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Good day Atys siblings, I would like to take a moment to ask for anyone who has or to ask any hunts, that if they come across or already have any Choice Name Mats (Q260/Q210 – 1st priority and then Q160/Q110) either in their possession already or within their guild, if they are interested and willing for a trade.

I already know that some toons will call me lazy but common-sense should tell anyway, that only 1 person can cover so much area at any given time, so please either do not respond if you are going to be obnoxious or feel that helping others is beneath you and for those who wish to trade, please send me an in-game mail with the items that you have and what you would like for in exchange.

Thank you and Godspeed,


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Hi Zatarga,

We just announced www.ryzomarmory.com which has a 'shop' feature to help you find merch mats on all continents.



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