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For 2 months now I have the following problem:

(I have contacted gms and no solution was found; so my last hope lies with u).

I am using Steam(latest Ubuntu OS) to play Ryzom. And while some say it sucks or whatever; that's not my intention to debate; for me Ryzom on Steam always did run better than native..

After the last patch the following occured:

I cannot use NH actions anymore; I cannot loot on "Special Bosses" etc.

I was informed that my connection to WebIG(?) times out; which is weird because no ping imbalance appears nor any download spikes. And I can still access WebIG actions via clicking shift+w..(when game doesnt crash that is)

Just the WebIG windows that should "pop" using these actions, do not..

I have tried every solution conceivable; deleting my files; save files everything.

On native using the same configurations it works as it should..(Although there I actually get some weird spikes which I do not get on Steam client, and always end up bitter for using native because it crashes a lot.)

So; I would kindly; does anyone know if there is something; maybe even Steam Related; that is causing this problem? Some other friends told me its ARK problem?

Also: This problem appeared ever since last patch update on steam..Which is already a patch behind native client..On native I have map search patch, on steam I dont have that patch...So many variables...

Can u offer a solution?

The situation is really starting to irritate me to a great extend; I do not want to switch clients for NH or Looting chests; and I do not want to use Native Client; since I already Pay 2euros more for using steam; which I love eitherway.



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Might be an issue with http/https links. Only windows (or self compiled linux) clients currently have https support. https should be supported on all clients from next patch



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update on the issue:

It's an Ark issue confirmed..(No ARK windows pop-up on steam).

Seems like Ark+Steam on Ubuntu (latest release) they don't go hand in hand. But Ark+Ubuntu on Native go hand in hand...Somewhat...(Albeit I get crazy Spikes every time I access something Ark Related, from 203 ping-jump to 50k which signifies performance loss etc. (This Laptop is 6-7months old; i5 2.3 ghz, 8gb of Ram, , nvidia gtx 1060 card so hardware is for sure not the problem...)

Is there anything to be done about it?

Will this change with the next Patch release on steam?



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