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I decided to try to astablish my own guild it's still quite new and it currently only has four members atm. I want to create a guild where people can anjoy the game as much as possible. Where we can train together and just have fun. I didn't want to start recruiting until I felt like my crafting levels were decent anough to make whatever new players needed from me this is however a matis karavan guild so if you decide you want to join you will need to work on matis and karavan fame once your in the the guild. This isn't for my sake it's for all people withing the guild it will help you with making dappers and getting teleports all over atys if you have any question please contact me ~ Tatarus :)

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Best of luck with the new guild!


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Welcome to Atys!
Go Kara! Go Matis!
Rule the world Tatarus! Best wishes :D

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Thank you that's the plan xD

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Better plan come Marauder and forget all rest .)


From past we learn,present we live and future we make:))
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