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Hello Atys, I am really confused with tribe fame. I have had a few different toons all tell me different things and yet I really want to have a better understanding as to why there is any value in taking the time to achieve it.

I was told that as long as you are able to “safely” get inside, that the tribe will protect you. Well, that is not true because I have the “Anti-Kamis” at -49 and the argo still killed me. Then I have several tribes at “Zero” and yet they all killed me as soon as I ran into the area for safety (then I was told that I had yet “triggered” the tribe fame, that is why it is still at zero). Also, I was also told that there is a toon playing now who has maxed out his/her fame with all 51 tribes in Atys.

So, what is the real purpose and benefits of doing so? Is there anyone who can really explain tribe fame to me and why would a toon take all his/her time to max-out tribe fame unless there was some major benefit.

Thank you

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Well, the "triggering" is indeed the reason for wrong zeros. When your fame hasn't been changed by the game for a certain tribe, it displays zero though you may have started with a different fame than zero due to your race.

Also you can't max out ALL 51 tribe fame at the same time (understanding max out as 100 fame), but the main reason that i know of why people try to work on tribe fame is yubo points, the achievement points that you get for various things, such as maxing out tribe fames etc. But if you really want all of them you actually need to change religion and nation-alignments to change the limits on the different tribe fames.


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Yes, by "max' many will still be capped at -60, 0, etc.

Protection from aggro is not a great reason to level tribe fame- some tribes will just kill certain races or genders regardless of fame.

The best reason for tribe fame is accessing well paying crafting missions.

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As a pure neutral toon (no different than a newly formed toon) and with no allegiances to anyone - I have all 51 tribes maxed-out to possible fame ((50 Fame for 47 Tribes - 30 Fame for 2 Tribes and 80 fame for 2 Tribes (but since you can never have true max because of inter-tribe issues within regions) I have the next closest thing)) - where I use all of the tribes as my meatshields for Names and Bosses, plus ATM's for dappers.

It does take a ton of time because if you did start out with a faction (Kami or Kara) there is a good chance combined with your race, that some of your fame will start at -99 like mine did for 5 Tribes and in the beginning, it does not matter now many missions you do if you are below - 50, you can only take either the Kami or Kara to start until you get to -49 but getting there is extremely painful, only then can you take the Tribe Welcomer and only limited ones until you get to Zero, once you get to Zero, you can take the wandering tribe missions (hunter or prospect).

Also, Siela is correct about the "trigger" part because you have not done anything to affect the server-side to adjust your fame.

Hope that answers your question or inquiry.

Godspeed, Zatarga

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You can see all default fames in Fame Tracker as well as track your fame changes. You can find it in the AppZone.

Hm, default tribe fames should be on Ryzom Wiki as well.

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Damn ... I wrote nice long post and it got lost in cyberspace :( ... Guess I took too long, so I will be quick.

1. Moniq's tool is a great start any data ya want for tracking fame is in there. I'm sure she's made some improvements since I last been in game. I ya find the amount of data too overwhelming when starting out, the BM tools has a good 'at a glance" view.

2. As you had indicated, chasing fame is time consuming and when you are near the min and max it is excruciatingly slow. There's a formula in this thread (IIRC) as well what mission give a good rewad to T &E ration

https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=search/view/452826 0

3. There a Tribe fame table in Bunny Tools thread ... lists all the fame givers, by tribe what they are and what fame you need to deal with them.


Gratz to Zat for maxing out ... gotta ask Z ... did ya max out your toon with chosen race and faction ? or did you turn traitor to both so ya can max out all race and factions fames ? ... I was disappointed to read that the bouncing back and forth never ends in some instances. I have had several instances where max fames reduced cause i did fame runs for an enemy but as the + was always orders of magnitude above the - , so far I been able to get the one that went down w/o impacting the one I just got. Guess Im just not there yet


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