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Gidget, I envy your ability to use timezones.

The short of it is that the times were chosen because it's when the population is consistently the lowest. It's definitely not perfect but it is something to try to help fill some gaps in making teams for bosses and other activities. And hopefully a few more homins around if fresh ones need answers. Perhaps it can be expanded after the trial month.


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Ryzom Forge meeting (July 12th 2021)

Date: monday, July 12th, 19:30 UTC (21:30 CEST)

Meeting places:
  • Atys, on the public forge channel
  • Ryzom Chat, channel #pub-forge-xx (ex

Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.

Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
    -Test of Ryztart, the new Ryzom installer/launcher
    -Upcoming update of the Code of Conduct
    -Events in july and august
    -Recrutement: Event team

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Ryzom Forge meeting report – July 12, 2021

1 - Test of Ryztart, the new Ryzom installer/launcher

Ulukyn (RT) – 19:39 UTC
I inform you that Ryztart has reached a rather satisfactory stage (even if there are still some small things to be polished and translations that could be missing).
It is now stable enough to propose it in beta version on the Ryzom website, at least the Linux and Windows versions (the Mac version has not been finalized). We will also make a post on the forum to get your feedback. In the meantime I give you here the links for the downloads:
• for Linux >>>
• for Windows >>>  (this is only 64b version, for those who are still in 32b, be patient).
It is not necessary to uninstall ryzom_installer, nor even Ryzom, but it is strongly advised to save the folders 0/ 1/ 2/ 3/... which contain your backups and which are located in :
• under Windows >>> C:/Users/<USERNAME>/AppData/Roaming/Ryzom
• under Linux >>> ~/.local/share/Ryzom
You can find more information on the wiki.
That's it for Ryztart. Any questions or comments?
  • I've been testing Ryztart for a while and overall, it's really easier to use, which is great. I have a question though, most of the time I get stuck on "Checking" and I have to restart the installer for it to work. Is this something that has been reported already?
    Yes, several returns and several reasons for it to block (in fact, a crash and it blocks). So I can't assure that everything is correct, there can be particular cases that block. If it happens again you can post it on the test channel or on the forum and I will contact you (don't post a copy of the debug window, it could show sensitive data).
  • Will this new tool be mandatory or will it be possible to do without it? Especially when applying patches?
    Ryztart remains compatible with ryzom_installer. In fact, with the option to patch without using Ryztart, basically everything is possible. Ryztart launches the client with a no-patch option (since it already patches). But the client is still able to patch itself and it is also possible to use the ryzom_patcher.
  • Where are the sources published and under what license?
    You can find them here, under GPL Affero (maybe not the best suited license).

2 - Upcoming update of the Code of Conduct

Tamarea (RT) – 20:05 UTC
We will soon update the Code of Conduct with regard to multiboxing, courtesy rules and sanctions. I will present to you what we will change.
As a reminder, the current Code of Conduct is available here (click on the language flag to change it).
Addition of a penalty scale
Adding (in B. Warnings and sanctions) a penalty scale for ''Major Offence'': 1 week of suspension / 1 month of suspension / 1 year of suspension (NEW) / Permanent ban.
Precision in the Courtesy Rules
Adding (in I.7. Bad behavior on a chat channel of the game (Game server, IRC, forums and Rocket chat included)) homophobic ones to the list of prohibited comments.
[b]Modifications about Multiboxing and PvP & Multiboxing during off-peak hours[b]
Three additions in III.4 Multiboxing, namely:
a) Adding all PvP situations to the list of those subject to limitations: to clarify the code of conduct, we will extend the limit of 2 simultaneous accounts to all PvP, i.e. PvP on outposts, in PvP regions (i.e. including super nodes and the Nexus), and everywhere on Atys.
b) Adding a new paragraph ruling multiboxing during off-peak hours: to allow US players to access the high-level game again and to give us a chance to repopulate the server during US hours, we are currently (until July 15) testing the tolerance of 4 simultaneous accounts for everything but PvP during off-peak hours, from 10pm UTC to 5am UTC (0-7am CEST), so during the hours when it is necessary for proper gameplay. As the community response and the impact on the number of US connections/subscriptions is positive, this rule will be added to the CoC in a few days, as follows.
III.4.4 Multiboxing during off-peak hours
Multiboxing is tolerated for up to four simultaneous accounts for all activities except PvP during the hours when it is a gameplay necessity due to low game server traffic (22h-10h UTC, i.e. 0h-12 CEST).

c) Adding a summary of the multiboxing rules, as follows.
At times when the game server is busy enough - 10:00 UTC-22:00 UTC (12:00 CEST-00:00 CEST)
Multiboxing limited to 2 simultaneous accounts during:
  • PvP
  • Bosses Hunts
  • Marauders bosses assaults
  • Storyline scripted events
Multiboxing tolerated at 4 simultaneous accounts for all other activities.
At times of low game server traffic - 22:00 UTC-10:00 UTC (00:00 CEST-12:00 CEST)
Multiboxing tolerated at 4 simultaneous accounts for all activities except PvP.
Do you have any comments or questions?
  • I would just like two confirmations: kitin invasions are not scripted events and 4 simultaneous accounts are possible at any time?
    Yes. The scripted events are very often missions, and the NPC who gives them displays a Storyline icon. Only exception at the moment: cartographer stones.
  • So, whatever the time, I can have 4 accounts connected at the same time except for the activities mentioned?
  • I just wanted to clarify the rules for PvP. Can you take more than two characters into PvP areas (like Lands of Umbra) as long as you don't engage them all in PvP fight?
    Yes, 4 characters can be in a PvP region at the same time, as long as no more than 2 of them engage in PvP combat. But be careful: only these two can take part in the fight (including healings and resurrections), and in case of defeat, the other two cannot engage in their turn (resume the fight).
  • When the time changes (for Winter time), will the designated times stay on Central European Time?
    I can't answer this right now, but we will make sure that this doesn't penalize those who play at low server traffic times.
  • Should we report offending players to you, or are you able to check if someone is multiboxing while hunting for Kings or any other prohibited activity mentioned?
    If you notice any abuse (more than 2 simultaneous accounts on a King, etc...), you should send a ticket to, along with a screenshot or video showing the 3 or 4 characters and the date and time in game (radar or map).
  • If, in a PvP zone, one of my characters gets killed but I don't want to fight in PvP, can I heal my character with a third one?
    This is a special case, and we will think about it in the Support team.

3 - Events in July and August

Tamarea (RT) – 21:03 UTC
As many people are absent in July and August, both among the players and the animators, the Storyline events as well as those of nations and factions usually proposed by the Event Team (one per week) are put on pause until September.
The summer leaves room for player events, mini-bosses, kitin invasions, atmosphere events… Atys Games should be back during the whole month of August.
Any questions?

4 - Recruitment : Event team

Tamarea (RT) – 21:06 UTC
We are looking for volunteers who want to help write event scripts, or wish to become actors by playing a character during the events we play.
Training is provided, and entry into acting is accomplished very progressively to allow time for the recruit to bed in.
Join us to benefit from this unique experience!
To apply, contact Tamarea exclusively at [i][i].

5 - Other issues

(21:07 UTC)
  • What are the plans for the Marauders faction? Is it scheduled to continue to develop it even though it has now very few players (about 5 active)?
    Yes, we continue to develop it, and besides, the next episode of the Storyline will highlight it. If you want to know more about it, you can ask to join the marauder gameplay working group and participate in its development.
  • I know people want new content for Ryzom, but can I ask, on behalf of many players, that the Encyclopedia quests be reviewed, please (many are buggy and some are completely out of order)?
    We have made some progress on this by preparing a tool that will make it easier to add to the Encyclopedia.
  • About the Marauders... Will the light and medium bosses ever arrive? And could the loot for light bosses include pants and robes, or are those items reserved for those of the Event Team? And couldn't we change the colors of the marauding dresses that can currently be earned (via PvP points) to blue, white, black and red? And finally include the robes of the colors of the other current bosses in the loot dropped by Dante and Pei-Ruz?
    These are interesting questions, could you post them on the Ryzom ideas forum please?
  • When will we have the Trytonist faction?
    The Trytonist game can of course be done in roleplay, but we don't plan to develop it in gameplay.
The meeting is closed at 21:48 UTC

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Regarding new players in Silan - a huge part of why i kept playing more than a week is that at the time there were advanced players there who spent most of their time helping the noobs. I met them almost instantly. It gave me a sense that this was a community. I know many people still help the newcomers in silan, but we should remember to encourage these silan mentors for the work they do to keep people playing. Perhaps even make mentoring an official thing?

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J’ai aussi l’agréable souvenir d’avoir été aidée sur Silan par quelques joueurs qui m’ont reçu d’une façon exceptionnelle. Avec de la rigueur et du sérieux, ils m’ont conseillé pour pouvoir avancer dans le jeu. Je ne citerai pas leurs noms car j’ai peur d’oublier quelqu’un. Mais je suis complètement d’accord avec l’idée d’un « mentoring », leur dévouement et gentillesse ne mérite que gratitude.



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Regarding new players in Silan - a huge part of why i kept playing more than a week is that at the time there were advanced players there who spent most of their time helping the noobs. I met them almost instantly. It gave me a sense that this was a community. I know many people still help the newcomers in silan, but we should remember to encourage these silan mentors for the work they do to keep people playing. Perhaps even make mentoring an official thing?
a + on the mentoring part, but what 'reward' or benefit should they get?
maybe an 'invite' to become a mentor, resulting in a better experience share when teamed up (like not having the exp dropped to half if you are teamed with your mentor)

in truth tho, this is discouraged by the players themselves, old players to be exact, don't ask me to drop names, you know they are out there.



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