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Karae Tamiela Fera Fillia di Torani sat gracefully at her writing desk with the finely sculpted legs. Smiling. As if freed. At last!

Finally, she was going to have the opportunity to put all her energy into the development of Matis art, culture and science!
Finally, she was going to be able to contribute to the greatness of her people, through the influence and the refinement of her Court, and follow in the footsteps of the late Queen Mother Lea Lenardi. Be even better! Go even further!

"Fila, Aniro !", she thought, touching the medallion that adorned her magnificent dress with the emerald highlights. "And fila my Husband, to have taken our Son as Royal Counselor!"

Her gaze lay on the untouched parchment in front of her, while her delicate hand took a feather pen matching her corsage.
"There's so much to do!", she thought. "But, I like challenges! And As Jena is my witness, I take on this one!"

Thus it was with a determined hand that she personally expressed her desire to gather her Court in the near future. She would not leave the pleasure of this moment to any scribe!

* * *

Less than an hour later, the royal herald delivered the news to each royal city:
I, Tamiela Fera Fillia di Torani, Verdant Heights Karae, express the desire that my Court gather in the throne room on Holeth, Winderly 12, 4th AC 2601(*), during the evening. May its Renewal ring forth and may it soon shine far beyond our borders!

Matis Aiye !
Tamiela Fera Fillia di Torani

* [OOC] On Monday, 14 January 2019 20:00:00 UTC (5 years ago). [/OOC]

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Karae Court of Winderly 12 2601.4: a report

Attendants: Zagh, Tapco, Nilstilar, Ayala, Xamax, Glini, Escarpin, Bechtalgrahou, Soukoi, Kessler, Tilda, Siela, Jorgensen, Zorroargh, Craftjenn, Zendae, Salazar, Larae, Shepeng, Timna, Kyriann, Eolinius… And some lost passers-by.

After having greeted the attendants and expressed her pleasure in returning to her Court after all this time, the Karae Tamelia invites Serae Ayala (the latest of her Ladies-in-Waiting) to take place at her side and then announced the royal family's wish to make the opening century that of Matis culture and science radiant over the Kingdom and, beyond, over the whole planet.
She therefore urges those present to consider the prestigious actions that would contribute to this objective and to submit their proposals either at the next meeting of her Court or in a letter addressed to her (1).

Turning toward Serae Ayala, she adds that a surprise organized for her by her Court would give her great personal pleasure and goes on by a call for volunteers for the position of Lady-in-Waiting (especially since it was her Ladies-in-Waiting who once organized for her a memorable surprise visit to the Lakes).
Serae Glini volunteers and, after a brief interview, joins Serae Ayala at the foot of the steps where the Karae stands while indicating her intention to work actively to the surprise in question.

At the Karae's express request, Filira Zagh then details the contribution of the Alkian Order (and Matis botanical science) to the fight against the Goo invasion suffered by the Void region in recent cycles. Unable to answer Karae's question about the causes and risks of return of such an invasion, he stressed, however, that the means of struggle discovered has been fully documented and that this documentation is available in the Order's library (as well as in the Royal Library).
However, the royal question finds a beginning of an answer in the intervention of the Tryker Serae Kyriann of the Nhori Drakani. The latter indeed indicates that the investigation she was able to carry out recently with Serae Lai Suki suggests that the Goo Heads (a tribe that holds the Goo as the mean to reach Enlightenment) are the ones at the origin of the said invasion.

This is the moment chosen by Serae Larae (mayor of Windermeer and formerly known as Neira), apparently unconvinced by her compatriot's response, to ask the Karae to send an emissary to the assembly to be held soon (2) in her city, an assembly intended, among other things, to discuss the creation of a Research Campus that could welcome all those wishing to investigate the issue in a more meaningful way. The Karae thanks Serae Larae for the information but gives no indication of her intentions.
It is then that Serae Larae, as incidentally and to everyone's surprise, applies to become a Lady-in-Waiting. As she however does not wish to abandon federal citizenship, the following exchange with the dumbfounded Karae obviously ends whith a refusal: no homina could claim to become Lady-in-Waiting unless she is Matis Subject.

The Karae then asks Serae Zendae and Filira Salazar about the SKA (3) and informs them that the kipucka of the depths held captive in the Arena since its capture by the said SKA recently died. Filira Salazar therefore proposes it to be embalmed and displayed in a public place to be determined and that an expedition be organized to capture at least one pair of specimens, in order to allow the study of the means of communication used by the species.
The proposal is enthusiastically received by the Karae, who takes the opportunity to call on the poetic talents of those present (including the Royal Minstrel, Serae Shepeng): an epic poem exalting Matis scientific achievements (against the kitins, against the Goo, etc.) would brightly open the "Matis century" mentioned above.

Finally, on questions from Ser Nilstilar and Filira Salazar regarding the progress of the works of the Royal Botanist, Ser Cuiccio Perinia, the Karae Tamelia indicates that while those concerning the development of a Botanical Garden open to the public have been suspended for the time being, the examination of the documents left by Bravichi Lenardi has been fruitful enough to enable the Karan to conceive an ambitious project, which he reserves to himself the right to present to his subjects as soon as its design is completed.

Tamiela Fera Fillia di Torani closes the meeting by recalling that her Court is open to all Matis talents, whatever their field of practice, and by expressing once again the hope of receiving, at its next meeting or by then (1), many proposals that would help to bring high the reputation of the Kingdom.

(1) Please mail OOC proposals to and post, if you wish, their IC version - letters to the Karae - below.
(2) See details here.
(3) SKA (Sanekinion ten Kitina Aremei): international kitins' study group which has compiled the results of its observations in the Book of SKA (/appzone 1532).

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