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Date: monday, february 5th, 20:00 UTC (21:00 CET)
Meeting place: Atys, on Ryzomforge channel (/channel ryzomforge). Players are welcome to gather on Fairhaven Beach.

Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join
Nature: informative meeting
Topic: presentation of Ryzom Roadmap 2018

--> Introduction
--> Where to consult the roadmap
--> How to read the roadmap
--> Roadmap content
      --> Player features
      --> Internal features
      --> Maintenance
--> Conclusion

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Will the roadmap also be published in the forums for those of use for whom that time of day is difficult?


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Will the roadmap also be published in the forums for those of use for whom that time of day is difficult?

I assume this, but while it will be on IG channel, you should be able to join the channel and later read the channel history on RC.

I have better question: Will we meet IG? :D

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@Bitttymacod: the history shows that meeting reports are posted on the forum few days after it took place. So, we can assume that it will be available here or in a dedicated place.

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The meeting report will be published on the forum.


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Presentation of the roadmap


The 2018 roadmap aims both to offer you, the players, as many new features as possible and more technical resources to Ryzom team members, without neglecting essential maintenance.
The ambitions set out in this roadmap are made possible by an increase in our human and technical resources, as well as by the reorganization of our teams (currently 36 active NDA members) and tools, carried out last year.

Where to consult the roadmap?

It can be consulted publicly out of game by clicking on "Roadmap 2018" on the WebIG homepage ( ).

How to read the roadmap?

It is divided into three parts:

- Players features (Content for players)
- Internal features (Tools and functions for internal use)
- Maintenance

It has 5 columns showing the progress of each task:

- Backlog (Waiting)
- Ready
- Work in progress
- Testing
- Done

Each task corresponds to a project. It shows the following information:

- The project description
- The % of work already done
- The category: Boss, Events, Gameplay, Mission, Rite...

Let us now look at the content of the roadmap.

Player features

The current game system doesn't handle the rewards of events (scripted or animated), with rewards in very limited number and often unsuitable in kind and quantity. That's why we will be working on both overhauling the event reward system and renewing the rewards themselves:

- Addition of a Random reward tool
- Addition of a reward buying tool (IG currency)
- Addition of new rewards

At the same time, we will complete the projects already underway in 2017. Some will bring new permanent content.

- Addition of Ranger Rite
- Opening of Silan from Mainland
- [Fyros events] Academy Congress
- [Fyros event] Thesos Defence Towers
- Opening of Pocket Worlds Creator to players

To build on our momentum, other new permanent content projects will be launched, with a goal to be completed this year.

- Addition of a gooified Cratcha Boss
- Addition of the Matis light Marauder Boss
- OOC marauder event “The mysterious four”
- [Mission] Addition of “Keeping the fires on at the gates of Pyr”
- Addition of Collection achievements
- Addition of Kitin dynamic invasions
- [Missions] Addition of Marauder missions
- [Missions] Addition of missions designed by Ryzom Forge

Concerning the events played, we will concentrate on a single sequence of events:"Purple Gubani". This guideline will give birth to events in all nations and factions.

- [RP events] “Purple Gubani”

And finally, to better prepare for the future by including players in future choices, a new voting system for "Player Ideas" will be put in place on the Ryzom forum.

- Addition on forums of a new vote system

Let's now talk about the additions that will be useful to the Ryzom teams.

Internal features

Three important additions will greatly increase our technical possibilities when preparing the event mobs and NPCs.

- Add new resistances overload
- Add new item stats overload
- Add new loot overload

An essential step to making 3D additions to the ground useful: the dev team will work on collisions, so that the characters can climb / walk on them.

- Collision improvement


Maintenance, which was neglected in 2017 due to a lack of human resources, will again be carried out regularly.

- Exploit & bug fixes
- Ingame text update & fix
- Ticket improvement system
- Update of the Code of Conduct
- Marauder gameplay fix & improvement (Note that this project is at the junction between Player features and Maintenance.


Of course, this roadmap is ambitious, but we have the human and technical resources to carry it out over the year.
2018 should therefore prove to be very rich in Ryzommian new features!

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Questions & Answers

Q: You were speaking about a Ranger’s rite. What about teleport in Prime Roots?
A: Rangers will have access to Prime Roots when they will have done the rite.

Q: I read your board (Scrum-like^^). 'Testing' is better than 'Ready'!!! That is true?
A: Yes, "testing" is better than "ready". "Ready means the project is ready to be worked on.

Q: What do you call “addition of cities dynamic events”?
A: At times, some of the city's NPCs will leave their posts and start talking to their entourage. They will offer you during x times some small missions never before seen. These missions will give you Atys Points to get rewards. These Points can either be used in the new version of the Wheel to try to win a jackpot, or saved to "buy" directly the desired reward.
Imagine Ba'Naer quitting his bar to go talking to another NPC, then asking you for some help!
Q: This will be at the choice of an anim for an event or it will be scripted?
A: They will be scripted.

Q : Same for the kitin invasions ?
Kitin dynamic invasions will be scripted. It will allow us to add regular and automatic kitin invasions whose size and duration will depend upon the players' actions.

Q : “Code of Conduct Update” ? What's that supposed to mean ?
A: Ryzom Code of Conduct is old and needs to be updated: As soon as the translations have been finished, it will be published (90% completed).

Q: What will be the consequences of the collision amelioration ?
A: You will be able to climb, sit down and walk on the new graphic creations. For example, on the defence towers of Thesos, on a podium for the Atys Games, etc.
Q : To sit down on the tryker seats? (In apartments?)
A: No, on "new" graphic creations only.

Q: Any plans of making Marauder type of OP/ OP mats ?
A: It's scheduled in "Marauder gameplay" project. So yes.

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Update of "Questions & Anwers" is done!


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