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Game Design Team


Dear players,

We have come to a critical moment in Ryzom's development. This moment when the tools created over many months will allow us to implement many things.
In order to move forward as quickly as possible, we decided to set up a Game Design team composed, as are all of our teams, of volunteers. Here is some information:

The Game Design team designs and closely monitors the creation and implementation of gameplay content for Ryzom. It is the only one to validate or not the choices in terms of gameplay content. It will make sure that these choices are in accordance with Winch Gate's requests, the players' expectations, the CSR's concerns and in total respect with the Lore. It will regularly inform the other teams/groups of the decisions and they can comment, suggest or ask questions.

The Game Design Team imagines and designs (in a general way) but does not realize. The realization is the responsibility of Devs (client/server/primitives coding), Level Designers (specific design and scripting), Arkitectes (ARK coding) and Graphic Designers (2D/3D creation, etc.).

Do I have to be on NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and speak french or english to join the team?
NO. As all the team members won’t participate in all of the projects, NDA is not necessary. The non-NDA team members will be limited to the project with no NDA content.
It is possible to speak English or French or be able to use a translator to understand or be understood.

To join the team, is it enough to ask Tamarea?
NO. You will have to undergo an interview with Ulukyn who will validate a large quantity of necessary and mandatory knowledge, a humble state of mind, be ready to put your vision of the game aside and a willingness to bring novelty to all players.

What kind of interview is required?
During the interview several questions concerning the culture of video games and their mechanics will be asked. For example: what is a hack'n'slash game? Why are the Rogue-like so successful? What in Super Mario Kart brings fun that doesn't exist in other car games?
To these questions will be added questions on Ryzom's mechanics and practical situations. The interview may include several sessions over several days.

If I pass the interview, could I participate in the development of the project of my choice?
NOT NECESSARILY. Depending on the interview but also on the other teams, roles and groups to which you will belong, you may not be able to participate in the project of your choice. An Event Manager in charge of a nation cannot design gameplay affecting Nations (like New Horizons). A marauder player will not be allowed to participate to marauder gameplay design (although she/he may participate in its realisation)
Apart from projects that are not accessible, it is quite possible, even desirable, to join the project of your choice.

Will I be the Lead Game Designer of my project?
NO. Because there will be no “my project”, “my idea” nor “my realisation”. The Game Design Team is a single entity, even if not everybody works on the same projects. There will always be at least three Game Designers working on a project who will make decisions together. In case of disagreement, the choice will be made by a vote. In case of a tie (if an even number of Game Designers work on the project) Ulukyn's vote will count double.

How will the projects be managed, what are the different steps?
There are five steps:
  • Conception of the Gameplay: Define in a very simple and non technical way the different operations. There is no need to go into details.
  • Example: The new bosses
  • The new bosses will gradually replace those in place.
  • The new bosses won’t directly pop on Atys anymore.
  • Instead, an element of the scenery will pop randomly.
  • The player will verify by this element if the boss has popped or not.
  • When the boss is up, the player could teleport to a Powo where the boss can be found (but not only the boss).
  • The team mates of the first player which teleport, will also be allowed to teleport into the Powo, but not the other players.
  • The team will have a limited time to kill the boss.
  • The new bosses will have their own and more fun mechanisms.
  • Audit with the other teams: Propose the idea to the other teams in order to obtain opinions, suggestions, recommendations and answer questions.
  • Team Lore proposals: Lorists could propose elements for each points that will perfectly (or at least better) fit with the Lore.
    • Example: The new bosses
      • The scenery element can be the same as the Rangers tunnels. Making the connection between the tunnels discovered and the bosses using them to hide.
  • Detail each point: for each point of the design, it will be necessary to clearly define the needs in terms of items, scripts, time and people.
  • Monitor realisation, testing and implementation.


How to apply?
Send an email to AND  with the following information:
  • Last name and First name (not required if you do not wish to be under NDA);
  • Name of the main Ryzom account (this is mandatory :p );
  • General knowledge of Ryzom;
  • General knowledge of Video Games (the ones which you have played, finished, etc.);
  • Your motivation for joining the team and what you can bring;
  • Your spoken languages.


See you soon!

The future Game Design Team

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