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Hallo homins

I have just released Bag App, and application that allows you to browse your personal and guild inventory items available via Ryzom API.

How it works

Application reads your inventory items using available modules in your character API key. The only required module is C04 (Inventory) but can also wotk with C05, C06 and A03. In case you are guilded and your guild has valid guild API key saved in RyGReg, you can also browse your guild hall inventory (using module G03).
System keeps items cache for each storage (bag, mount, apartment...) which expires after 10 minutes. Every time you use Bag App (or other tool or you use dynamic icons in App Zone) expiration is checked and in case the cache is outdated, system creates new.

Cache or not?

You can prevent any cache creating by omitting all or selected modules in your API key. In Customization settings you can lock updates to prevent changes until unlocked again. In your settings you can select to remove all Bag App cache data from database. You can force system to run update in Item storages overview.

Known issues

There are several minor issues you must mind using this tool:
  • API data are delayed against the server. To be sure you browse up to date inventory, wait up to 10 minutes since the last change.
  • Some API data will not update until you actually log into the game, for example removed re-sales will remain in the list before you get message from the merchant on next log in. No matter if those items are not on shelves anymore.
  • Item identification. I did research about items and materials but it is not possible to cover everything alone. There might exist items the system is not able to identify (will be displayed as "Unknown item [sitem_id]"), categrize correctly (item will have no categories) or re-count parameters correctly (pay attention to crafting parameters). Please report all troublesome items so I can fix it for next release.

Usage and installation

You can run the application IG using command /appzone 1977 from any chat window or install Bag App from App zone. All suggestions are welcome.

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