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Northstar draws a piece of izam ligament, drips her eyota-made tool in najab blood, and begins writing a message to be delivered to all Kami Leaders and High-Officers and to be posted in all capitals by a neutral party

Dear Kamists;

you have recently been under attack from all sides; and I can only assume the attacks will just keep on coming. When it comes to my side; I can assure you, that the attacks will keep on coming; on multiple fronts, on multiple occasions.

I humbly suggest that you rest and keep your powers; because the War has only just begun.

Let me speak with facts:

In one week your faction lost: Two Major Outposts (one to a fellow Marauder Guild, and one to a Karavan alligned guild), and one minor which lays comfortably in the possession of my guild.

(OOC: 2x q250 OPs were lost in one week; and a q100 with an astounding TH24)

I have demonstrated time and time again; that I have both the resources and the power to declare multiple attacks on multiple fronts whenever me and my companions desire; and our joint efforts have already produced results, a Karavan Drill (for lack of a Marauder one), sits amidst the Oasis. (West Blackburn Trade-Post is in my possession).

I promised you that as long as I desire to; as long as my heart fuels my rage, I will not let you sleep, will not let you eat, will not let you rest. And I have kept good on that promise; in under a month I have attacked 7 of your outposts; one of which lies in Echoes hands; while at the same time we have participated in all wars directed towards your faction; the Begining of the Holy War.

You have lost so much precious time, sleep, and energy, wasted away for mere minor outposts. Is this just another example of your need for domination? Your greed?

(OOC: Got a perfect TH 24 in q100 and multiple other at phase two. As we Speak one q50 is almost in Echoes hands, and the q150 maga is under attack)

Just yesterday in one of our other attacks myself accompanied with my Marauder sisters and brothers managed to almost guarantee victory at the Blackburn Outpost that sits in Fyros' Capital.

(OOC: TH20)

Here is a little story that you might not know about this: The Guild Leader of the Guild Atys Guardians, the guild to which your Faction has given this Outpost to safe-keep, and his guild member, just sat in the area the whole time, watching his outpost and the lives of innocent guards being wasted away, while he was enjoying the hot desert sand, being chased by goaris...

Is this an exemplary behavior of the Kami Faction? You give Outposts to Leaders present in the destruction of Kami Land and Kami protectors; that just sit idle; not for a moment stepping in to safe-guard the Kamist-Principles? The very same ones that myself, not very long, held dear and valuable? But I digress.

The gist of the situation is as follows:

The Loria Stronghold sits in Marauder Hands.
The Westgrove Stronghold sits in the hands of the Karavan Faction.
The West Blackburn Border Post sits in Echoes hands.

The Blackburn Trade Post sits at TH20 as we speak; literally hours away from our possession. and at the same time the Demon's Crossroads Diplomatic Outpost in the sacred for your faction Zorai Lands is under Attack.

(OOC: Both at the same time ig and the one has, a let's face it, very high TH.)

Given the unfortunate situation that your faction has found itself in, through your own fault however, the big War that is coming, and my burning desire to not let you rest until we are satisfied; I publicly offer, and commit to, the following: a temporary truce.

What Echoes Wants:

You surrender the Blackburn Tradepost to Echoes possession.

In exchange:

The attack, and very serious risk, of losing BOTH the Blackburn Tradepost, and getting an unfortunate situation in Demon's Crossroads Diplomatic Outpost, will be cancelled from my part.

(OOC: We offer to with hold our forces on the q150 maga OP on the condition that the q50 Tek is surrendered to Echoes possession. And let's face it's an OP with a TH 20 nevertheless...Which will need a large number of forces to be held)

In addition, and fundamentally: I publicly state that Echoes and its allies will withdraw their forces, and your Outposts will be safe from further Echoes declarations for the next 2 Atysian Seasons.

(OOC: No further declaration for the next 9 days IRL).

This is not a terrorist threat; this is a reality check.


Our offer stands until tonight. Please gather and discuss the issue amongst your ranks and send me an Izam with your final decision.

(OOC: 03;00 FR/ 02;00 UTC the deadline for the answer).
(OOC: Send me an ingame tell informing me of your decision until the deadline )

The War is only beginning; and I am offering you a one-time-only opportunity to regroup; tend to your loved ones, rest; but fundamentally; sleep a very sound sleep in fields filled with Kami-Drills, with peaceful gnoofs, and whatever your hearts desire.

On behalf of Echoes and its allies; I promise you the following; defeat or victory;

Do not ask what your faction can do to avert the upcoming war. The answer is nothing whatsoever. The fate of your Outposts rests in our hands.

We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail.

(OOC: A Happy New Jena's Year and Anlor Wynn to everyone.)




Chieftess of Echoes (GL)

Izams are sent to the Guild Leaders and High Officers of all the Kami Guilds and messages are posted in Atys' Capitals

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NUTS ! (like in Bastogne the 22/12/1945 from Gen McAuliffe to Gen Luttwitz) :)

#3 [fr] 

Pendant une promenade habituelle dans les rues de pyr, naveruss remarqua l’affiche. Après une lecture rapide, plusieurs questions tournaient dans la tête de la légionnaire.
La maraudeuse commence par démontrer la supériorité militaire de ses frères en exposant leurs victoires en insistant sur la détermination avec laquelle elle allait faire poursuivre cette guerre… pour finalement proposer une trêve… Cela semble déjà plutôt contradictoire, surtout quand cette trêve est proposée en échange d’un avant-poste qu’elle prétend pouvoir conquérir sans aucune difficulté par la force.
Surtout que la trêve est temporaire, et les maraudeurs reprendront donc très probablement leurs offensives une fois celle-ci terminé. Serait-ce donc une tentative de gagner du temps ? Autrement, pourquoi risquer de laisser un répit à l’ennemie que l’on peut soit disant écraser sans difficulté ?
Au final, cette proposition pourrait presque ressembler à un aveu de faiblesse, affirmer ne pas pouvoir tenir la guerre et faire une demande de repos camouflé par un ton menaçant.
« Bof, c’est des histoires de kamistes et de maraudeurs, je vais plutôt aller demander à lydix ce qu’il en pense. »


#4 [en] 

Northstar sends an Izam to deliver a message to all Atysian capitals with news of the expected results of the battle and the expected response of the Kami dragon

Echo; Echo; Another blow to the Dragon:

Dear all,

I proved once again that I stand by my words.

Echoes delivered on its promises.

Victory was achieved; after a very short-lived battle at Blackburn Tradepost; soon another non-kamist drill will stand proud in the lands of Atys.

As for the Zorai Outpost; well; once the attack there had served its cause; we immediately withdrew our forces and as a courtesy to my opponents; which serves as an exemplar behavior of our master morality; I informed our opposition, that we had no further interest in invading the Zorai land at this time.

I am not sure why the Kamists, who have tremendous discord in their ranks these days, did not take me up on my offer..They really believed that it was a sign of weakness? If anything; it was one-of-a-kind act of kindness...

They should have rested for the big fight ahead of them; but instead, they tried to pretend they are still mighty and powerful, but alas, they suffered another blow.

I guess they thought they could out-do us, a relic behavior of their olden days of glory, one which will shortly only be remembered by the Kamist elders and will be distant history.

My fellow sisters and brothers; my fellow hominas and homins:

I do not intend to strike fear into your hearts.

I just want you to see, that the Kamists, who have corrupted these lands, do not have any power over any of us. Their numerical strength is useless in this case.

I do not pretend to be all mighty and powerful; but I am committed; to let freedom reign supreme on Atys. I urge you to follow in my example, revolt, and take back what is yours from the Kamists. Exemplify the Master Morality in you; and free yourselves from Ma-Duks slave morality.

The great Kamist dream has come to an End; join us our sisters and brothers; in the new Atys; where freedom reigns supreme.

On behalf of Echoes and its allies; I promise you the following; defeat or victory;

Do not ask what your faction can do to avert the upcoming war. The answer is nothing whatsoever. The fate of your Outposts rests in our hands.

We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail.




Chieftess of Echoes (GL)

(OOC: @Elizoma: Huhu; Now you know how the Battle of Waterloo felt like for the losers)

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#5 [fr] 

naveruss commençait déjà à être las de cette propagande maraudeur au sein même de pyr, mais avant d’arracher l’affiche, elle prit le temps de rire de ce tas de mauvaise foi.

« J’ai prouvé encore une fois que je tiens mes paroles », dey, puisque tu as affirmé avoir la puissance militaire pour t’emparer de l’avant-poste du croisement du démon, et que tu n’y es pas parvenu, confirmant qui plus est ces aveux de faiblesse.

« Nous n’avions plus d’intérêt à envahir la jungle », voici un parfait exemple d’argument irréfutable, impossible de te contredire… toutefois ça ne prouve rien pour autant, surtout qu’après avoir rapidement assisté à une des escarmouches, force était de constater que vous n’êtes pas parti de l’avant-poste, mais vous vous êtes fait chassé.

« C’était un acte de gentillesse », encore un exemple d’argument irréfutable, impossible d’affirmé que ce n’était en effet pas un acte de gentilles, tout comme ça ne prouve pas que ça en était un… et nous avons tous entendu parlé de ta gentillesse…

« Je ne tiens pas à rependre la peur dans vos cœurs », ha ? Ah oui, tu as juste dit que tant que ton cœur brulera de rage, tu continueras à ne laisser aucun répit aux kamistes. C’est en effet très loin de rependre la peur…

Puis finalement la morale finale de la propagande : rebellez-vous contre les kamistes et soyez libres. Bien que naveruss partageait cette idée, elle trouva ça hypocrite de la part de maraudeurs désirant assouvir les nations, mais bon…

Trêve de rigolade, cette affiche finira dans le brasier de la forge.


#6 [en] 

(OOC: Naveruss I think most of the points you raised; are due to bad translation, or the translation I have is not good ;x. Will ask Revvy or Mithian to translate better for me so I can reply in length:))

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