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Delivered personally, the letter bears the official emblem of Windermeer. Upon opening the seal, a rather poor quality self-made paper reveals itself with staggering force. The handwritten kurrent, partly fractured to the point of no readability whatsoever, partly appearing carefully drawn to perfection, does not do its part with deciphering the contents.


I think it is time that we have a serious talk about our relationship.
Let me clarify a few things to start with though. First, never question my undying loyalty to the Federation, not now nor ever again. Second, you are, by our virtues, no different than any other Tryker and in valuing equality I will address you like any Tryker next to me, despite your position.
Now that we got this out of the way, we shall continue to the point.

As you may have figured out by yourself, I am a bit on the edge at the moment for the way the last two assemblies gone, especially with your hasty acknowledgement of the Drakani request regarding a federal Outpost. With the whole assembly in denial of the dangers by your encouragement of this, especially with the words spoken by those requesting this status for their Outpost concering the joint dismissal of homins that dare to oppose their holdings, it was inevitably clear that there had to be something done about it.
The rebuke I received from you for speaking up on a Taliari gathering, although I am mayor of Windermeer, did not favour my next endeavours to be kept to myself. Do not fool yourself here, as for I will do whatever necessary to protect Aeden Aqueous and should that mean that I will have to put a knife in your back to make you listen, then so be it. I rather face banishment than stand by and watch you or any other homin ruin what we so devotedly built.

One last thing. Contrary to my statements at the last assembly, I will retain positions as mayor of Windermeer as well as Taliar and continue to request the position of ambassador to His Royal Highness Verdant Heights.

Should you felt blackmailed by my words, let me assure you this was not my intention.
I expect us to work together from now on.

By Jenas name and for her glory,
Nejra Mayuri Arya Korjenic

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This time the letter is delivered by a typically lakelands coloured Izam, bearing again the official emblem of Windermeer. Opening reveals a hastily written note in nearly unreadable handwriting.


Whatever previous issues were discussed at the assemblies are of no relevance anymore, the Kitins made their way up again from the depths.
There are reports of them from the Verdant Heights as well as the Witherings, all of which I can confirm first hand. So far there is no sighting of them in our beloved Aeden Aqueous but this might have already changed by the time you receive this letter. We have reports of their tunnels and rudimentary camps being destroyed in Loria though.
The watchers are informed.
I will rally the guards of Windermeer as well as arming every Tryker I come across. Starting the coming week, Windermeer will begin training every homin capable of holding a sword. We should also immediately call an assembly to discuss the Federations next steps and set up proper defense perimeters.

By Jenas name and for her glory,
Nejra Mayuri Arya Korjenic

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