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A short Alkiën with a lock of hair, out of breath from his race, gives Sergio Lini a sealed letter.
To be delivered by hand to Karan Stevano

Na Karan,

As Your Majesty is well aware, for almost four years now, the Ma-Duk cultists have been extracting rare materials with complete impunity from the heart of our Forest once blessed by Jena and now disfigured by their hideous gimlets. Your people are thus deprived since very long of the resources of the Verdant Heights by the greedy kamists without the Karavan doing anything to support your Houses in the reconquest of the seven outposts still exploitable.

The Alkiën are no longer surprised by this state of affairs. It seemed to them, Majesty, that your efforts would be devoted exclusively to the splendour of the Kingdom and the glory of the Church of Jena. But you had hardly have any reaction to the settling in the Hidden Source of a wild camp of homins who are just as wild, nor to the Kamist omnipresence already mentioned. Are you still certain of the splendour of the Kingdom, na Karan?

But I do not resign myself to it, nor do those who have entrusted me with the task of guiding our Order in these times of darkness. For if the coarse matters of this world are, like the prosperity of the Matis and their houses, the least of your worries, the same cannot be said for the ancient Alkian Order, founded centuries ago to bring high, strong and afar the Matis civilization.

Know therefore, na Karan, that the Alkiane Order will from now on undertake all necessary measures to defend the Verdant Heights and its people. And that this is in no way a brainstorm the Alkiën would suffer: we are neither an army of the Kingdom nor a mere Noble House, we are the Alkiane Order.

Matis Aiye ! Alkiane Aiye !

Zagabranth Ganancioso di Avalae
Guardian of the Matis
Herën of the Alkiane Order

Bechtalgrahou leaves at once on the run back to Avalae.


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Multilingual | Français | [English]
( good text .. and simple; to think its too much nowaday to explain an IG action with RP.. *point at the Marauders.. disapointed* )


#3 [fr] 

(OOC: Bravo! Let the good times roll and let the kara return with a vengance! *Jumps with joy*)

Naema feels her home-race pulling at her heart. She is Matis and hopes the best for them, but is a Ranger now and must stay nuetral and help all. Plus, she is in a kami guild! How crazy is that?

How to balance everything??!! Life is so complicated these days, but a Ranger is a Ranger, and for the time being, she will stay a Ranger.

In her mind she wishes the best for the AlKien.... and nods her head quietly with a small grin....
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