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This thread serves as an ongoing summary and general overview for the Suicide Girls and posting is reserved for the creator and approved individuals.
For any and all questions and feedback: Suicide Girls General Feedback

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Born Free - C'est la vie
Subculture of subversive diversion, insubordination, poststructuralistic dissidents and communications guerillas

Rien n'arrete un homins qui danse

Suicide Girls is a virtuous cluster of capricious, cruel, stunningly bodacious, insanely audacious, couragious and moreover incredible gorgeous mistresses of Tryker origin, who'll use every given or precipitated advantage they can to shift any workload upon less fortunate homins, benefit themselves or rain havoc and doom upon all the sobs not following the Karavan.
They're secretly in love with the Technolords and will quite literally do anything the Karavan requests even beyond sane comprehension, all whilst they treat Jena as an optional feature with yet uncertain beneficial relevance. Various tribes like the Kuilde, Black Circle and Smugglers appear to be held in high regards, more than not for self-serving reasons.

Headquarters: Windermeer
Members: Tryker females only
Supported languages: Common (required) and Windermeer dialect (optional)

Roleplay: Yes (required)
Around-channel is the RP-channel for in-character use only. Emotes are done by /em or substituted by the use of asterisks.

Player-vs-Player: Yes (optional)
All Suicide Girls are encouraged to prove their worth to the Karavan by putting down any and all who have yet to see the Technolords supremacy.

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Open, applications via IM.

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