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#36 [en] 

A market house or improvement to the ingame vendors. Player should be able to browse a selection of good wares or even bid on them.

Vendors should not be filled with 100x fine or choice craft failures by players. Change it to less slots with unlimited time, so players have to take items out to sell new ones and manage it like a real store.

Otherwise more daily things to do could be interesting apart from leveling and occupations. Maybe quest chains similar to rites.



#37 [en] 

I'd really like to see "dailies", short and simple quests that you have to do daily -- but vary the mission according to the player's best offensive level (fight/ele magic).

Also, make use of gamification theory, give a bigger reward for doing 7 dailies without skipping a day etc.

Special apartments would be nice as a sort of sage mission for master players :D


Laoviel, officer of Rift Walkers

#38 [fr] 

@Arcueid & Laoviel


#39 [en] 

I'd really like to see "dailies", short and simple quests that you have to do daily -- but vary the mission according to the player's best offensive level (fight/ele magic).

we already have this kind of missions, we have crafting missions from Master Overseer for masters and Overseer for homins who hasn't mastered any crafting skill, tho it's really not a 'dailies' because you can do some of them if 6 hours have passed, same with the bandit missions, there are regions that can only be done with a master in one of the combat skills or a team of mid level homins

Also, make use of gamification theory, give a bigger reward for doing 7 dailies without skipping a day etc.

Is this like the attendance thing back in the atysmas patch? but with missions? Yes I kinda like the idea of this, more activities to be done by f2p players/sub players

Special apartments would be nice as a sort of sage mission for master players :D

I think they'll all be added in the wheel, to make dappers more valuable.


The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

#40 [en] 

Current npc missions are repetitive as hell. My idea for dailies would be to make them entirely different for each day of the year.


Laoviel, officer of Rift Walkers

#41 [en] 

Hopefuly dynamic events will satisfy you.

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#42 [en] 

Hopefuly dynamic events will satisfy you.

I would love to see more unpredictable things in general. Randomness and conditions can add to gameplay and make repetetive tasks more interesting.

#1 Something happens with a chance.

Fighting a boss could spawn additional minions once the boss hp is down. But only with 30% chance. Will it be the hard boss today or the usual one? Which type of minions will spawn?

Crafting could produce two items instead of one with 3% chance. Generates the "Wow! I'm so lucky!" moment when it happens without altering the gameplay balance too much.

Foraging / prospection could spawn ONE higher class node with 2% chance. For example an excellent node in a usually choice area. Or a golden node with double the time with a low chance.

#2 Something happens if something else was done first.

Enhance boss fights. Bodokin and similar bosses have these mechanics already added, kill all guards first before the boss can be attacked. Or kill the guards in a certain order. Combine with #1 and the order could change sometimes.
Or unlock access to a special boss if 3 other bosses are killed first. Those could each drop a token and a questgiver could ask for those 3 token and allow access to a new area / instance with a new boss / challenge. Why not spawn TWO bosses to fight at the same time for this challenge?

#3 Something happens in a fixed cycle.

Events could change similar to seasons, like quest chains which advance over time. A questgiver could ask you to kill Gingos for 2 days and on the third day to kill Yubos because the population grew too much without Gingos. Repeat. Simple alterations to existing quests.

One should design them in a way the player could take both, no need to remove the old mission from the player and less work for the devs.

The Pinnacle

Combine #1 #2 and #3. A certain questgiver could only spawn during winter (#2 condition) and has a different quest each winter from a set (#3 sequence), completing the quest could lead to a small followup quest offered with a low chance (#1 random) (and only with a low reward, so it doesn't punish player without it).

I'm not that familiar with the ryzom codebase nor with C++, but it could be written like this in pseudo code:

onSeasonChange() {
if (isWinter) {
spawn(NPC, Quest[i]); i++; if (i > i_max) i = 0;

onQuestComplete() {
if (chance(30)) StartDialog(additionalQuest);


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#43 Multilingual 

Awesome! I would like some variables too! Maybe you attack a boss with a bleed and this triggers additional minions. Im all for random and new encounters. Add Kittin invasion, end boss is a puzzle, like NPC. Only it's not game over if you fail, just add penalties and additonal challenges. We can use existing mechanics, just need to think outside the box to make it challenging again! Wish i had more ideas that were easier to implement.

#44 [en] 

Hi Bones, long time no see!

An excellent idea! I used to create my kitin invasion like this way back in the ryzom ring. Think of it like a tower defense game. The kitins start with a spawn of low level mobs. Once the last member of the group is killed the next higher level of mobs spawns. Once the last member is killed the next stronger spawns until eventually a Queen appears with some guards.

To make the waves / spawn groups less obvious a group of mixed level kitins could spawn at random intervals and if a timed spawn and a random spawn happen at the same time... challenge accepted! ;)

I dislike the all or nothing concept with game over aswell. I would think of an invasion more like a capture the flag game. If all kitins of a wave / group are killed homins get a point. If the kitins can't be killed after XYZ minutes, kitins get a point. If the final boss is killed add 5 points.

Rewards could be handed out similar to the atysmas calendar from an NPC depending on the number of rounds won by the player / total points earned.

This should happen in an instance / separate area though, maybe like the Dante boss scenario.

Just some ideas, I think most of the functionality is out there - we just need a fresh take on the existing tasks.

And again in pseudo code terms:

onGroupDefeat() {
if (Group.time_alive < time_limit) score_homin++;
if (kitin_level < max_kitin_level) spawnKitinGroup(kitin_level); else spawnQueen();

onTimer() {
spawnKitinGroup(random(1, 5)); // assume those are difficulty tiers

onQueenDefeat() {
spawnNPC(rewardGiver, score_homin);



#45 Multilingual 

Heck ya! I like the idea of waves increasing in strength. Could even mix up a spawn of kidnak or something else randomly to make the fight more interesting and less complacent. Let's say a party member accidentally casts and acid spell or something similar on a kitin.....this could trigger a spawn of two drones, be it kipee or kizoar, doesn't matter. Just something more dynamic with consiquences rather than a straight up pass or fail. You could make it so mobs have to die in a certain order or they reset, again, making the combinations random so that over time you can learn the patterns but at the same time multiple random patterns so homin are not mindlessly mashing keys. Maybe certain Lt or corporal mobs create less effective healing so they must be killed first, or mobs that while alive reduce damage done to enemy party until they are dealt with.
Could also make some new type of end game scenario where you have to dig and craft a perimeter before the waves spawn...like the temple wars only this is integrated with a Kitin invasion. Wall two was too slow so it must be repaired between waves, rewarding points again to homin. so foragaing and crafting along with combat. Again not pass/fail so you get less/more points and/or consequences for the next waves/rounds.

#46 Multilingual 

que on noublie se qui ne parle que francais et que se soit un peux plus traduit car sa ne l aie pas assez

#47 [en] 

Arc, Bones, you're talking in a way that made me drool, this kind of dynamics would be so awesome!

Perhaps the SE could do the small Kitin invasion too, maybe not in this year, but well worth waiting.

que on noublie se qui ne parle que francais et que se soit un peux plus traduit car sa ne l aie pas assez
Miksi meijän pitäis välittää ihmisten haluttomuuksista oppia uusia juttuja? Yhdessä tekeminen vaatii yhteisen kielen.


Crafting stuff for Sap Crystals! Bring Mats and Tool and /tell Jahuu! ^^

#48 Multilingual 

Even if it was something simple as Arc suggests. Just something to keep us on our toes again :D

#49 [en] 

+1 arc on the merchant storage
i'd play again if I had fewer slots with unlimited time
+1 for more dynamic events but eh :)

Just more "pick up and play" would be great
You log in and think, what do you wanna do... lets.. dig. that comes redily. You can just get your pick and go.

If I had mob tracking, some sort of hunting skill, just something you can run around and feel like doing, it would be nice

players make their fun, they make their hunts and group events but the game mechanics could and should support more of this. there should be more things to do, so we can do more things together. having to invent your own fun over, and over again... well you can only do it for 10 years right?

I'm not for "dailies" i feel like every other game and it's mother has generic dailies. if it's something more "atys like" I'll support it

also, this is game , people play games to have fun. we should be able to have fun, and still follow "rp" stipulations. it shouldn't all be more pain more gain.
I quite enjoy the difficult things, the "feel good" from a world trek at level 50. but that's not all there is.

some of us want to gamble
some of us want to sell things
some of us want to run around

analyse the different types of people in atys, what they like, and give each group something to do, to enjoy. If bones and arc and jahuu have fun with dynamic events, great, i'll give it support. I don't like the  gambling but I know many do so, yay for them, im glad they have it. 

Just because I want some gen mats doesnt make me evil, there are worse things ive done :)


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