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Is it just me ? Anyone notice that after message 289, the day and month are shown but not the year ?

Current year is (usually) not displayed on dates. Not specific to this forum.

All the way up to 289 with an exception or 2 it 's there ... or perhaps "current year" iis left off untill current year expires.


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* dans les macros, pourvoir fermer/ouvrir les fenetres d'inventaire des zigs
* que par défaut, quand on sort un ou des zigs de son sac, ils te suivent par défaut
* dans la fenetre des animaux (MAJ+P) que le zig ne disparaisse pas quand tu le sors de ton sac (quand on va vite, on ouvre l'animal du dessous)

* fenetre des missions (demande à un PNJ) : quelqu'un avait demandé que la fenetre des missions reste ouverte. C'est assez pénible je trouve.

* dommage qu'on ne puisse pas échanger au PNJ de la roue les armes de tribu qu'on a gagné. On ne peut ni les vendre à un marchand, ni les donner à un jeune, ni les mettre dans un nid pour offrir à un jeune. On est donc obligé de détruire celles qui sont trop petites...


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toujours vis à vis de la roue de la fortune, j'ai 13 skins de gubani inutilisables....
Dommage qu'on ne puisse pas les convertir en jeton sup...


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+1 Crafting from GH

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I would like to see the idea from "Suggestions/Ideas" regarding Tribal Fame and how to make the roaming tribal units benefit you if you have the proper fame. Anyone who takes the time to work with any or all tribes should have some benefit besides just 1 area to go into for protection. The game mechanics are already there...just my 2-cents

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I know this has been one of the most popular threads of all time, but maybe it is time to close it and return to checking and using the ideas section again.

Maybe at the next New Years a thread can be opened for a couple months.

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There is a newer thread .....

Back in 2020 I had the same thought and asked Tama to create one for 2020...well i should kept my mouth shut ... she passed on the task....

Been trying to keep up with what requests have been put in game and which are still open. But come 2025, maybe we drop the ones that were implemented and start a new thread with those that are left

What would you like ....  2020-2024

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