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Governor Ailan Mac’Kean put away the reports spread out on her desk, including the one from Windermeer's Deputy Mayor.  The reports were mentioning a simultaneous invasion from the Kitins of the Depths in the Verdant Heights and in the Witherings; nothing to report in the Burning Desert nor, blessed be the Winds, in Aeden Aqueous.
The Triumvirate, of which she was part, had discussed at length after contacting the leaders of the others nations and those of the Rangers and notices were already posted in the Tryker cities. One had to react promptly. Act first and call a Taliari’s assembly, later.
Citizens, Inhabitants of the Lakes

Kitins of the Depths simultaneously attempt two breakthroughs: one within the Kingdom and the other at the heart of Theocracy. I call on every inhabitant of Aeden Aqueous to go there to help the Matis and Zorai eradicate this threat.
In addition, I mandate the UFA to support our guards in the surveillance of Aeden Aqueous. There is nothing to say that the Kitins of the Depths won’t attempt a breakthrough here.

Tryka, Meer, Sella !

Governor Ailan Mac’Kean

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