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First of all thanks for all the great work, so far enjoying all the little new additions and I'm sure there's many more to come!

However, as with any new stuff, new bugs. I have noticed 2 issues that i find particularly bothersome.

Issue 1. Cannot TP from coma: This is pretty self explanatory. Although minor, I would prefer not to have to respawn before teleporting. It delays my arrival to places i might have an urge to go to and is altogether pretty annoying. --> This happens to anyone using a mara crystal.

Issue 2. Normally, when mara tp was down to 1 charge, you could only TP to camp, however, after the patch, under unknown conditions, crystal will fail to teleport and still charge you that 1 last chance to TP. Meaning: You end up in the middle of nowhere and have to trek (or deathport) your way back into camp to buy more charges and all, what if i don't have time to trek? Its not like I forgot to buy charges, i purposefully clicked to go to camp to buy more and it failed to take me there (but not my charges). --> This happened to me and also to alt when I tested but not sure if it applies to all maras. 

Please fix, it might be deemed by some as minor annoyances but.. they don't have to respawn and then TP, or trek back somewhere when they *did not* forget to buy TPs.

Thanks ^^



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