#196 [fr] 

yes. it is a whole different game now and a lot less interesting

#197 [en] 

Remove perma catalyser and let OPs produce them again

#198 [fr] 

Comme le NH ne donne plus de points de faction, mettre tout le monde en perma tag pour que les gens puissent avoir une chance de récupérer des cristaux de sève.

#199 [fr] 

Comme le NH ne donne plus de points de faction, mettre tout le monde en perma tag pour que les gens puissent avoir une chance de récupérer des cristaux de sève.

Owi <3

#200 [fr] 

Comme le NH ne donne plus de points de faction, mettre tout le monde en perma tag pour que les gens puissent avoir une chance de récupérer des cristaux de sève.

And who is gonna fight whom Meubli? You are actually 3 factions merged into one now.

Maybe using your heads a bit; would have helped ^ ^ Now; it's impossible to do that; since only Kamis are by themselves. In the previous set-up with 4 factions; your idea would be super.

Now with two factions and people that actively dont want to pvp; this cant happen.

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#201 [en] 

Let me remind you this isn't a discussion/personal scoring thread

Again, it's not about "nameofplayer" says something I disagree with, it's more about "I'd like something for this year"... We will not tolerate personal attacks but you can give your personnal wish, all is in your mind for this new year.

Maybe we can find a way to make 2019 the most interesting and respectful year.


Please only add your own wishes for Ryzom in this topic, not commenting the wishes of the other players. Thank you.

#202 [en] 

Wt-aouch! i never noticed how the colors look crazy bright in quote..


#203 [fr] 

As for perma-cats, I'd like a toggle to turn them off. Or a one time option to use perma-cats for a specific skill (I'd pick crafting) and then use the OP cats for the other skills.

And speaking of toggles .... how about an option to have IG Mails forwarded to your account (or other designated) e-mails ? This would be something purely internal. The person sending the email would never see the recipients e-mail.

I'm thinking a series of check boxes which might see:

a) Forward IG attacks on my OP to designated e-mail
b) Forward messages from my HOs to designated e-mail
c) Forward any IG mails older than 30 (fill in number)days to my designated email.
d) Forward any unread IG mails older than 5 (fill in) days to my designated email.

Have game send e-mails to designated e-mail upon start of each new billing cycle that says:

You have 7 unread IG Mails and 7 forum threads on your watch list with unread posts.

Would allow folks the O P T I O N of keeping up with what's going on IG when circumstances don't allow the time to get in each day and, i expect, keep subscribers coming back for example when old friends resub.


#204 [fr] 

1.   Add New Horizons to Tourist Guide List

2.  Ability to filter map flags by category ... i.e. Bandits, Citizens, etc

3.  Ability to click ona  scroll icon in compass and get their name, title and affiliation

4.  Ability to hang w/ my homies and travel around Atys w/ wandering tribes who behave as they would as if in camp.

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#205 [fr] 

Giving this its own post ... not that anyone appears to be looking at this thread.  With te map resoltion and 256 flag limit, the idea of displaying everything at once is problematic.  So rather than deal with the 256 or resolution, there seems to be a simple alternative,

When I right click on the compass, I can select say "Citizen" and it shows me a list of about 30 Citizens in Fleeting Garden and Upper Bog (all that I have marked). 

5.   Ability to increase flags and display flags by category, hopefully allowing one to exceed the 256 flag limit per region ... see Item 2 above.  Im thinking a separate file for each category and the idea being to display 1 category (maybe 2 or 3) at a time.  Instead of a single file for landmarks why not have a file for each region ?   Rightnow I have:


Why not ...


Right now, the landmarks file only displays the region that the player chooses to open.   When opening the Deset file, it could contain all the items in the filter, but only display 1 or 2 filter / Subfilter categories.   So if Im out doing Prospector missions, I might want to display Citizens. Prospectors and and Mission Mats for the region. 

Categot Filter / Subfiter

Harvest Materials / Basic Fine Choice
Harvest Materials / Exe  Sup
Mission Mats
NPCs / National
NPCs / Hawkers
NPCs / Other (i.e. Rites)
NPCs / Tribe Welcomers
NPCs  / Wandering (Scouts Patrollers Journeyman Prospector Hunter)
  * the other Tribe folks are all located in camps so if ya find the Welcomer ya find them
Named - Boss Creatures
Places / TPs  Portals Spawn Points
Places / Safe Spots

Other then agreeing on the Fiter / Subfilter categories anmd linking the menus to the appropriate files, the coding doesn't appear (to this naive individual anyway) to be that involved.


#206 [en] 

Yes please, to Freddy's proposal.


#207 [en] 

There has been no landmark limit for long time, as for map zoom, add MaxMapScale=10.0; for client.cfg for 10x zoom (default is 2x)



#208 [fr] 

That's what I thought .... and yet I as unable to add any new markers yesterday.  Is there a limit maybe in a single log in ?  I tried 12 times to add more markers than you see here:

That's a screenshot imported into AutoCAD and then "published to web" ... looked good except the export killed the resolution.

Now when I log in today I am again able to do flags. I'm guessing that the file isn't "saved" till one logs out. And perhaps it will hold only so many missions in the cache until it no longer accepts more ?

I have about 100 NPC locations that, Id like to see added to BM mats. Any way for me to export them so they could be added ?

For example:


Sacred Sap - Tribe Welcomer =Ja-Zun Fa
Scout = Miaro Cido (4 Locations)
Journeyman = Cedon Ibiraan (1 Location)
Patroller = Ha-Zhia Cuo (2 Locations)
Hunter = Sai-Ju Jeoi (1 Location)

Siblings of the Weed - Tribe Welcomer = Cai-Ci Liangi
Scout = Sai-Ju Du (3 Locations)
Journeyman = Vani Cuillo (1 Location)
Prospector = Pei-Jeng Tao (1 Location)
Hunter = Qu-Bin Nao (2 Locations)

Nation / Other
Hunter = = Pecho Cuildo (2 Locations)
Journeyman = Vani Cuillo (1 Location)
Patroller = Aniche Anigno (1 Location)
Prospector = Nirni Ciozzo (1 Location)
Prospector = Viccia Girinia (2 Locations)
Pecho Cuidi = Prospector (3 Locations)

I saw no sense in adding the other tribe mission givers in the camps as they all hangin with the Tribe Welcomer.

Let me know ....

a) If I guessed right about why I couldn't add flags ?
b) If unsure, anything you want me to do testing wise ?
c) We have any shot at being able to filter an entire category ? Liken Citizens only or Citizens and Mission mats only ?
d) Can I export anything to add NPCs to BM Maps. Was going to try Lopy's app but I dunno if the data is useful

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#209 [en] 

That's what I thought .... and yet I as unable to add any new markers yesterday.  Is there a limit maybe in a single log in ?
What error you get? There is no landmark limit in the code.



#210 [fr] 

No error .... just would not create new flags.  I tried to do som nothing happened .. rinse and repeat 4 times.   I found another NPC, same deal .. tried 3 times.   Found another NPC, no go.

Eliminated two flags for old egg locations.  Was now able to create flags.  nmade 1 , OK... made another, OK.  Tried a 3rd... NG.  Relogged back intoday and all is right w/ the world.   Only the NPCs moved :)


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