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(While at it it would be nice to change from "Magnificient" to "Magnificent" :P )


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It would be great if you could have the following small additions:

~ Gen mats to be sorted in the crafting window.
They are sorted in our bag, so why can't they be sorted in the crafting window instead of being all out of order?

~ Being able to have an option where we can click on multiple stacks of items and then choose the option "sell all" to the merchant. Not to others, as I know there can only be so many stacks of a single type of item at once, but to the merchant.


Do what you *NEED* to do for yourself. No need to force yourself to do something that isn't good for you. Ryzom is a game and should be played for fun. Real life first. ☻

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(While at it it would be nice to change from "Magnificient" to "Magnificent" :P )

That's the way the game spells it ... drives me crazy when I use map search and BM Maps and come up empty


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Thanks for our mission icon colors back ! ! !


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I would love the option when you exit your apartment or guild hall to have the same choices as when you enter, if there are choices. For example: My apartment and guild hall are both in the same building in Thesos, which also has a Fortress on the top level. So, when I enter the elevator, it asks: Fortress, Spirit of Alervinda's guild hall or Meggy's apartment. But when I leave I get exit only. I would like to be able to go from my guild hall to my apartment without having to run in and out and have it like a real elevator lift. Please please pretty please?



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I assume that's an option only in the "outlying towns", when I got all my housing, GHs and Apartments were in separate buidings.  Thats would be a huge advanatge in muling mats back and forth .

Would also love a way to transfer stuff between toons on same account.

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Je pense que les équipes de dev et de test sont insuffisantes pour développer de nouvelles fonctionnalités sans casser le jeu, malgré toute leur bonne volonté.

Je vois qu'il y a de moins en moins de monde sur Atys, et ca m'inquiète...
Par ex, je suis gênée, quand je traduis sur le wiki, de recopier le "Massivement" de MMO (je laisserai bien Multijoueur mais le "Massivement Multijoueur" me semble désormais erroné :) )

Alors je propose qu'on arrête les changes, au moins pour un an, et qu'on prenne le temps de débug et de documenter.

Après seulement, on pourra re-tenter une communication (interne, auprès des anciens joueurs partis), puis vers des magazines et autres sites.

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