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Dear friends,

the day has finally arrived; Echoes is opening its doors to new members; we are going public.

After operating from the shadows for about a year now; the love-child of Revvy and Myself; our Guild; is recruiting *potential* members.

The modus operandi and the workings of this guild are and will remain unconventional; this Guild was made to break conventional RP and norms; this guild was made to promote Freedom and Individuality among its members; as such everyone is free to do whatever she or he wants in Echoes; we actively want you to cultivate and promote your individuality and your game-play as you see fit.

General Details

Religion: Neutral
Faction: Neutral (GL is Marauder)
Time Zone: Europe
Languages: English
RP/PvP; optional but highly encouraged
GH: Located in Yrkanis.

Echoes Structure; Activities; Requirements; Objectives


Echoes has no religion; no allegiances; we are the echo of an innocence lost; we are the echo of hominity lost; we are Echoes.

As such; While myself I am a Marauder; Neutrals and Rangers are welcomed. Exceptions for hominas or homins of other factions can be made. This guild was conceived to be a beacon of highly unique, fun-loving, carefully selected individuals, that want to group together under the same banner; feeling free to play the game as they see fit.


Boss hunting
Sup digging
Chanchey NPC Hunt
OP Wars (More on that below)

Echoes was, is, and will be: A rather top-end guild; mostly directed towards veteran player and returning players: As such I do not look forward, or desire to, participate in training parties, mass digging activities, and other stuffs like that. Everyone should be able to pull her or his own weight while here, that's what being autonomous is all about.

On that end; I have gone to tremendous lengths; and hence why Echoes is being made public today; to ensure that no-one in my guild will ever have to dig to get the best gear, to hunt to get boosted gear, or to get anything; or to craft it for that matter; myself I am a multi-master in many crafts; and Loorna is master in all crafts.

This was all done so no-one would ever have to participate in anything he/she doesn't want to; and unite with the rest of the group "forcefully" only during OP wars.


Echoes has no restrictions; there is nothing you should be doing while in this guild; nothing you should not be doing. Do as you wish, play as you wish, play with who you wish. Experience Atys the way you want. You do not have to hunt for sups; you do not have to hunt for bosses. Just gather for OP war and prove your mettle and that's it.

There is only Objective in this guild and a rather straight-forward one:

My aim with going public is simple: Be the de-stablizing factor that puts an end to Kami dominance; and if the times change; to anyone else's dominance for that matter.

What I aspire to is:

Field a team of veterans, returning players, or relatively-new but willing members; that do not want to do be Guildless, or are unsatisfied with Guild politics or Faction politics and unite them under a unique banner, the Echoes banner.


Echoes wants to be a top-end guild; capable of fielding a highly skilled team to participate in OP wars and top-end content.

As such we are looking for rather experienced members; capable of holding on their own.

The Echoes are Coming for you;

Be an Echo today;

Send a tell to Northstar (GL) or Loorna (HO) for details.

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