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  • SN is removed from Lands of Umbra to Wastelands.
  • The PvP status of the Lands of Umbra removed. It makes little sense having these low level areas as PvP areas and has led to nothing but pointless arguments about rp style since the merge. There is no reason for keeping this a PvP area if we remove SN.
  • SN is now in Wastelands. Wastelands changed to PvP area. Sups would pop at normal mat locations, but some mats spots to be changed so that more desired mats pop at harder locations to dig, i.e., mats at spots near TPs changed to less desirable ones. 
  • TPs in Wastelands only provide protection to aligned toons.
  • KP range increased and routes changed so there are no safe areas.
  • Amount of Sups nerfed by making it harder to dig them, i.e., more wastage. Make sups rare again!
  • To achieve this, all mobs in wastelands to get a 25% resistance buff and 10% increase to aggro range.
  • New types of patrols to be introduced to make digging/bosses harder. Killing a KP will spawn a new one picked at random from a KP pool of Kipee, Kincher, Kiro, etc How about a Vorax one? 
  • Named, Bosses, and their guards, to have their resistances and hp buffed in Wastelands by 30%
  • Let the crying begin :)


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What problem are you trying to solve?



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* hear the drama what will income *


I would say.. Y.E.S

Such a good idea to put a bit of challenge. Even more with years, people are getting more and more levels.

There is plenty of diggers , give em' challenge ! Not just dig what you want easy.

Taking an example: Oh, i need some sup mats, don't get much! Let's go PR, and... just... dig... Since SN are like safe as hell.. People don't even go on Tradi spots for most. And some don't like SN and only go on Tradi but like 5% do it.

But, yeah, getting all those change in one patch is maybe a bit rude.

Doing it on like 2 patches would be cool to let people be used for it. Otherwise, Primes will just be a place not much people will go..

And... For Example, ToT ( Fosses aux Epreuves ) is PvP, but, there is no SN :P

But yeah, it can be cool to get more challenge about dig mats and even q270 PR Bosses.

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I'll say yes ! Except for 2 things (my own opinions here):

- Let the PvP zone status everywhere in PR;
- Remove completely the SN (and not just moving them to a more accurate place);

My 2 cents.

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To echo @Karu.

What problem are you trying to solve?


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I like this idea. It would make starting roots easier, but spice up the game for higher level ones. US would stay as q250 no-pvp zone, so good middle ground, where to get levels up.

I like it a lot, +1!


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@Karu and @Bittymacod: Ryzom itself? :)

Joke aside, no problem to solve here, the section is "Idea for Ryzom".
So it is a.. modest proposal, an improvement idea.


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Joke aside, no problem to solve here, the section is "Idea for Ryzom".
So it is a.. modest proposal, an improvement idea.

Removing pvp from umbra, removing super nodes from umbra are the only improvements I see in here. Wasteland is fine as is (well it should be single region instead 3, but whatever).

Do you really want to make sups rare? How about removing them from popable resources and make it a small change to improve exe nodes to become sups. Dig 10x+ exec, get 1% change to improve to 1x sup. Done. Time sink will instantly become useful aswell.

Want to improve PvP? remove it.



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@ Bitty and Karu

1) The inconistancy of PvP/SN being in a low level area and the constant crying and name calling since merge about this.
2) Inconistancy between game mechanic and rp for TPs giving protection to other factions.
3) End level game being so easy that even two moderately skillful players can kill lv270 bosses.  There is no challenge in PR for older toons: digging and hunting are easy.  Yes it would make it harder for newer players, but that does not mean that it is bad thing in itself.  Players learn!
4) Oversupply of sups.  Yes Karu's idea would limit them, but which idea is more fun? That was rhetorical as we already know your anwer: killed by mob is ok, but killed by homins... dead is dead. 

If I play again I will be tagged, not to attack other players but as a challenge: make my game experience more fun: harder.  But that is me.  Saying that having Umbra not Wastelands as PvP area makes no sense now.

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Just a couple of observations, feel free to ignore :)
Named, Bosses, and their guards, to have their resistances and hp buffed in Wastelands by 30%
End level game being so easy that even two moderately skillful players can kill lv270 bosses

And yet, I have seen several times in the past few months bosses sitting and waiting for someone to kill them, because people couldn't be bothered to undertake the trek to them. Yes, Jukoo and others in Wastelands. If you wish to widen the gap between the few people like you (that can be bothered to learn *exactly* how to do it with a small team), and the rest of the player base ... this is an excellent idea. Otherwise, not so much.
Inconistancy between game mechanic and rp for TPs giving protection to other factions

I always understood this to be a deliberate mechanic. It stems from the fact that, after all, both "powers" seem to harness the same mechanics that are underpinning the world; maybe in slightly different ways.

A neutral homin in a coma, rezzing as a spawn point, suffers the same consequences as one that is aligned with any of the factions (death penalty, low stats). The invulnerability power-up will work the same regardless of your faction. All "super-natural" things in the game end up working more or less the same for all folks.

In a roleplay sense, I would say that altars and zinuakeens are all linked to a homin's seed of life. Maybe the kamis couldn't, even if they wanted to, stop their altars from protecting homins of an opposing faction, since they all have this seed in their body.

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Laoviel, officer of Rift Walkers

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so we're just making things that already exist, harder, rather than add new stuff


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@Loved, so end game challenge is bad? 

@Laoviel I said moderately skilled for two homins.  There is no 'elite' skill in a team of tank, healer, nuke.  Such a set-up can kill, almost, every boss in game, easily.  For example, this set-up can kill every kitin boss in game, apart from Kinkoo, and only one of these bosses, Kizokoo, requires a strategy.  The difference in team size is a matter of reducing kill time.  Nevertheless, two toons should not be able to kill a level 270 boss, especially a PR one.  There are only two spots in PR where 3 players would have a problem killing a boss.  The difference you describe it between trying and not.  Most games introduce balance patches to take into consideration that players do learn how to play the game.

TPs are not spawn spots.  Yes they share similar effect in granting protection but there is no analogy here.  The tp system works on fame, portal spots do not.  If a tp is subtle enough to tell that a homin can or cannot use it, logically it would be able to give or withhold protection.  Why should Lacuna, a notorious heretic, be able to gain protection while standing in front of kara and kami tps? At the very least, having negative fame should disable protection for kara/kami tps, and no one but maras should have protection of zinaukeen.


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sorry i dont intend to be such a prick , i just dont see why that proposal should take up the time it would take when we can get some new stuff that... perhaps... 250 level players can also enjoy

i sympathize with your lack of end game things to do
you've probaly been maxed for years and very very very bored
so sure you want something for your high levels

im sorry its come to that


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I agree. I still can't understand why SN were placed where they were, I guess that is the only logical reason it is a pvp zone. Yes low level sups could introduce newere players to the idea of pvp regions but this makes no sense if other PR areas with access to q250 sups are not PvP areas.
I also agree with the KP idea. Current KP routes can be learned with little effort. Why not make this random to bring back the challenge of digging? I don't see this as making Ryzom harder rather it teaches homins to not be so complacent. But ryzom is hard.....remember when games had no ability to save....nope...you probably don't and probably think I'm being an elitist by agreeing with this post. That's fine with me. Instead of wasting time complaining or hating people that do appreciate a challenge doing "end game" (meaning you are a skilled player doing the hardest possible content) learn to adapt, learn to look and listen to the world around you and use this time to better yourself as a player.
I'm done crying Lac, thank you for this post, it has given me new thought into playing again.
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