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Dear friends,

July is upon us; and to ease your Atys-ian summer adventures; I offer the following Star-tastic q220 boosted 1h mace for auction.

Having all the ingredients you have come to expect from Star-koo creations; crafted with only the best mats and having the best stats a q220 mace can offer; Max Damage, Max speed, almost Max Adv. Dodge (by a point not max); this mace will be your best companion in either PvP or PvE.

Of course perfection comes at a price: the only thing I am looking for are Izakoo Leathers; as such any bid should be done in Izakoo leathers.

Starting Bid is x20 Izakoo Leathers.

Auction starts Today and ends on 17/7 at 15:00 UTC

Ps. As always; the astounding model is not for sale!

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What are the bids to get the model to wear more clothes? My eyes are burning from the glare :P


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Your sooouuul!


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