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Hey Leute,
habe folgendes Problem wenn ich das Spiel starte kann ich mich einloggen und dann geht das Spiel aus und die Fehlermeldung kommt.

A failed assertion occurs
ProcName: ryzom_client_r.exe
Date: 2019/02/12 19:23:52
File: Z:/home/nevrax/ATYS_SHARD/ryzomcore/code/nel/include\nel/misc/sin gleton.h
Line: 155
FuncName: NLMISC::CManualSingleton<class NLSOUND::CListenerFMod&gt;::getInstance
Reason: "_instance() != NULL"

No log

Vielleicht hatte ja einer von euch das gleiche Problem und hat eine Lösung gefunden.


Fehler Behoben.

Try switching to OpenAL audio in the installer before launching the game.

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There is a lot of issues with the sound. In general when the game crash it's because of it. You might want to disable it fully to avoid this kind of issue.

This is a well known problem for many years and it looks like nobody (in the dev team at least) gives a fuck about it.

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There is a lot of issues with the sound. In general when the game crash it's because of it.
If you have reliable method of crashing client (in any platform) because of sound, I'd like to hear it. I fail to crash it on purpose or any crash at all.



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I can tell you which function(s) the Mac client crashes on due to TP with sound on... :P

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@Siela, https://bitbucket.org/ryzom/ryzomcore/issues/274/assert-when-enab ling-sound-ig-under still this or something else ?
https://bitbucket.org/ryzom/ryzomcore/issues?component=NeL%3A+Sou nd

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Siela, I managed to catch one sound crash on macOS thats now fixed.



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whenever i have the sound on, it often crashes during times when i either teleport, especially into a city that plays music, Or, when i go into Guild hall or the apartment.
(Sometimes just randomly, but usually when doing something that seems memory intensive).
Not sure if that helps, but yes, it does happen and I have to play with the sound off, even with my brand new Mac Book Pro playing with the latest OS.
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