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Part 1
Another outdoor day. I think I fell asleep on a Stinga once again after a few Lakeland beers too much. Pah, how the green stuff stinks! Fortunately there is a lake in the winds of the muses. Yes, now you're wondering how you can sink so low, what? Oh what I'll tell you. It can never get any worse. I came from the old lands, like everyone who wanted to find great happiness on Atys. Everyone enthused about it. But of course there was no mention that you had to do something for it. This strange blue guy in green clothes is talking to me. By the way, the Zorai have no taste for clothes. It looked that way, you. You don't believe that. Like an oversized blue tryker with fur. I just thought: "Great! That starts already well here...". Then he sent me to a Zorai who, you won't believe it, takes a nap! At work! What a clean band here. One has no style, the other is sleeping. Well then, the saying is true: "If there is a Zorai, the work lies fallow". Even meditating standing up, I was told. Well then. So I'm supposed to learn a profession. And then all the eggs started. Do this, do that! Homin to Jena, I need a pickaxe and a place to dig. Good that there was also a female tryker. Brain from heaven, she has character and that not only in her head, if you understand. I actually did everything twice as fast as she expected. All these frowzy tasks at the beginning were super easy. Then I should dig materials at the javings. She's not really ticking, the old lady! I did not fall on my head and look for another place... Javings *Yber show*. Collect the plunder and off to Milles. It was thought that I had been digging at the Javings. But well, sometimes silence is worth its weight in gold. The next tasks were easy, but I tell you, I still feel the calf cramp from running today! Exploring the old throne room of the Matis was easier than I thought, everywhere these stupid gingos lingered. I tell you a plague! The Cholorgoos bandit I then still ruined their sniffing goo. I would have liked to have seen the visages. Well, actually I wanted to tell you how I got drunk and dozed off on a stinga outside, and how it came to that... well, you already know that I am a real babbler. When you come back tomorrow, I'll tell you the whole story. Word of honour ;-) *Finger cross*

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Part 2
Do you know that? You dig materials and a clunky Fyros comes by. A sword in his hand and a broad grin. Most Fyros (and yes there are exceptions) are simply too stupid to swing a hoe. They prefer to cut everything short and small and build walls in nowhere. Great, I built a wall. I don't know anything about the art of engineering, but I can build walls *touch my head*. What do you think he wanted from me? Right! A lesson so he won't gawk at me from the side. Has he never seen a tryker with a pickaxe digging or what? I dig the hoe deeper into the source so that the gas escapes. By the way, the gas makes you a little jittery. But you must not inhale too much of it, otherwise it can end badly. The same with the Goo. But that has rather an intoxicating effect. The gas from the source increases your reaction time considerably. No joke! Well, as far as the Fyros is concerned, I gave it a lesson with a source explosion and the gas afterwards. Never stand gawping next to a digging tryker! Oh, what was that like? Exactly. Why did I wake up drunk with the Stinga cuddling. Well, that was so. I accepted a job there. He should really bring in Dapper. But well, I have to tell you how I escaped from the snoring village called Silan. "Escape" is really not an understatement. They all wanted to give me tasks because they were simply too lazy to do anything themselves. Everything on the newcomers! I'm not a workhorse that can be trained. Well, in the end I convinced everyone that I was finished, or I was finished with them. I should listen to the babble of the individual teachers, then Chiang assured me that I would be allowed to leave Silan. Thank you Jena! With the wipe of Chaing I went then to the officer of the Karavan and was promptly transported to Fairhaven. And there began the decline of my desolate existence. Don't you think? I'll tell you next time! Don't look sad... Why I was allowed to sniff Stinga moss you will learn soon enough!

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Part 3
With 1000 Dapper in my pocket I'm standing there now and can't afford anything at all. I was immediately looking for a barman and found one. I ordered a pack of 10 Lakeland beers to drink away my frustration. While I now roar at the bar, a sniffy female matis comes by. Man, she had a rack. I take a sip from the bottle to drink some courage and catch up with the female matis. I can well imagine what she would have thought about me. But now it has been so. The matis are a very proud and arrogant people. Think they are able to control Atys. One has already seen in Silan. Only ruins are left. And the others are allowed to pay for it. But they are all craftsmen, except for these ugly helmets, which must not be missing on every booze-meeting for amusement! But who wouldn't try a love affair with such a charming homina? As I said before, I was already being snootily eyed by the mere attempt to look at her with my red nose. The alcohol banner did the rest. Grinning, I stand in front of her and asked her what a wonderful view we have today. I look openly into her neckline. She probably didn't take it so well, which I was then allowed to experience handily on my face. The story with female matis, who didn't tell me her name in passing, would actually be over if there wasn't the tryker who saw her and shouted her name out loud. "Virginia! A wonderful name...", I thought when I purred on the floor with a red handprint on my face. There are no coincidences. That should also show up in the following events. I hope you can wait and see. Because that is not yet the end of the song.

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Part 4
The next morning, when I was torn from my sleep by a puke attack with a hangover as white as a sheet, I instinctively ran to the water and had my stomach emptied downwards through my mouth. Those were once again those hours of remorse that I was allowed to commit with stranglehold. When I was finished, this wonderful female matis came to my mind again. "Virginia", I thought loudly. A little too loud, because the tryker from yesterday speaks to me.

“Lordoy! Ba Matis poch gyf!”
“Lordoy! Oy Talar. Det lor!”
“ Pact dyneer, Talar?”
“Y tywill detem! Y ameen detem! Elysem sulem name? ”
“Y Y’akdu! Y pact sul.”

Well, that's what I call a positive development! Someone will actually help me to see this graceful female matis named Virginia again. Y'kadu tells me at a sweet Stingoo how he knows her and how I can meet her. She belongs to the nobility and is of noble descent. "Well, if that's no challenge," I thought to myself. But getting to the Green Hills won't be easy, as he told me. There are supposed to be creatures I can't just dodge on the way there. What you don't do for love... Now I should also train and gain muscle mass, he just tells me by the way. Hello? I am Tryker! There is nothing with muscle mass. Yes, I have brown mass in my brain (some trykers probably less), but I am not a hollow nut, like a Fyros. Not with muscles, but with brains I reach my goal! So what is the plan? I have to be faster and more agile than the old critters on the way. "Hey, come here," the stable boy calls to me. Have I already thought out loud again? Well, it hasn't hurt so far. "So, what do you want from me lad?" I answered him when I was with him. "Top offer for you. I listened to you while you were making a loud monologue. What do you think? Cheap 5000 Dapper for a mount of your size. Dress and follow your command! I don't think twice about that. "Yes, I'll take it". "Since you are new here, the first one goes on the house. We'll see each other again very soon," he grinned deceitfully at me. I don't think anything about his greedy look and the rubbing hands. Strange way to greet someone new. But trykers are just a little "different". And while I get a card from Y'akdu and feed the mount, I think I can tell you one thing: The mount will be to blame for my emotional depth, even if it can't help it. Only patience! You'll find out why I can now make myself comfortable outdoors on a dead stinga. Tomorrow! Promise! * Eyes roll*

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Part 6
Well, you sly readers of my oh so secret diary...! Yes, the story continues... I'm sure you are longing for the end of the story, but no, that's definitely not the end!

So, when I got on the horseback, which is called Rudolph by the way (which moron calls a Mektoub Rudolph?), I headed north. Avandale should be the next stop before it gets really dangerous. Motivated by the beauty of this breathtaking Matisse, I set off. And I know what you're thinking, but abstinence is no virtue among the trykers; we multiply like yubos and that's not even exaggerated.

Well, now I glided majestically under a blue sky with splendour and glory with my mektoub over the towering sea of freedom, at least that's how I imagined it; the reality was different: The nag swam drooling (no joke, the thing had powerful bad breath), panting under the load (maybe I shouldn't have eaten so much after all), and apparently some places on the beach are used for defecation, which leaves a biting taste in the mouth when the wind is fresh. Among other things, it rained, not continuously, but for a long time, so that I got soaked. Well, reality catches up with everybody once. On top of that, the creature couldn't swim straight ahead, so I ended up on the wrong beach 3 times. On one beach I saw an unusually large yubo, which actually took on 2 clops at the same time. I just thought: "Let's get out of here before it gets me too". On tiptoe I turned around with a shocked but half smiling face and climbed up on my mektoub.

Finally, after two days and one night, I finally arrived in Avandale, and in my defense: "The Mektoub is to blame! I'm not that stupid. I'm not going to get lost here... I'm not... * Eye-roll*

When the companion finally arrived at the stable, I told him the whole story, which he reluctantly nodded off and fed my animal. The guy was really out of touch, thought he was better than the stable boy. But as I am a chatterbox and he hadn't finished his work for a long time, I ignored that and sucked the whole story with all the details around his ears until he invited me for a beer and told me to shut the fuck up. That way you can also get beer for free. *grins*

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Part 6
Slowly I woke up and looked around half-blinking with one eye. The bright light blinded me. "Stupid fool..." I groaned and tried to orientate myself. Suddenly I felt something moist and paste-like on my head and a dull stench was hiding my nose. Electrifying, I jumped up and switched to escape mode with a mixed feeling of nausea and disgust. Unable to control my muscles, a fountain of my innards in rainbow colours poured out of me, funny enough at that moment reminding me of a waterfall. Dazed, I looked back and recognized Rudolph and swung myself in his direction.

As I thought so, shreds of my memory came to the surface... Yesterday I gave myself a good edge; the stable boy must have filled me up. There were hominas dancing... I sat down and looked in my bag. Lor. My hoe's still there, but what is that? It's a letter. I opened it and read it:
Strange Letter
Lordoy Amna!

The night was amazing... even if you fell asleep just before the end, you're forgiven. You were just sooo sweet. You told me the whole story about the Matisse, and I thought it was cute... Such a twee tryker, I thought to myself, should be helped. I've had enough of Dapper, so I thought I'd help you out and thank you for the night as well. It was a lot of fun. If we meet again, we should do it again!

By the way, the jewelry set and the heavy armor are enchanted and increase your life. Not that you die on the journey, my little sweet servant.

Sulem Limni

I don't remember a thing and maybe it's better that way, but the 100,000 dappers and the magic equipment will help. Let's hope I never have to see her again, and if I do, please don't let her be ugly...

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