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I need assistance I just installed Ryzom Client on new computer, Once I enter my account info and password the client shuts and the game does not launch, off any suggestions ?

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How did you install the client ? ( using the installer? )

Can you give us a bit more infos about your OS etc, and also provide a fresh and clean client.log ?


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thanks on the advice of CSR I did a uninstall of Ryzom client
the account was linked to Steam. CSR unlinked my account from Steam.. and waiting for download to complete..

OS Windows 10 download from official Ryzom site.

Problem Ryzom Installer would crash after log in and account info.

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Yes Installer on new computer

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A failed assertion occurs
ProcName: ryzom_client_r.exe
Date: 2018/12/04 07:50:28
File: Z:/home/nevrax/ryzomcore/code/nel/include\nel/misc/singleton.h
Line: 155
FuncName: NLMISC::CManualSingleton<class NLSOUND::CListenerFMod>::getInstance
Reason: "_instance() != NULL"

this is the error I got

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Try switching to OpenAL audio in the installer before launching the game.


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Thank you so much Siela IT WORKED !!!!!!
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