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I am the great veggie killer, However, I have essentially maxed out with killing BRAINS (Psykoplas) and wish to gear up to kill other, more powerful veggies.

Now, I know that melee is a bit more complex that smacking an opponent witha sword/mace, and I know the down side of using HA when compared to MA.


All things considered, in your opinion, should I be wearing HA or MA when killing these veggies.

(See.... brains are easy, they only use magical attacks, other veggies have physical attacks)

((I wish to kill veggies because 1: they cannot chase me, and 2: Veggies are for killing, Meat is for eating))

Thank you for your advice, and have a good game!

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I play solo { yes... I play with myself ;) }

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MA and preferably with dodge or parry on it - preferably both
Take along a healer?
Do it in team of 2 and heal each other?
Could do it in LA if you really want to save stamina

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I am not sure about physical attacks...

However, jewels with right magical resistance are great help on killing plants.

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Slaveni preferred, no need for special jewels needed, since all magic they do is root, and they are up to level 233.

MA, no helmet, since they do hit physical range attacks, but better have low malus to save stamina/sap. Amps on, Enchant nuke from some to most HP away depending what weapon you got. Equip the weapon and kill. No idea if the dodge/parry effects, but no after stanzas never lit.

Adjust nuke credits so that sap/stamina drops about the same rate.

To about level 200, level ups + self heals should mean no sitting. Depends on luck too ofc.

Good luck!


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Max vs Pierce maxed on Veggie type Cratcha
And jewels against Poison will do the job (preferably 300/70% forest)

Good luck!


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Thank you, Revvv.

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Thank you, Revvv.

Yw, keep on!


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