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Hi all,

Does anyone have a list of the sheet id codes and what the relate to?

For example: icfahh.sitem

I know that each letter in the sheet maps to a specific value, does anyone have a list of these mappings?

Thank you.



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Try this one, think I've found all here so far

https://github.com/dominikh/ryzom/blob/master/import/data/sheetid s.html

icfahh.sitem seems to be BQ fyros helmet, "Kostom Helmet"


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Hi Jahuu,

Kostom Helmet yes. But the code also holds alot more data as each letter maps to a piece of data. But I have lost these mappings unfortunately.

i = item
c = craftable
f = fyros
a = armour
h = heavy
h = helmet

I wonder if someone still has the information?

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Maybe this one?

https://ryzomcore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/RC/pages/19365935/Nam ing+conventions+for+files


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Great thank you :)



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