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#1 [en] 

A reward on the casino which instantly gives the player max level in all skill branches.

Makes the endgame worth it. Goes well with low effort teleports to everywhere, and cheap mounts.



#2 [en] 

Well, that would certainly make the Wheel less attractive to me...

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#3 [en] 

I thought the casino *WAS* the endgame? I have seen this in other big mmos (WoW, GW2) to help new players catch up quickly with the veterans and enjoy all the stuff locked behind level tiers. I doubt it works in ryzom, as leveling is the main content? Some PvP, bosses, not much else comes to mind at the moment.



#4 [en] 

After this last patch, I think that they want PvP to be the only content that has any rewards aside from crafting mats (non-Sups of course; Sups would still require PvP). In fact, I think the next patch may nerf the XP rewards of PvE so that one must PvP for XP as well.

With that in mind, I support having instant Spirit of Atys as a wheel prize if for no reason other than to annoy those who have spent the years since Merge complaining about things being "too easy" by giving an alternative method for success than only The One True Path.


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