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Sus on the underground threat!

The Empire was threatened. Kitins of the Depths tried to invade the surface, they had emerged in the Jungle and in the adjacent Forest.

As much as it was obvious that he would immediately offer all the necessary help to the Theocracy, in the case of the Kingdom this posed him a problem.
Emperor Lykos smiled for a moment thinking about the Matis suffering from this invasion. "Your enemy's enemy is your friend," on some occasions. But even the Matis didn’t deserve this… He thought back to his father, Dexton, dying in battle to help the hominity escape the kitins and to his grandfather Cerakos, sacrificing himself leading his nation to the salvation of the rainbows. Time was no longer for tearing apart but for union. Even temporarily.

How interesting it would be to apparently hold out to Stevano and offer him the help of the formidable Fyros fighters against the pallid chitinous threat! And at the same time make him beholden to the Empire! Unless he first lets the kitins weaken the Matis... then the Marauders in the Hidden Source camp...
He had to decide fast. He summoned his Council urgently.

A few hours later, a brief communiqué was posted in the cities of Empire:
Patriots, Desert inhabitants,

Kitins of the Depths are invading the Jungle and the Forest. In the past, the walls did not withstand, peoples could not stand up to the chitinous wave. Kitins don’t stop at the boundaries; they slaughter all homins without distinction. I call each of you to take arms and help out not only the Theocracy but also the Kingdom against this assault, while remaining cautious in the Forest about any reactions to our presence.
I also announce that I will support as quickly as possible the Rangers who are doing an extraordinary job to protect us from this kind of attack on a daily basis. The Empire's contribution will be increased.
Also patrol the Desert frequently! To let any of these underground invaders trample our lands is out of the question!

Be suspicious of the underground threat!

sharükos Lykos

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#2 [fr] 

Ainsi donc, l'empereur n'avait pas suivi ses conseils et avait préféré non seulement aider les zoraïs sans attendre qu'ils réclament de l'aide, mais aussi les orskos.
Azazor fulmina devant cette décision qui lui paraissait absurde. Sharükos pensait peut être que les matis allaient être reconnaissant devant sa mansuétude. Mais c'était mal connaitre ces fourbes là. C'était plutôt le genre à poignarder les amis. Alors leurs plus vieux ennemies...

Il réfléchit quelques instants. Nettoyer la jungle, soit. Mais la forêt? La source cachée, cela va sans dire, c'est un peu le désert. Mais le reste?

Et si...
Et si un "accident" arrivait? Si les matis se mettaient à agresser les fyros venus leur apporter leur aide? Ce serait une occasion inouïe de remettre en cause le traité de paix. Il sourit à l'idée. Il lui fallait "créer" cet accident. D'une manière ou d'une autre.

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