officials roleplay events...Please note that the Atys Points won during previous events will be converted to Implication.

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Players passing through Mac Store will have to wait several days (even a week) before getting the patch and being able to get the latest version of the client.

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Same as with App Store client goes with steam client (at least for now, don't wonder if none of the new functionality work with Steam)

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I confirm that players using Steam will have the patch in a few hours.

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  • Appartment caretaker and Guildhall caretaker in marauder camp are non responsive, they display no dialogs and consequently people can't access appartments/gh

[EDIT Tamarea] Bug reported to devs. Thank you!

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Bonjour, je rencontre un probleme depuis le patch
Lorsque je lance ryzom celui ci crash aussitot
Ordinateur sous Windows XP

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Apparemment les NH ne donnent maintenant que des dappers, et plus de point de faction ni de réputation.

J'imagine, si je n'oublie rien, que la seule manière de monter ses réputations est de faire des missions craft auprès des pnj et pour les points de faction, de faire les missions colis en toub ou des points pvp ?

Les nouveaux joueurs neutres mettaient déjà plus d'un mois en général pour monter leurs réputations avec les New Horizon et avec l'aide de la guilde, là, je n'ose même pas imaginer le temps qu'ils vont mettre, sans oublier le coté rébarbatif de la chose.

J'avoue que ca me coupe un peu les pattes ....

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I don't like to be that whining player, but today I'm scared for my gameplay style...

Following this New Horizon update, New Horizon is not giving anymore fame and faction point. This is a big issue to me.

About the fame : if you are from any faction but ranger, that's not a big change for you, it will just be a few days longer for new players to reach their citizenship. Which they don't really need anyway, it doesn't keep them from joining a guild or getting access to any game content.

For Rangers, this mean that to reach 30 in every fame so you can become a "ranger aspirant" you will have to do HUNDREDS of missions. That's days of playing, especially for a low level player. Today it already take at least two week to a new player to raise their Kami and Karavan fame; raising Fyros, Matis, Tryker and Zoraï fame could be done in parallel through the New Horizon. Now these new players will need 6 weeks to do that, and an extra 6 weeks to reach 50 in fame for prime roots magnetic path.

That's no game content; that's boring grinding that will just keep new players away from Ranger faction. Should I close my guild now?

I saw that you plan to increase the fame given by missions. Please keep in mind all the fame grinding that new rangers have to do at a time where they have lot of skills to grind and many more interesting things to learn. It should not take 3 month to become a ranger...

Second thing, the faction points. Their main use for me and my guildies is to buy sap cristals, which are necessary for PvP, PvE in small teams and grinding those slow skills like launcher, auto launcher, close combat, staff... One last use I do of cristals is using them to help lower level players to grind without killing the XP. I use 200 Q500 sap cristals a day as an average, and up to 700 when grinding skills or spending a long time helping new players.

Before this patch, as a ranger, I already got only 1/4 of the faction points a citizen of any nation can get. Like many rangers and mara players I made a citizen alt to do this for me because I don't need x4 boring grinding to get the cristals that I need.

To get these faction points, I use the florist occupation. Once a month I dig a few bags of flowers (take me a few hours) and then every day or every two to three days my alt do the occupation and gives flowers to the New Horizon to get the faction points and buy cristals for me. This take 10-15mn depending how full the New Horizon was. That used to give 7200 faction points that can be converted in approximately 700 Q500 sap cristals.

Now well... this is not an option anymore, occupations are only giving dappers (1/3 of what they used to give) so no real use and not worth my time anymore. The only options that are left for me are PvP to get PvP points that I can trade for crystals, but I will need more people to get involved in PvP for that to work. Second option are these time consuming packer missions that will just give me a few hundreds of faction point and that I can only do every 5 hours...

If nothing is done, people will just create alts from the opposite faction and chain kill them to get PvP points that they can trade for cristals...

What I would recommand to solve this is either to make cristals available in a regular shop, for at the most 200dappers/cristal (enabling you to buy 500 cristals with the 100000 dappers a citizen get from his daily occupation) or to enable players to craft them like it was possible few years ago. Maybe with a dapper counterpart? Best option would still be that the New Horizon give dappers and faction points, but no fame if that's really the path you want to follow...

And yes, I know that I can refill an enchanted item with the sap cristal stanza-thing... that could work for PvE but that's not an option for PvP. PvP is already in a bad shape, please don't kill it with this patch...

Please, don't let us down with this...

Another thing, on the interface updates. The map is now almost twice large than before and we can't reduce it. I play on a 1280pixels wide screen, that's very annoying; I can't keep it open all the time anymore.

EDIT : Map problem solved on the patch of this afternoon, thanks!

And thanks for the hard work on th other modifications that seems exciting.

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Certains joueurs qui ont la version d'apple store ne voient plus leurs mektoubs.
Il faut recharger le jeu depuis le client officiel après avoir fait une sauvegarde du fichier save ou attendre le patch du client apple store.


Kyriann Ba'Zephy Rie
Ancienne Cheffe de la guilde Bai Nhori Drakani
Mère de famille

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j'ai bien vu le changement de poids sur les pactes (trop cool), mais a part ca, tout est comme avant.
je ne vois nulle part de nouvelle interface d'utilisation ni d'option de renouvellement auto (et je suis a la renommée Kami maximale)

j'ai raté quelque chose?

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Most of the bugs reported concern players using Steam or the App Store, because the patch is not yet applied to their client.
The devs are currently working on the patch for Steam. No deadline announced at the moment.
Players using the Apple Store will have to wait for Apple to validate the patch, which will take a few more days.

Bugs related to Ark (such as the one in the hall/apartments) will be fixed right after Steam.

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On a un problème de chat.
Quand on utilise l'onglet utilisateur tout va bien, mais si on utilise l'onglet uni-fr par exemple et qu'on repasse en onglet univers on continue à écrire dans l'onglet uni-fr
comme si on avait pas changé d'onglet et cela uniquement si on est toujours sélectionné prêt à parler (cad avec le curseur qui clignote dans la fenetre de chat)

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Kyriann Ba'Zephy Rie
Ancienne Cheffe de la guilde Bai Nhori Drakani
Mère de famille

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Steam patch will be ready soon!
Marauder access to halls/appartements should be fixed.
Channels issue will be fixed soon.

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Channels and k/k pact interface bugs are fixed. Please relog to have the patch update!


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