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Anlor Winn 2018 (oct 31-nov 16)

The wind is blowing.
The wind gets stronger.
The wind roars and makes homins tremble in their shelters.
Go hide yourselves away, you fools, because the Ill Wind is coming. And who knows what it brings under its wings of misfortune?
Listen to the cursed laughter of the Anlor Winn. Mouah hah hah hah....

"The Perilous Maze" (Main Land)

Event location: Matis Arena
: Dappers to buy lives (1 for 5 kÐ, 2 for 9 kÐ, 3 for 14 kÐ)
Aim of the game
: Find the safe way through the maze to win the jackpot!

  • Talk to Pigno Niri to buy lives (3 at most). The dappers you give to buy your lives are added to the Jackpot (which begins at 1 MÐ each time).
  • Start the game if no other player is currently playing. You are teleported into the maze.
  • Try to reach the other side to open the chest and get the jackpot and a title. You will then level up and be able to carry on with next level. The jackpot amount will be reset to 1 MÐ.

The maze offers only one secure path, all other paths are random traps!
If you run under invulnerability through the maze, you'll be ported back to the entry of the maze and told that "This is not the right way of doing it!"
If you remain static while playing in the labyrinth, your character will be teleported after a while to open the maze to the next player.

Kill the Pumpkins” (Silan and Main Land):

Game Rules:
Mysterious burning objects are washing over Atys and creating strange light sources that move on the Bark. Hurry to trample them before they set fire to the fur of a yubo!
But don't cry victory too soon since the impish lights, once extinguished, can:
- disappear in a small puff of smoke and turn into pumpkins, which you'll have to catch before they escape;
- explode and turn into pumpkins, which you'll have to then frighten to death;
- turn into pumpkins, which you'll have to then chase to eat a piece of them.
Trample and make disappear as many pumpkins as possible! Be brave, fear may not be on your side!

Choice tokens to try to win an "Anlor Winn" reward at the Wheel of Fortune, each one being won after a random number of killed pumpkins.

"Yubo zombies" (Main Land):

Game Rules:
Anlor Winn cast a spell on some friendly animals. They've turned into zombies and will attack you. If you're bitten, you'll turn into a zombie also! (You'll get a "Zombie" title, without any change on your character.)

Choice tokens to try to win an "Anlor Winn" reward at the Wheel of Fortune.

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The wheel of Fortune during Anlor Winn

During Anlor Winn events, it is possible to win special tokens, called "Anlor tokens", with the choice tokens.These Anlor tokens will be usable at all times and work differently from the others.

Anlor tokens

They differ from normal tokens in two ways:
  • If they are used, the wheel can only be rotated once.
  • The more tokens you play, the less chance you have of winning. With 1 token you have a 50% chance, with 5 tokens you have 10%.The interest in playing multiple tokens lies in the way in which the winnings are distributed. A special counter represents the number of times you have lost. It is the "Fear of being a loser". When you win the value of the lot depends on the value of this counter. Thus, the more often you lost, the more you win.

The rewards

More precisely, each time you lose, the Fear of being a loser increases by 1%. The maximum is 100%. At 100% the gain becomes automatic.
When you win, the items you win depend on the Fear counter, according to this scale:
  • less than 25%: classic items such as fireworks, generic raw materials, etc.
  • 25-75%: Apartment items
  • above 75%: New items.


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Event Datum : 6. November, zum Ende von Anlor Winn.

Ort des Events: Nexus und Almati, danach in den Hauptstädten.

Art des Events: OOC-Event mit Aktivitäten bezüglich sowohl Anlor Winn als auch des Jahres Jenas 2600, einschliesslich einer Schatzsuche, einer Minibossjagd und Invasionen auf die Hauptstädte.

Extra für die Feierlichkeiten des Jahres Jenas 2600 wurde im Almatiwald eine beleuchtete 2600 kreiert. Dieses Licht wurde nun von Yubo-Zombies gestohlen! Die Homins sollen die in den Nexus verschlagenenen Yubos finden und erschlagen um die 2600 wieder zu beleuchten.
Jedoch, sobald dies geschieht und die 2600 im vollen Glanz erstrahlt wird es den Yubos gelingen zu entfliehen und sie beginnen den Kampf gegen die Homins im Almatiwald, angeführt von einem Yubo-Zombieboss. In den darauffolgenden Tagen wird diese Horde regelmäßig Angriffe auf die Hauptstädte oder das Rangerlager ausführen.

Belohnung: Vorzügliche Jetons.

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