#1 [en] 

Jahuu is having a break from digging in the beautiful region of Loria.

Peacefull and calm place, where even spirits come to roam. But one cannot see them without being in harmony with themselves and the surroundings.

Almost a week long meditation was needed. Jahuu sences the presence now and waves to the Ghost Lady.

She is just standing here and drawn to the one meditating. Not long before she smiles and disappears.

"Goodbye, beautiful Ghost Lady."


#2 [en] 

(( Ooh, another buggy NPC in Loria, story time! ))

In sorrow after losing the Mektoub Mount that has been with him since arrival to the Mainland, Jahuu seeks out harmony by meditating in Loria.

Another Ghost appears after some days. It was as if she was keeping guard and watching over. As Jahuu's heart was filled with warm feeling, the Ghost dissappeared.

"Thank you, Ghost Lady"


#3 [en] 

Digging for years in same place makes one connected with spirits so deeply, that they get familiar with you. Eventually they dont want you to leave.

"Darn, I broke my pic" Yells Jahuu. He stands up and reaches for his Zin crystal, already to port out, but notices a merchant stand appearing near him.

A merchant sold Jahuu a new pickaxe, and disapears. All this just next to Jahuu's digging spot.


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