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First off, this was a guild post I just copy/pasted. I am running a fever right now so will edit the post to tidy&clean up a bit more later when I feel better.

I DO NEED: French/German etc Moderators at the moment.
Well...that's about all I can bother typing at the moment until I feel a little better. Hoping ibuprofen will help good enough at least.

The server is is Ryzom-specific, but ALSO used as a common community for peopel from all over (and all games, communities) etc. But mainly Ryzom obviously because of the features it will entail mentioned below.

Also, if someon can edit this into the other forum languages for me that'd be sweet.

https://discord.gg/B8fhnds <- Ryzom Discord Server invite - it is NOT guild specific so you can share that link with anyone.

I will be setting up RSS/API/Ryzom Bots etc as soon as possible which means; for our guild specific channels - forum posts like #announcements for example - will automatically appear in that specific channel and so on. And then there'll be RSS feeds linked to non-guildie forum annoucements etc aswell obviously... API/Bot features will mean that you can use any in/out-ofgame app within the server by just typing a quick </command <whatever>> <Bot answers: <This and that> ---

At the moment I only have an 8-player pokemon battle bot there (which I just HAD to setup immediately when browsing public bots, haha. havn't actually played with it with anyone yet though, bet it must be sort of fun though) ---- These are just some of the many features that the server will entail/feature.

There are also voice channels. "#mature-general" for those who prefer less "chatter" like in universe that I'd have to give people specific roles/permissions to access aswell (same with guild channels obviously). So no one can spy on other guilds (except me since I'm admin, LOL)

Discord is alot more efficient than forums and rocket.chat also.... Especially with above mentioned features I will be implementing ASAP.--- Please read all "pins" as soon as you find out how to find them/check info/announcements etc to see latest developments on the server or any other announcements.

[[[ discord.gg
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
Step up your game with a modern voice & text chat app. Crystal clear voice, multiple server and channel support, mobile apps, and more. Get your free server now!]]]]

Arotikah @Arotikah 06:03
Obviously NPC hunts, season changes and so on and so on will all be automatic aswell, when I'm done. For now I have manually announced season changes etc though. I am going to try and get some sleep (food first though!) But I hope as many as possible join in on the epicness! There is a webapp aswell as desktop version (+ for phones) so you can get pinged for announcements/npc hunts/OP battles or whatever you prefer/set up for your specific needs. This is all pretty easy and I will create tutorials for those who are not experienced whatsoever with IT-related stuff.

Discord is very "noob"-friendly anyhow. It's the new "MSN"/"Skype"/"Mumble"/"IRC&am p;qu ot; etc etc all merged into one though, so to speak - so I really do recommend it. Also, the more people that join, the easier it gets for me to develop/further implement/adapt/edit/improve on the server features aswell as channel/bot/API/RSS features etc.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this and I hope to see you all there, and eventually the whole (except the players I hate) of Atys in there (although yes, even them)

//Best of luck and I greatly appreciate if you share the server to friends and foes alike. As long as I don't get flamers in there which I will just perma-ban if so, depending on if it can be resolved or not, obviously.

//Arotikah ❤
PS. I apologise for the huge spam with alot of empty messages that I noticed in-game. rocket.chat's fault. Sorry about that but please take the time to read it in any case.
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