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#1 [en] 

Jahuu hears Kyrean saying that the fire he makes is low temperature one, so cold that it doesnt harm the Jungle. So cold even Kami are okay with it.

Jahuu decides this needs to be examined. And so he goes and steals the campfire "I will study this", he runs so that no guard can catch him.

"It really is low temperature!" he says and puts Kyrean's Campfire into his bag, taking few hits from guards but still making it out of the city in one peace.


#2 Multilingual 

Lacuna shakes her head and wonders why Jahuu is so fascinated with a fire that burns so cold you can hold it in your hand.  What is the point of fire if you cannot use it to burn down Yrk, or at least set fire to a few Matis.'Males are weird,' she mutters.She pats Jahuu on the head; steals the dappers from his bag while he studies his new treasure, and wanders off to throw stones at Revvy.

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#3 [en] 

Star reads Lacuna's cries...

She wonders...

Where is Lacuna?

She needs some old fashioned punishment for her heretic words against the Matis..

Star searches all over atys to punish Lac, the slave-master Lac...

At last; Matis can be freed again.

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