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Just be aware, as of yesterday (2018-07-28), Kaspersky is picking up Zyroom.exe as a Trojan. As the file hasn't changed in a over a year, and it wasn't picked up over all that time, assuming it's a false positive


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It's source code is available too. As it was created using Delphi this looks like the same problem KipeeCraft had. It is probably one of the components used to connect to the API and get the XML triggering a "trojan" behaviour...


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Should also note that opening Zyroom crashes game.

1. Disable Kaspersky for reasons above
2. Open Zyroom
3, Ryzom crashes.... about 3/4 times.


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Problem identify : Kaspersky :D


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We have 4 different AV programs available and Kaspersky has been by far the most reliable. Note Kaspersky is top dog in testing. Only two vendors scored 6.0 outta 6.0

Kaspersky (0-0-0-0-0-0 False Positives) / (100%-100%-100%-100% Detection)

Avira (0-0-0-0-0-0 False Positives) / (100%-99.2%-100%-99.9% Detection) -2018/kaspersky-lab-internet-security-18.0--19.0-182257/

BTW, I'm late getting back, but the offending false positive was submitted to Kaspersky and was addressedd within 48 hours, it no longer reports Zyroom's exe as infected


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