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I rubbed my eyelids and sighed deeply.  The table in front of me was laden with a seemingly endless pile of freshly laundered armour that needed ironing.

It had taken what felt like the whole third week of Medis to remove the blood stains.  I looked down at my once slender hands now rubbed raw to the bone.
Now I imagine you probably remember countless times when you have let your mind wander, maybe you were in a partiuclarly boring class learning about the different uses of Visc Sap or you found yourself lost among the rhythm of your pick beating at the grounds, so much so that you failed to notice the toxic cloud engulfing you... eek!  Well for me, day dreaming happens on a weekly basis when I have to wash and iron my beloved's armour... and underpants...

A loud groan escaped me and I dropped my head into my hands focusing my eyes on the large pile of armour before me.  Maybe if i started on the drogyx skirts I might be able to fit in the hobenyx vests before lunch.  Or maybe... my eyes became glazed and I slipped into the comfort of my day dream.  A small smile appearing on my lips.


Fairhaven market was just as I rememberd it.  All manner of homins from all the cities and suburbs come together to sell and buy the offerings of Atys.

"Roll up! Roll up!... I have here for sale my husband Virg!" I bellowed among the hubbub of the market, throwing my arms dramatically in the direction of Virg who was stood in his underpants next to a Mektoub with a yellow sign strung around his neck reading FOR SALE "This is a once in a lifetime opporunitiy you dont want to miss out on!"

A few homins cocked their heads in my direction with mild curiosity.  A Trykerette was craning her neck to look over the shoulders of some Fyrosians who were checking out a caged Ocyx on sale at a nearby stall.  "Does he breathe fire on command?" The Fyrosian asked.  The answer was lost when the small Trykerette squealed loudly, "VIRG?" She elbowed her way past a looming Zorai who was also peering towards me with interest, "THE Virg O'Zin?"

"The very one and only!" I yelled loudly with a wide smile on my face, "I'll even throw in his boosted Tekorn daggers for good measure!"

Virg turned to look up at me and squealed.  "There there dear" I said to him gently "You'll only have to be gone for a day or two at most, I'm not selling you off for good... yet..."

I returned my attention to the growing crowd before me.

"He's useful for sharpening daggers and weapons, crafting helmets of all kinds, he is an excellent care-planner and he makes semi-edible baguettes.  Who would like to start the bidding?!"


I felt a soft thud on my face and the day dream vanished.

"Elvy!" Virg cried from the other side of the room, "you forgot these... you know I cant go hunting in the Prime Roots without my lucky underpants."

The red underpants slid down my face and dropped to the floor.  I started to shake with rage as my eyes narrowed menacingly towards Virg. I grabbed a dagger which was propped against the trinagular shaped Kirosta Mandible and threw it with all the force I could muster at him.

He gave a loud yelp and ducked out of its way.  "Its err..." He stammered nervously, "its ok dear... I can manage without them until tomorrow..."

"I've HAD IT!" I bellowed, "I'm not your maid! And I'm not your underpants washer! I've decided I'm moving back in with Aleeskandaro and Alassea and the Shadowalkers on the third floor!" I screamed, "AND AS FOR THESE..."

I picked up his red underpants and held them at arms length towards the fireplace.

Virg's eyes widened, "Noooooo." He pleaded, arms raised towards me.

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How'd you get them off ?

I thot they only got cleaned when he took a dip at Oflak''s Oasis ... ya know ... once a month whether he needed it or not.


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