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The person behind this tabletop rpg project is already active in the Lore Team. He is not a developer of the game. So his time wouldn't have been spent on development. Working on a tabletop rpg is a good continuation of the lorist work: it will use the existing lore and extend it.
It is NOT a marketing project too, it's a tabletop rpg that a passionate is making and wants to share it with the community.

Then it should have been posted about in here: YOUR CREATIONS & GUIDES


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Ryzom Forge meeting (December 6th 2021)

Date: monday, December 6th, 20:30 UTC (21:30 CET)

Meeting places:
  • Atys, on the public forge channel
  • Ryzom Chat, channel #pub-forge-xx (ex

Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.

Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
  • Update on recent crashes
  • Feedback on the Client's beta tests
  • Feedback on Boss refactoring
  • Progress on OP refactoring (GvG)

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Ryzom Forge meeting report – December 6, 2021

1 - Report about recent crashes

Ulukyn (RT) – 20:36 UTC
Let's talk a little about the recent server problems, there have been several.
The first problem, the most critical, was quite particular and could crash any Ryzom service. Indeed, a Ryzom server is composed of many services which manage an aspect of the game: the EGS which manages the entities (NPC, creatures, actions, etc...), the IOS manages texts and chats and other smaller services but whose role is also important. Now, the bug could occur in one of these services and up to 2-3 times a day, which depending on the service that crashed could cause chain reactions (and therefore a server that crashes completely). The reason of the crash is a bit technical (I could give more details if needed) but a fix was applied and since then none of the services crashed because of this bug.
Another bug has finally been fixed. This is one of the oldest known bugs in the game. We suspected that it came from the missions and we had a hunch that it only happened with characters returning to the game after a long absence. We were able to investigate this bug because we unintentionally caused it by moving occupations into Kitins' Lair. This maneuver, in fact, unknowingly caused the aliases (identification numbers saved in the character's file kept by the server) of the missions concerned to change. Now, if a mission changes aliases and a player has kept the old alias in the character's save file on his own machine, the server will crash as soon as the character in question is loaded. This is because aliases were not originally designed to be changeable... no one anticipated that some missions would be moved from one continent to another. Finally, this diagnosis made it easier to find and fix the bug and the unfortunate player who was crashing the server every time he tried to log was finally able to join Atys without a hitch.
A third bug has been identified in the IOS, which occurs quite rarely. We made the hypothesis that it occurred when a message was sent by the server on a dynamic chat channel, at the same time as one of the players disconnected and added several checks to avoid this conjunction. For the moment, no new crashes have been reported. We keep an eye on it though.
Finally, the last bugs (which cause slowdowns and huge delays in sending messages) occur when the SU crashes (SU = Shard Unifier, a service especially useful when several servers are running - like Aniro, Arispotle and Leanon - or when Ring sessions are active). We have already fixed one of them, the fixing of another is in progress. We will strengthen the part of SU code that handles database writing.
That's it for the information about the recent crashes. Are there any questions?

Q: Is this one of those bugs that was causing the chat channels to mix? And does that mean that this mixing will not happen anymore?
Yes, the first one described above. And no, the channel mixing will not happen anymore..

2 - Feedback on the Client's beta tests

Ulukyn (RT) – 21:02 UTC
See forum.
We need as much feedback as possible, because the timing of the next patch depends on it: the sooner we validate the beta client, the sooner we will patch the new features.
So, are there people who have been able to play with the beta client regularly?

Q: Is the "beta client" the RyZtart launcher?
No, RyZtart simply allows you to activate the game in beta mode on the Atys server (and not on one of the test servers). This allows you to test the next client patch "in real conditions". It is recommended, however, to backup the save/ directory before testing.

Q: For me, the titles don't work, and neither does the sound.
The titles are being totally recoded in a simpler and more modern interface. They will be compatible with the new client in the next patch. As for the sound, fixing is in progress: we will contact you if needed.

Q: Your recommendation to backup save/ beforehand is what made me recoil so far. Do we really need to backup save/ before every beta game session?
Actually, one should always save, but it's more of a precaution than anything else. For the moment the only bug that has caused problems is the unexpected resetting of the UI that occurs when switching frequently between normal and beta client: without backup, the player is then forced to reposition to his taste all windows. But so far, no problems with macros, landmark pennants or others, just a bug reported regarding friends groups which is currently being checked (we will let you know if it is confirmed).
That said, if RyZtart automatically created a zip of the save/ folder each time beta mode was activated/deactivated, it would probably help to have more testers….

Q: The RyZtart launcher should also just be more promoted (a lot of players don't read forum announcements). A once per day reminder in Universe channel, like ''Please check out RyZtart and the beta client'', maybe?
We will think about it.

3 - Feedback on Boss refactoring

Ulukyn (RT) – 21:23 UTC
See forum.
What are your feedbacks, especially about the new algorithm of spawn of Bosses?
We would like, indeed, to know if its activation in all regions of Atys is now possible or if it still needs some adjustments.

Q: Some say that no Boss spawns in the Savage Dunes anymore. What about this?
We haven't spotted any bug so far, at least by looking at the logs.
(three minutes pass in silence…)
No other remarks… So we can expect a switch to the new system soon. This will allow us to move on to new stages of the project.

4 - Progress on OP refactoring (GvG)

Ulukyn & Tykus (RT) – 21:30 UTC
The project is pretty well advanced.
We are running the last alpha tests and the tests on the test servers (Yubo & Gingo) should start soon. At the moment they are focusing on new GvG outposts in zones 50 and will allow us to determine if the NPC setting is good (it is at its minimum, but fighting a guild and NPCs simultaneously can be a bit of a challenge).
During this GvG test, we will move forward with the rest of the project. Some of the changes that are already ready, such as reducing the duration of battles to 1 hour and lowering the cost of attacks, could be implemented quickly. The rotation of materials and the taking of outposts by hostile NPC tribes would then come in a later phase of project development.
We agreed to give the project a boost over the next two months.

Q: Will, as for a classic attack, the attacking NPCs have to fight the NPCs of the attacked outpost too?

Q: Will, eventually, ALL outpost battles have to be fought in GvG only?
Not at all. Battles will remain as they are now, we will simply add a GvG attack option, which will be limited in its use. Also, battles for outposts in the Nexus will remain in GvE. This means that outposts will offer a wider range of possibilities.

Q1: Isn't it feared that some of these changes will make it difficult for our guild to retain the many outposts it owns for several years?
Q2: Our guild owned a level 200 outpost for a few weeks and Q250 mats have been produced… in very low amounts. For lower level OPs, it will be worse and even less attractive, I think. So will there be any change in the production of the outposts? For example, better quality materials for a level 50 OP?
Yes, this is planned. The production rates will not be the same at all, but a 50 OP will be able to produce Q250 mats (in smaller quantities than a 250 OP of course). And a 250 OP could also end up producing only Q50 mats (a depleted mining seam). This means that (and to answer the first question) retain an outpost will not be as interesting as it is now: it will be much more profitable to change for another.

Q: Isn't it feared that, in the long run, only the richests can afford it? That, in the long run, many OPs will never be attacked, thus left in the possession of NPCs useless to the life of the game?
As said above, the cost of conquest of outposts will be drastically reduced and, moreover, it will be variable depending on the mode of conquest (GvE, GVG or FvF).

Q: Will there be other productions than the current ones on these new outposts, which would make their possession more interesting?
Yes, but the working group in charge of the project confirms its original intention: these new productions adding value to the ownership of the outposts will only be implemented once the overhaul of the battle mechanics is completed. This will allow everyone to benefit, regardless of their preferred type of PvP and the effort they are able to put in.

The meeting is closed at 22:17 UTC

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Against the CoC, see:

Slander or rumour about a Ryzom Team member or Winch Gate

(Major/Minor offence: depending on the degree, the Support Team will decide on each case)
Spreading rumours, false accusations or lies against a member of the Ryzom Team or against Winch Gate, in order to harm them or their reputation or honour, is strictly prohibited.The Support team reserves the right to make appropriate decisions based on the seriousness of the facts.

Lol. What a load of bullshit. No criticism of Winch Gate allowed? You're not gonna keep much goodwill from volunteers, open source contributers, and other community projects, with this attitude.

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Ryzom Forge meeting (January 3th 2022)

Date: monday, January 3th, 20:30 UTC (21:30 CET)

Meeting places:
  • Atys, on the public forge channel

Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.

Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
  • Update on dev tools
  • January patches presentation
  • Silan refactoring
  • Boss refactoring
  • OP refactoring

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Ryzom Forge meeting report –January 3, 2022

1 - Report on dev tools

Ulukyn (RT) – 20:38 UTC
I'm going to come back to the year 2021, which has been the year of consolidation if you will.

We have indeed updated quite a few things, on the one hand the servers, the webIG and the client code (with the merging of the code of Ryzom Core 4), but also the compilation process which is now based on Visual C++ 2019 for Windows. In addition a tool, Hunter, has been implemented by Nimetu (RT) to compile the whole more easily.

Beyond the tools, the past year has also seen the developer team update its way of working: we now use gitlab more for bugs, communication and patch management and we are very satisfied with it... Wondering why we didn't do it earlier! There is one last thing to do: joining our server and data client repositories with the ryzom-core repository, so that the development process will be even easier.

We have also worked on enriching our collection of generic or model-based systems.This is the case, for example, of the "shops" which are increasingly (and will be in the future massively) used to make items or services available in game (for example, purchases in Elyps, whether from Nations merchants, grooms or Allegory carvers NPCs). This is also the case for the Lessons, which are the basis of the information transmitted to players in-game, as well as for the Encyclopedia window (ctrl+E), which includes the Daily Missions, the Storyline, the future tutorial and, recently, the titles, all of which are (or will be) based on the same model.

As a result, we have (and will have) fewer systems to maintain, thus fewer bugs, and we will be able to concentrate our efforts on three main tasks. Namely:
• completion of the three refactoring projects (Silan, Bosses, Outposts) ;
• Storyline's ongoing and the addition of content that has yet to be completed (e.g. Supreme Tokens);
• bugs' fixing and improvement of the client (by the way, the year 2022 will start with a patch – currently in test – illustrating this point).

2 - January patches presentation

Ariald (RT) – 20:58 UTC
As Ulukyn mentioned, one of our goals for 2022 is to improve the player experience through fixing bugs or bettering the client. The first patch of January will do exactly this.

The first change we made was to the system for trading between player characters. More generally, we've tried to improve the process of item trading, because it's not the best at the moment. In addition to changing and simplifying the layout of the trade window, we added two more slots for items. It was mainly the exchanges of jewel sets that led us to this last change.

Another change we've made to the player trade window is the ability to drag and drop items into the window from all of your inventories. This way, if you want to trade items carried by your Zig, you won't have to transfer them to your bag first, thus interrupting the trade to complete it later. Note: In order not to clutter up the item selection window, this one won't show you items from other inventories and this function will only operate by drag and drop.

The final change to the trade window presented to each player is the addition of item bulk and weight indicators. In fact, a small indicator (similar to the one in the upper right corner of your inventories) will be displayed next to both offers, which will show the weight and bulk of the items given and received. All this in the hope of making the exchanges a little more fluid.

Then, stacking of items. Anyone who has fought in PvP knows what it feels like to have an inventory cluttered with crystallized spells. From now on, crystallized spells of the same stanza (or identical stanza) will automatically stack in the inventory where they are stored. As the same clutter currently occurs in the bag of working crafters, identical items produced will now automatically stack in the inventory.

Any questions so far?

Q: Will it be possible to choose the inventory where the traded items end up? For example, to transfer a full stack of materials carried by my packer to the packer of my exchanging partner?
Currently that is not possible, but I will keep it in mind.

Q: The "true" Rangers do not allow themselves PvP. Why, then, is there a merchant in Almati Wood who is paid in PvP points? (On the other hand, keeping the possibility of acquiring the robe and the shield would be nice).
[iThis is a question we are evaluating, I agree with you that it is not ideal. The patch will not change that however.[/i]

Q: Maybe we could turn these PvP points into "PvK" points that could be earned by repelling kitin invasions?
Maybe, yes. I take note.

Ariald (RT) – 21:27 UTC
Let's move on to fixes.
I have to say that this patch is quite big, so I'm leaving out some small details. You'll get the surprise when the patchnote will be released!

We have a lot of fixes in this patch, especially concerning the Zigs:
• fix of the bug that gave them the wrong status when they were hosted in bags;
• addition of their inventories as tabs in the commercial windows of merchant NPCs;
• addition of the ability to transfer items directly from their inventory to your apartment's and guild hall's inventory;
• fixed the malfunction of locking/unlocking items in their inventory.

By the way, the lock status of items will now be displayed in your apartment and guild hall inventory.

Any questions?

Q: Will we still be able to store large numbers of sap crystals on the Zigs?
Yes, that does not change.

Q: What about the bug that makes the inventory window of a Zig vanish when you take it out of your bag (it happens sometimes when the bag exit is activated by macro)?
Interesting. I was not aware of this bug. I will investigate and maybe get in touch with you later so we can set this up on gitlab.

Q: Does the addition of Zigs to the trade windows of merchant NPCs mean that we will now be able to buy them?
Ah, maybe I hasn't been clear… Here's a screenshot, maybe you will understand better.
See, Zig 1 appears as a tab now in the window. So I can trade items which are on my Zig, just like as I already do for those which are on my packer or in my bag.

Q: How many Zigs can a character have, at most?
Currently, 3. And this won't change with the patch.

Q: Couldn't we make the Q50 pants and vest won while playing Wheel of Fortune available to low-level players... through player-to-player exchanges? To achieve that, wouldn't it be enough to have these items stored in our "non-special" bag?
Currently, the refugee armor you get from playing the Wheel is not tradeable... We're thinking about it, but for now I don't have an answer.

Q (Ariald): Okay, if there is nothing else, this summarizes the first patch of January. Ulukyn, do you want to take over briefly to talk about the second one?
A (Ulukyn):
Yes, quickly... The second patch will be for the refactorings, then. They will be patched in January, or in February if everything is not fully tested by then. So I'll make a review.

3 - Silan refactoring

Ulukyn (RT) – 21:51 UTC
I redesigned the tutorial after several opinions from the first testers, and it is now more intuitive and interactive. The feedback about the first two lessons is quite positive. So I'm going to continue and I hope it will really help new players to get their bearings.

I take this opportunity to remind you that the test team is recruiting. So, if you want to test either the patch implementing the additions to the client, or the first lessons of the tutorial, you are welcome.

Q: I can spend some time on the test of the first lessons of the tutorial. How do I sign up?
Just contact Tamarea.

4 - Boss refactoring

Ulukyn (RT) – 22:01 UTC
Boss refactoring will soon be applied all over Atys Atys. However, the work is bound to continue, though we haven't yet determined exactly what we'll be working on. But we'd love to make hunting for Bosses a most funny activity on Ryzom.

One of the ideas that has come up among us, so that players can escape routine and their tactical skills can flourish, is the one of providing each of the current Bosses their own defense mechanics. That's the idea which originated this refactoring project… and gave it its first name: "Boss in the Box".

If you have other ideas, please feel free to post them in the forum under the meeting report.

Any questions ?

Q: "I love you." is the only sentence I can say in a language other than French... Would it be possible for all the faction channels to benefit from automatic translation?
The question is off-topic, but it comes up often enough for us to seriously consider it. However, I cannot give a date for the implementation of this improvement because we need to focus on a small number of projects to be effective.

5 - OP refactoring

Ulukyn (RT) – 22:17 UTC
We have been able to make progress on GvG, but its introduction seems interesting only if accompanied by the planned changes on all Outposts.

That's why we are planning to make several changes at the same time. Namely:
• reducing the duration of battles to one hour (already tested in Nexus);
• rotation of raw materials produced by each outpost every N days (to be determined), via server reboot;
• suppression of the production of Q50 and Q100 materials;
• addition of four outposts in level 50 regions for testing GvG battles.

After that, another patch will implement the last changes, as the project is well advanced thanks to the full-scale tests on the Atys server.

Any questions?

Q: As a result of these changes, Rangers will thus be able to own outposts?
Rangers may already own outposts, but they do not have a generic drill to exploit them. (An off-topic debate ensues between several of the players present, about the Ranger Way).

After a cheerful exchange of congratulations between the RT speakers and the participants, the meeting is closed at 23:00 UTC.

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Ryzom Forge meeting (February 7th 2022)

Date: monday, February 7th, 20:30 UTC (21:30 CET)

Meeting places:
  • Atys, on the public forge channel
  • Ryzom Chat, channel #pub-forge-xx (ex

Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.

Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.

Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
  • Next content patch
    • Rywards store
    • RyzHome
    • Wheel of Fortune
    • Ephemeral Enchantments
    • Storyline Content

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***DEL*** irrelevant.

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***DEL*** irrelevant.

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Ryzom Forge meeting report – 07 February 2022

So I'm going to talk about the Rywards store which will replace Rykea and the Ryzhome section of the special bag (there are some Ry xD).
Here is a screenshot : 207%20f%C3%A9vrier%202022%2021%2043%281%29.png.
So it is a new page in the shift + E window.
There will be at the same time a list of apartment items classified according to the categories already known via the titles but also collections to complete.
Each completed collection gives rise to a unique reward (always from an apartment).
There will also be the list of items already obtained with a 3D preview.
And information about the number of items in our possession (so duplicates) and how many are in the apartment.

Q : Are the names of these items final ? I mean ... The ones I see there seem to have been drawn at random from the alphabet.

A : It is the case.
Items have no names (not yet).
So I went to a very famous swedish store, I saw that their names meant nothing.
I said to myself : let's do the same.

Q : At this rate, you will soon have to allow us to buy more than one apartment or buy apartment extensions.

A : Ah yes, I note.
The other particularity of the store is that you will be able to know what you need to get each item.
Sometimes (as on the screenshot) they will only be available in gain via the wheel.
Sometimes as a special event.
And other times it will be indicated which type of ticket is necessary.
Rywards tickets being the most common and generic, they will allow you to buy many items, especially those of other nations.
With sometimes different colors or textures.
Finally, if you have duplicates, you will be able to convert them into Rywards tickets and thus buy items of your choice.
Thus, getting duplicates at the wheel, allows you to convert them into Rywards tickets which then allows you to buy items.
Later on, other rewards will be added to the store.
Such as wigs, outfits or other purely aesthetic items.
We are following different tracks to add cool cosmetic things, like new afk FX, animations, etc ...
Are there any questions, suggestions, remarks ?

Q : Will these changes fix apartments where items can't be removed once placed ?

A : Yes.
This is the next topic.

Q : Will the collisions in the apartments be removed ? Since the furniture is not necessarily placed where it is intended.

A : Yes.
We have to thank Kaetemi who did a great work on the tools to allow to remove them easily.
Let's go to the next part which concerns Ryzhome and therefore the apartments.
And I will be able to give the proposal of addition.
The idea is to be able to make apartment configurations.
And thus to be able to have several item configurations and to choose the one you want to display.
For example a configuration could contain all the Christmas items.
Another one of Anlor Winn's.

Q : A bit like the groups for outfits and jewelry ?

R : Yes, that's exactly it.
It would be easy to switch from one to the other and guest players would be able to browse the different configurations.
A particular configuration named "Common" will contain items that will be displayed regardless of the configuration chosen.
Thus, there could be the bed, the furniture, a painting in the "Common" configuration and whatever the configuration displayed, the bed, the furniture and the painting will always be displayed.

Q : Are you satisfied with the proposal ?

A : Thanks to ask me the question Ulukyn.
I admit that this could indeed solve the problem of overloading.
But ... Having a virtual apartment ... It will end up confusing me ... But it's personal.

Q : Will this decoration also be selectable by the guests or will only the configuration chosen by the owner be displayed for the guest ?

A : It will be optional.
The owner will select a configuration.
Then will be able to allow visitors to see other collections (via a checkbox for each configuration).
So we won't be able to know if you have a configuration with voodoo dolls of Atys players, be reassured.
Finally it will be possible to give items to your guild for the decoration of the guild hall.
And thus ... You will have to fill.
Any questions ?
If no questions, let's move on.
But first, a little clarification, it will also be possible with Rywards Tickets to buy supreme tokens for the wheel.
This is quite timely as they will be added soon.
The tokens will allow to win a reward for sure, but obviously, some will be rarer than others.
But the supreme tokens can also be used to buy Rywards tickets, thus making a cycle.
You will then have the choice between playing supreme tokens on the wheel and winning a sure reward, but not necessarily the one you want.
Or convert the tokens into a Ryward ticket and offer you a reward of your choice.
Thus the rewards will no longer be systematically pure chance.
Moreover, in the same way as the apartment items, the duplicates of the items won in the wheel can be converted.
So pieces of zig or mount, wigs, etc ... Do not throw them away, recycle, it's good for Atys !
If you have gift ideas, we are always happy to receive suggestions.
And if you do a little 3D with blender, we can help you to integrate items in the game (under CC-by-SA license with credits to your name or username if you wish).
Any questions ?

And if no question, we move on.
We have just talked about aesthetic rewards, we also have planned more gameplay content.
Starting with the ephemeral enchantments.
These are enchanted spells that can only be obtained from NPCs or buildings.
They can be stacked and will take the same space as the current ones.
When a weapon is enchanted with an ephemeral enchantment, the weapon is fully charged with sap.
And can no longer be recharged.
With each use of the ephemeral enchantment, the charge in sap will decrease without being able to be recharged.
Once the weapon's charge is insufficient to use the enchantment, it disappears.
Thus, let's take the example of an ephemeral enchantment that consumes 300 of sap.
It is applied on a weapon that can have a maximum of 1000 of sap.
The weapon is fully recharged, so at 1000.
You can then use the enchantment 3 times.
There is then only 100 of sap left, the enchantment disappears.
The 100 of sap remain.

Q : Are these ephemeral enchantments new spells ?

A : They are not necessarily spells (I wasn't finished).
I will continue and you will tell me if it is clear.
Ephemeral enchantments will be either passive or active.
Active, it will be necessary to throw them as the current enchantments and will consume of the sap load with each use.
These are not necessarily only spells that we know, but it can also be a mini aura, an area effect, there is no real technical limitation.
Passive, they will activate themselves each time the weapon is used, like the effects of Tekorn or Vedice.
Moreover, an ephemeral enchantment will temporarily replace the effect of the weapon.
The temporary effects of their operation can be very powerful (but very expensive in sap load and thus limited in their use).
Moreover, the more powerful they are, the harder they will be to obtain.

Q : So clearly they act as artifacts.
But are limited by the power of the weapon they are attached to.

A : You could think of it as a oil made of sap that you put on your weapon.
And after a while it doesn't work anymore.
But then it can be really, really powerful.

Q : And last only two times for example.

A : That's it.
It is thus according to the situations that you will prefer either to use a less powerful enchantment or the OP effect of your weapon.

Q : I wanted to ask : what if the power of the ephemeral enchantment is higher than the amount of sap of the weapon ?
Let's imagine an "EE" of 2000 sap on a sword that has only 1500 sap load.

A : In this case it does not apply.
But you don't lose anything.

Q : Will the use of this ephemeral be conditioned by the addition of an option in the action bricks ? Example to make a powerful attack + ephemeral bonus ?

A : No, we will keep it simple.
But it is not impossible that some ephemeral enchantments are only applicable with a certain stanza (nothing planned, just a technical possibility).
As it will surely require juggling between several enchantments.
Ariald is going to present us an addition he is working on.
Currently, consuming items can be quite frustrating.
I am thinking in particular of the switch of enchantments or the constant sap recharge in PvP.
In short, it hurts the hand.
We have evaluated several suggestions to solve the problem.
Today, I present the solution that we consider to be optimal.
The item bar.
Basically, it's a new inventory consisting of 5 slots.
You can put consumable items, such as potions, larvae, etc.
As well as sap recharges or enchantments.
The slots will be displayed in the current equipment window and in its own window (if you want to display it).
There will be configurable keyboard shortcuts for each slot of the bar (to consume/use the item) and the item bar will be integrated with the current item group system.
Here is a screenshot of the draft I am working on. 20February%207%2C%202022%205%2004%20PM%281%29.png
I took the opportunity to rearrange and center the equipment window.
This one gives you even more information. 20February%207%2C%202022%205%2006%20PM%281%29.png
(Note that in the second screenshot, the equipment window is not up to date).
I think I have done the tour, are there any questions ?

Q : So I can see that it is a project that has been carefully thought out, but at the moment I don't see how it will change anything in the recharging of crystals for example.
Don't take it the wrong way, I just don't understand how it will change anything.

A : I forgot one important element. We can make a macro to use a given slot of the bar.
So it will be easier than clicking, you can configure the macro as you wish.

Q : So ... That I understand : this new shortcut bar will allow to assign any item to it ? Does that mean I can assign sap crystals and hence then automatize use of those ?

A : Be careful, the bar will only accept "usable" items. But yes, in your example it would work.

Q : The ammunition too ?

A : About ammunition ... I don't have an answer yet.

Q : Hello ... Would this show as 'Action Bar 3' in windows ?
'Actions and Inventory' ?

A : No, like "Item bar".

Q : Instead of "Item bar", couldn't this bar be called "Pockets" for example ?
Q : Belt ?

A : "Item belt", "Pockets", I like it.

Q : And maybe the number of slots vary according to the armor worn (like 5 for an LA, 3 for HA ...) to be in a logic ?

A : Sounds complicated. A static number will be better I think.

Q : User of crystals and eggs of all kinds, I have already noticed crashes related to the rate of use of these "Items" leading to a complete freeze of their use.

A : If you find "reproducible" crashes related to eggs or other issues, feel free to open a ticket with support or a GitLab issue so that we can investigate and fix.
Well, I think we've seen it all, I pass again to Ulukyn.

Q : When ?

A : Soon.

Q : It's semi-reproducable that one can grey-out a thing if the timing with server communication fails ... Hard to reproduce as it's a concurrency thing.
And then it only can be re-activated by re-login or death.

A : I note.
Let Ulukyn go on.
Let's move on to the last topic.
Before the real last topic.
The storyline will resume its course and also bring new gameplay.
In terms of high level content, as it is the storyline I do not tell more.
But it will be necessary to hurry to have the best components for the best ephemeral enchantments.
And also fill ours pockets with combat potions that do not require you to sit down.
In short, the next patches will be mostly focused on content as you can see.
They will be spread out over the next few weeks and to make it easier for us.
Don't forget the ideas section, which we will try to keep updated and if you want to help, well,
Tamarea will tell you how.
Yes, indeed I will talk about recruitment !
Specifically for the Event, Support and Translation teams.
Event team :
We are looking for volunteers who want to help write event scripts, or who want to become actors by playing a character in the events we play.
The training is assured, and the entry in the acting is done very gradually to leave time to the recruit to take its marks.
Join us to benefit from this unique experience !
To apply, contact Tamarea exclusively at
Support team :
We are also looking for volunteers to join the support team to help players in various ways :
- Computer support : help to make the game work properly on Windows, Linux or Mac;
- Technical support : answering questions about the client's use and gameplay issues;
- Bug handling : help players facing a bug, check the bugs reported by the ticket system and then forward them to the Development team;
- Role of tester on the test server;
- Ensures that the rules of the game are respected;
- Moderation of discussion channels, forums and any other media used by Ryzom.
To learn more, please see this post : #2.
To apply, contact Tamarea exclusively at
Translation Team :
Finally, we are looking for volunteers to translate in-game texts and official announcements into English, German, Spanish, Russian, French, and to proofread texts in
these five languages.
To apply, contact Tamarea exclusively at
If you have any questions about recruitment, you can also contact me on chat.ryzom, I will be happy to answer them !
That was the last topic for today !
Thanks to all, and good game on Atys !

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#266 Multilingual 

Multilingual | [English] | Français
See : .

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Ryzom Forge meeting (March 7th 2022)

Date: monday, March 7th, 20:30 UTC (21:30 CET)

Meeting places:
  • Atys, on the public forge channel
  • Ryzom Chat, channel #pub-forge-xx (ex

Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.

Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.

Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
  • Patch on March, 7th
  • OP refactoring
  • Recruitment

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Ryzom Forge meeting report – 07 March 2022

Indeed, it was long the arrival of these tokens !
And yes, there is some scam as in all wheels !
Nevertheless, we hope that the arrival of new outfits and weapons has whetted your appetite !
Because the goal is obviously to be able to continue to add more, and to the wheel, but also in other types of gameplay.
For those who didn't see it (I forgot to put it up in the patch note) but the NPC next to the wheel offers you to exchange your gifts for tickets.
And the tickets for supreme tokens. So, if you have too many wigs, no worries, he'll be happy to take them back.
Are there any questions ?

Q : Will we also be able to win plans to make the new outfits ? To combine style and craftsmanship.

A : It was just whispered in my ear.
So, all the outfits that we add have all a creation plan.
It is systematic.
So about the amount of material, it's pretty random, after all, who knows how it was made ?
So if we were to add new outfits to the wheel to replace the old ones, it would be possible to make the plans available through a challenge.
Any other questions ?

Q : Is there a list of gifts that can be exchanged for tickets somewhere ?

A : 2 secondes, I send a screenshot. 207%20mars%202022%2021%2045.png
So there are : plushies, underwear, refugee outfits, wigs and tattoos.
Others may be added such as pieces of zig / mount.
As well as the exchange of tokens from one type to another (at an abused exchange rate ... Obviously !).

Q : Basic wig traded in, looks like I can't choose which color to trade in.

A : It is now possible to lock an item in the special bag and in this case it will not be exchangeable or exchanged.
This is what allows you to choose which item to exchange with the NPC.
Any other questions ?
If no questions, I'll take the opportunity to talk a little about the content additions.
Because it's true that we haven't had any for a long time, there had been weapons for events OOC but nothing new.
We now have Rizyinshi who makes beautiful weapons (that I modify a little sometimes) and who is very motivated.
No doubt that he will make us many others !
For the outfits, the idea was to create a simple, smooth skirt. This is the case of the new skirt with the wheel.
It is a base of zorai skirt which has been simplified.
In order to have something simple enough to texture.
The model, the texture (in Gimp format with layers for the 3 skins) and a tutorial (as soon as I have some time, I promise) to be able to make our own version will be available on the wiki.
Maybe we'll get some future designers to make us the next skirt for the wheel !
Moreover, all the items, the fixing of the hairstyle were made in Blender.
No need to have 3DSmax, if someone feels comfortable with the tool, it's a pleasure to help him integrate his creation (if it's validated of course !).
The hardest part is often getting started !
It seems that there are very good courses on Blender.
But tell you one thing, whatever you do, it will always be better than the first outfit I made for Ryzom, the PvP potato bag outfit !

Q : By the way, you remember that we talked a long time ago about having Homins sit on their seats. At that time it was impossible. And now you think it would be ?

A : Ah, very good question !
Well, you need 2 things, to fix an attachment point on a seat and to stick an animation on it.
For the animation, I was able to add one (a jumping Homin ... Totally ridiculous but well ...).
For the attachment it is more complex, there are only the mounts which have it.
So we need seat mounts !
It will end up in a merry-go-round !
There are fewer and fewer things we don't know how to do.
And a lot of things at the end of the preparation, not only cosmetic.

Q : Flying mount ?

A : If you talk about riding an izam, it is possible.
But flying in the sense of being able to go where you want in the air, no.
Because your character will collide !

Q : It's ok to sit on the floor, but flat seat cushions as objects on the floor would be great !

Q : Yes, sitting on the floor on cushions. Or making a chair slightly elevated and walkable to sit on a chair is sufficient.

A : Oh, because you don't have any cushions ?

Q : In lake only.

Q : There are many cultures where you just sit on the floor.
But they have cushions !

Q : In my apartment I did that, I put the cushions in the ground to sit on them.

A : Well, we'll have to deliver some !
And with the option to sit on the cushion and not in the cushion !
Let's talk about OP refactoring.
Well, as Silan refactoring is about to go into translation (and final testing), as the wheel has had its share of gifts, as the New Ticket System is also being tested.
Well, good news, I'm full time on OP Refactoring !
So in about a month, things will be moving.
I will just remind you of the major changes that were validated by the working group.
When the server is rebooted, there will be :
- Deletion of materials 50 and 100, to keep only 150 and more.
- Rotation of materials in quality and type.
Basically, an outpost may not give the same type of material, nor the same quality.
However, an outpost 50 will yield much less material than an outpost 250.
Once the outpost is conquered.

Q : We have no way of knowing what the outpost will produce as material until we put in a drill ?

A : Well done, you're asking me a trick question ...
We will think about it, but it would be possible that the guild that has just conquered an outpost is aware of the material and the quality.
Without having to install a drill.

Q : Will it be possible to have an outpost without fighting ? Otherwise, how do the Ranger get an outpost ?

A : It was proposed to have also attacks of kitins instead of tribes.
And therefore PvK.
Which is no longer PvP.

Q : This is nonsense !
The Ranger does not aspire to have an outpost at the risk of finding themselve fighting against Homins ...
This is the typology of the faction ...

A : OP Refactoring is about gameplay, how each player plays his character, it's not really a question that the project answers.
I continue.
There will be small subtleties in the rotation of materials.
Outposts in low level areas will have more chance to change the quality of materials but less chance to change the type of material.
Outposts in high level areas will more easily change the type of material but are less likely to change the quality.
Thus, an outpost 250 that gives Q250 Vedice will be more likely to switch to Q250 Egiros than to Q150 Vedice.
And for an outpost 50 that gives the same Q250 Vedice, it will have more chance to switch to Q200 Vedice than Q250 Egiros.
Then, along with the rotation of materials, 50% of the outposts will be taken over by tribes.

Q : Is there a way to predict what ressource an outpost will produce in the future ?
To see what it will be before I battle it ?

A : Never at 100% because it remains random.
But there is a logic and a fixed number of materials and qualities.
So by combining the information it would be possible to know more.

Q : That's just the point, not to know. You'll have to ask around to find out what the outpost is producing before you attack it.

Q : Is the rhythm of the rotations known in advance ?

A : It will be indicated yes, but never accurate to the day.
It will depend on a reboot, but if we start on a 3 months rotation, it will be 3 months and some days.

Q : If I ever attack an outpost and suddenly, rotation. What happens ? The attack keeps on going or I get my money back and the rotation takes over the attack ?

A : The easiest way is to block the attacks just before a rotation, which will avoid this scenario.

Q : Will we have a chance to fight against the tribe that wants to take over our outpost ? Or will there be a rotation and suddenly, no more outposts ?

A : They are very vicious, they attack when you are sleeping ...
In any case, you can imagine that if you could fight them and we can't reach 50%, we would modify the levels to have 50% of the total. So it would just be impossible to win.
You can't balance an attack so that a guild of 5 players has the same chances as a guild of 20 players.

Q : Will the price of the attacks change ? And the one of the drill ?

A : Yes, they will go down.
There will be only one model of drill per faction.
Once the rotation and the taking of the outposts, there will be a wagering session on who will be able to attack which outpost.
The session could last about ten days.
The way it works has changed a little from the initial project, especially to give everyone a chance.
Each guild will have 50 points that they can bet on, either on a single outpost or on several by dividing them up.
For example, the guild could bet 30 points on the X outpost and 20 points on the Y outpost.

Q : The taking of outpost(s) will be done by combat ... Can't we buy an outpost from the tribe ?

A : Yes, it is mandatory.

So the bets, at the end of the 10 days, are very simple.
For each outpost taken by a tribe, we look at the highest bet and the guild that has bet the highest amount wins the right to attack the outpost (the guild will have about 7 days to do so).
Attention, in case of a draw (you were going to ask me the question ?!) if two guilds bet exactly the same amount, the bet doesn't count and we look at the next bet.
So if two guilds both bet 50, but a third guild only bets 10, the two 50 bets are ignored. Congrats to the guild that only bet 10, it felt a good opportunity !

Q : Can you only bet at the time of the rotation change ?

A : Yes.
Bets are used to determine which guild can attack an outpost that is held by a tribe.

Q : So if I follow what you say, at the time of the patch OP refactoring all the outposts bellong to Marauder NPCs and therefore at this moment we will have 10 days to bet on the outpost that we wish ?

A : 50%, not all. And then there will be bets on the 50% of tribal outposts.
The other 50% we will just have to launch the attack.
The other 50% remain in normal mode.

Q : Okay and we agree that this 50% changes target at each rotation ?

A : It is totally random. We take the list, we choose half of it.

Q : We bet on a tribe, okay. But do we know what the others are betting on and do we know what this outpost will produce ?

A : We don't know anything !
These are blind bets.

So once the wagering session is over, the guild that has the right to attack can do so.
Or not to attack if it wants to (or if it can't).
The threshold of the outpost is systematically 5.
So if you want to train, go to Nexus and attack an outpost at threshold 5.

Q : So for this type of outpost it is only GvG ?
At this point I mean.

A : It's GvE.
It's your guild against the tribe.
And only.

Q : Yeah we can't call any reinforcements so.

A : No, none.

Q : So the guilds of 2 players for this type of outpost are screwed.

A : Also, members who joined a guild after the start of the wagering will not be able to participate either.
If I'm not talking nonsense, according to the tests at Nexus, a guild of 3 players on an outpost 50 can reach the threshold 5.
But obviously not on a 250 outpost.

Q : What happens if the guild that won the bet does not attack the outpost ? Or doesn't reach the threshold ? How long does the outpost stay in the hands of the tribe ?

A : I was going to come to that !
In case of defeat or non-attack, the outpost goes to its maximum threshold.
And it's up to whoever wants to attack it.
If successful, the outpost will remain unattackable for several days before returning to normal mode.
So that the guild can enjoy it a little.
Finally, there will be a 3rd type of PvP.
It will be possible for a guild to declare (after the session of bets and tribe attacks) 2 times per cycle (the number may change) a GvG.
This will engage only the 2 guilds, the one that attacks and the one that defends.
In a single phase.
If the guild wins, the outpost will remain unattackable for a few days in the same way as for GvE attacks.
Then it will be attackable only in GvG and that for a few more days.
In any case, an outpost can only be attacked once a week in GvG.
In FvF it's limitless.
The idea is to finally have the three types of PvP and that each guild can practice its play style.
The periods when the outposts are not attackable are used to reward the guild for taking advantage of the outpost before a possible massive FvF attack.
I don't think I missed anything and if I did, it will be a surprise !

Q : How long is the no attack period please ?
And if PvE is 50%, whats the % for GvG ? And FvF ?

A : The 50% concerns the outposts which will be taken over by the tribes.
These will have a 10 day period without attack.
But for the others it does not change.
It will remain in FvF as now.

Q : How about you try your new little experiment with outposts below 150 to see how the system works or if it even works before you destroy what's left of the fragile commmunity ?

A : The outposts will tend to evolve, we plan new things.
But the current system does not allow any evolution.
If we want to add real value materials, it should not unbalance the game more.
For this to happen, outpost's attacks must be the key to the gameplay.
And no, keeping it otherwise, what will happen is that we will be forced to add new things elsewhere, better balanced.
And the outposts will end up being just ruins.

Q : So how do you stop people from joining the attacking guild before the attack ?

A : Ah, I knew I had missed something.
To join a GvG or a GvE you must have integrated your guild at least 3 weeks before.

Q : Currently, an outpost fight draws players to the game, if they happen. Dozens. A GvG ... Will draw much less. Especially if you cannot join the sides or include new players.
Doesn't that trivialize it ? We tested a GvG, and it was hard for the opposing party to rally 4(!) people.

A : Sorry, we have already discussed this several times.
And work for several months with many players on the subject.
Of all factions.
I know that the project has been dragging on ... Unfortunately.
But I'm not going to go over every point.
For new players, 3 weeks is nothing.
Also, we are talking about GvG and GvE, not FvF.

Q : I drop guild on daily basis, for alt GHs ... The bulk is a huge issue. Does that mean I cannot do that anymore ?

A : Yes, you can still do it. In the case of GvE, if you are in the guild at the time of the bet, you will be able to ask to participate in the attack against the tribe.

Q : So on the day of bet, I am in the guild, and between after bet and attack I still can drop and come back to guild ?

A : In the case of the GvG it is not simple, it could work too, if at the time of the declaration of the GvG you are in the guild, you will be able to participate.

Q : So why don't you just add a button for GvG declare and make this whole thing easy ?

A : There will be a button, I promise !

Q : Will there be a dashboard or something to track which outposts are being taken by tribes, which outposts are producing what, etc ?

A : There will be a table to know which outposts are taken by the tribes, yes.
It will be used to put the bets.
But not which outposts produce what.

Q : Sorry, back to the 3 weeks game mechanics. Does that mean we don't need to consider the 3 weeks anymore ?
As long as we are present in guild at time of GvG declare.

A : If you declare a GvG, at this time, there is a list of saved members.
If you leave the guild, you can ask to recover the date of entry in the guild that had been registered.

Q : Can a guild refuse GvG if a smaller guild wins GvE and then get GvG declare ?

A : No, a guild cannot refuse the GvG.

Q : Do I understand it right : a guild can win an outpost in GvE. But then the outpost can be taken away from them in GvG ?
What's the time they are guaranteed the OP ?

A : Or in FvF.
10 days.
And all the outposts become as they are now, eventually.
The clock is ticking and it's time to move on to the last topic.
We will put ''OP refactoring'' back on the agenda for the next meeting.
So let's talk about recruitment.
We are looking for volunteers who want to help write event scripts, or who want to become actors by playing a character in the events we play.
The training is assured, and the entry in the acting is done very gradually to leave time to the recruit to take its marks.
Join us to benefit from this unique experience!
To apply, contact Tamarea exclusively at
We are also looking for volunteers to join the support team to help players in various ways :
- Computer and technical assistance, bug handling, role of tester on the test server, ensuring compliance with the game rules.
To learn more, please see this post : #2.
To apply, contact Tamarea exclusively at
We are looking for volunteers to translate and proofread in-game texts and official announcements in the languages of the game, as well as to proofread texts in these five languages.
Even if you don't have a lot of time to offer, your help is welcome !
To apply, contact Tamarea exclusively at
Our Devs prepare regular patches, and it is thanks to the crucial role of testers that they can arrive on Atys with very few bugs.
That's why we're looking for volunteers who want to give some of their time to help with bugs and test new features under development.
You will be able to help according to your availability and choose freely the tests you want to participate in.
If you have any questions about recruitment, you can also contact me on chat.ryzom, I will be happy to answer them!
That was the last topic for today !
Thanks to all, and good game on Atys !

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#269 Multilingual 

Multilingual | [English] | Français

Ryzom Forge meeting (May 2nd 2022)

Date: monday, May 2nd, 19:30 UTC (21:30 CEST)

Meeting places:
  • Atys, on the public forge channel
  • Ryzom Chat, channel #pub-forge-xx (ex

Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.

Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.

Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
  • OP refactoring
  • Boss refactoring
  • Offer a subscription
  • Activate DeepL in more ingame channels
  • Recruitment

#270 Multilingual 

Multilingual | [English] | Français

Ryzom Forge meeting report – 02 May 2022

Well, when you have to start !
I give again here the topic on the forum : &post206409=en#1.
I will quickly summarize.
So last Monday there was a rotation of the OP materials and 50% of the OP were taken by tribes.
So we don't know what materials the OP of the tribes produce, but the guilds that still have an OP could see their new material and the new Q, which can only be 150 200 or 250.
At the same time, the betting system to obtain the right to attack in preview one of the OP of the tribes has been implemented.
Do you have any questions ?

Q : One question : at what point must the membership and level requirement be met ?

A : At the time of bidding.
This simplifies the process enormously.

Q : We have 14 OP taken back by NPCs.
I thought there are 24 OP in total ? That would be more than 50%.
Oh ! There are 28 OP actually. My mistake !

A : Let's forget it !
There are in fact 50% of the OP in zone 50, 50% in zone 100, etc ...
There are also the same qualities produced in each area.
Thus in zone 50, the OP produce 2xQ150, 1xQ200 and 1xQ250.
Same in zone 100 and 150.
No questions ? Any comments, opinions ?
Or does everyone want to see what it will be like ?

Q : Does the loss of the outposts also depend on the region ?

A : No, it's totally random.
Well ...

Q : Is 1/4 of the 50% in the country Tryker for example ?

A : No.
It is 50% of the OP in zone 50.
But then they can all be Tryker.
No chance, we'll have to send the giant robot guards next time !
It is possible to consult the OP taken by the tribes at the banner in the cities.
It is located next to the NPC outposts.

Q : It is possible for Q250 OP to make Q150 OP materials at a fast pace ?
Wouldn't be a waste ? I'm not sure if Q150 greslin pickaxes would be very useful !

A : An OP 250 always produces at the same rate, whether it is a Q150 or Q250.

Q : Right.
Wouldn't it make more sense to have Q250 OP make only Q250 OP materials ?

A : But indeed, nothing prevents if you find it more useful that the production is different depending on the Q. You'll have to suggest it on the forum.
The 250 OP have already produced lower Q materials.
So it's still something that already existed, we just added the random aspect so that the value of an OP varies from one cycle to another.

Q : Prior to OP Refactoring, no Q250 OP made lower than Q250 OP materials.

A : I can assure you that it was the case !
<ATOM Name=''quality_200'' Value=''0.06''/>
<ATOM Name=''quality_150'' Value=''0.02''/>
<ATOM Name=''quality_250'' Value=''0.92''/>
Here is what an OP 250 produced.
0.06% of Q200.
92% of Q250.
0.02% of Q150.
It is indeed very little, but it was still possible. That said, we didn't try to make the system as close as possible to the old one either.
We really think that the point of the OP wars is to fight to obtain an interesting outpost.
Have action and challenge.
If no other questions, I guess they will come later, we can move on !
Boss Refactoring.
We have taken into account a large number of feedbacks on the first version in the PR.
And we proposed to the working group a modification.
It will separate the PR system from the surface system.
On the surface (excluding Nexus) the system will be the same as the one on PR currently.
That is to say, only bosses with a creature in the region will appear.
Thus, as there are gubanis in the Void, there will be a gubani boss.
The frequency will be on average once a day.
As far as Rewards are concerned, here are the changes we will make.
All the bosses of Atys (with the exception of Kizarak) will appear in the 9 regions of PR.
It will be every 1st of the month randomly distributed among the 9 regions, which will give about 6 to 7 bosses per region.
The list of bosses available in each region will be available as a rumor from the scouts (NPCs) in the region.
This list will be updated every month.
The bosses of each region will appear with exactly the same frequency.
It's like putting the 6-7 bosses in a bag, and pulling them out randomly one after the other.
Then once they have all appeared, we put them back in the bag and start again.
So if you know which bosses are dead, you can eliminate them from the list and know which ones will arrive (but not in which order).
And not to miss any of this valuable information, at the death of the boss a pile of material and bones will appear at the place of his death.
This pile can be analyzed by anyone in order to know which boss died and approximately when.
Writing down and sharing this information will make it easier to target areas to check if you are looking for a particular boss material.

Q : So, if I understood correctly : on the surface, about one boss per day and per region. In the PR, 6 to 7 bosses per month and per region ?

Q : Question : How often does a boss appear in the PR / What is the cooldown within a month in a single region from one boss to the next ?

A : It's the same thing, about 1 per day.
So 30 per month per region.

Q : That's significantly more than before, isn't it ?

A : It's the same thing !
The pile with the bones will remain 24 hours.

Q : Would 48h be possible ?

A : I'll give you that !
We often use a temporary value because it is difficult to talk with letters.
So the 24 hours were for information purposes, 48 hours could be a correct value too.
Let's say between 24 and 48 hours, it will be defined !
Are there any questions ?

Q : Will some bosses become unavailable for a month with this system ?
(From the fact that they would not be selected in any region for example).

A : No, it's just the opposite.
All bosses of the game will be available.
Madakoo, for example.
So many people miss him.
Well, he will be in a region in June.
Sometimes a 150 area, sometimes 200 and yeahhhh sometimes in 250 area.

Q : Do we know the number of materials produced by an OP per day/month according to its quality ?

A : I am in the process of retrieving information, to determine if the rate is correct or not. I'll take any information on this !

Q : Can a boss that spawns in one area be found at the same time in another area ? (Will a Madakoo 170 block a Madakoo 270 for example ?).

A : Madakoo will only be able to appear in one region during the month.
If he is assigned to a region 150, he will only appear in region 150.
But, there is obviously a special case.
If Madakoo appears last days of June in a region, he can appear the following month in another region at the very beginning of the month.
Because we only change the lists, we do not make disappear bosses that are already in game.

Q : If I understand correctly, he will only be 270 once every 3 months?

A : PR levels : 250-250-250-200-150-200-150-200 ----> 4/9 chance for level 250.

Q : When you say 6-7 bosses per region ... Do you mean per land ? Or per region (like Dryon, thesos, etc ...) ?

A : We only talk about the 9 regions of PR.

For the surface regions, it's the current system used in PR.
There is no list, but only the creatures that exist in the area that give a boss.
These are 2 different systems.
In PR : 6-7 bosses in the 9 regions.
Out of PR : Bosses depend on the creatures in the area.

Q : And on the surface, there can be 2 similar bosses in different places though ?

A : Yes, each region is independent.
So there are many Kipee bosses !
Kipees are everywhere !

Any other questions ?
Let's move on !
Next topic : Offer a subscription.
Last month I published a poll about "be able to gift a subscription to a friend": &post206156=en#1
As nearly all the players who answered voted for it, we'll add it !
So you'll have soon the ability to offer a subscription to another player.
Next topic ?
Activate DeepL in more ingame channels.
We are testing the extend of DeepL to new channels : Leagues, Teams and Factions (Kara, Kami, Marauder, Ranger, Matis, Fyros, Tryker, Zoraï).
We hope you'll enjoy the feature !
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We are looking for volunteers for different teams : event, support, translation, testing.
We are looking for volunteers who want to help write event scripts, or who want to become actors by playing a character in the events we play.
The training is assured, and the entry in the acting is done very gradually to leave time to the recruit to take its marks.
Join us to benefit from this unique experience !
To apply, contact Tamarea exclusively at
We are also looking for volunteers to join the support team to help players in various ways :
- Computer and technical assistance, bug handling, role of tester on the test server, ensuring compliance with the game rules.
To learn more, please see this post : #2.
To apply, contact Tamarea exclusively at
We are looking for volunteers to translate and proofread in-game texts and official announcements in the languages of the game, as well as to proofread texts in these five languages.
Even if you don't have a lot of time to offer, your help is welcome !
To apply, contact Tamarea exclusively at
Our Devs prepare regular patches, and it is thanks to the crucial role of testers that they can arrive on Atys with very few bugs.
That's why we're looking for volunteers who want to give some of their time to help with bugs and test new features under development.
You will be able to help according to your availability and choose freely the tests you want to participate in.
If you have any questions about recruitment, you can also contact me (Tamarea) on chat.ryzom, I'll be happy to answer them !

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