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Laphi! Hallo! Hello! ¡Hola! Saluton! Daag ! Salut! Hei! Ciao! こんにちは! Γεια σας! Olá! Raphi! Yambo ! Привет! Bondjoû! … !oren pyr, Deles silam, Lordoy, Woha, Woren siloy, Bankün !

After a very long sleep, the N’ASA has the pleasure to invite you to its second rebirth.

The N’ASA is the research center and knowledge office of the Rangers. It was created in the spirit of sharing knowledge among all the nations or factions of Atys. It is not intended to federate the research that each atysian nation develops according to its specific interests and skills, but it is enriched, without political, financial, military and so on prejudices, by the contribution of every atysian scientist.

Because of its openness to all atysian cultures and its neutrality as a ranger institution, it was necessary to find a way of working together that suited everyone. Indeed, the N’ASA founders are coming from Avalae, Avendale, Jen lai and Thesos and are sharing the native dialect from these cities. Speaking all languages at once is difficult to manage (that's one of the reasons the N'ASA has run out of steam). Worse, homins using other dialects sometimes go to bed when others go hunting. So we thought working on a system that frees us from schedules and allows us to communicate in the languages we understand the best. And, thanks to the benevolence that the Rangers have towards the powers (Don't grind your teeth, Marauder researchers!), we were able to equip ourselves with a tool, a kind of web, which allows us to write the result of our research without constraints of time or language.
We will sometimes have short meetings, more to get to know each other and obviously try to improve this tool. We would be very happy to welcome dialect translators.

We invite you to come on - Quarta, Germinally 16, 4th AC 2598 (2018-6-12 21:00 CEST) 6 years after the first rebirth of the N'ASA. The place will be at Almati Wood, where the Rangers meet, between the Kami TP and the descent into the kitin Lair.

PS If anyone can translate this long text for DE, ES, RU... it would be fabulous :)
Kindly translated by Kyriann

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