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Ryzom Forge meeting report – April 12th, 2021

1 - Feedback on the OOC events of the Refugee Days

Tamarea (RT) – 19:32 UTC
The Refugees' Day events have just ended, so we would like to get your feedback on them.
What did you like about these events? What do you think could be improved?

Nine comments:
• The image to be reconstructed could have been a bit larger, but the whole thing was great.
• A good point for the radar not displaying the positions of the small eggs, but this seems to have had an effect on the range of said radar.
Ullukyn confirms: even if they do not appear on the radar, the small eggs are among the entities visible to the player and thus reduce the overall visibility.
• A pity the refugee eggs didn't reward me with any interesting item (only dappers, which are of no use to me), but I liked the whole thing.
• Nothing to say about the events (like the rendor hunt), except that I would have liked them to be more numerous and collective since the pop of eggs everywhere on Atys, that I have seen far too often in the past and it causes bugs and lags.
• Unlike last year, the rendors had no social behavior. I wonder if this is a good thing, since it doesn't compel players to form teams and allows everyone to farm at their own pace (including solo).
• I found the distribution of eggs well thought out (they were not really "everywhere"), but I think it would be better to make them even scarcer, to increase the pleasure of the search.
• As for the rendors, I found their "strength" to be disproportionate for Silan, and to see your level 250 character killed by a level 22 mob was, at the very least, strange. It seems to me that it would have been better to position them in Almati Wood.
Tamarea clarifies: the rendors were positioned on Silan so that new players could enjoy the "diversion" from their apprenticeship that the presence of the beasts (and that of their hunters) would bring. One attendee confirms that he has had at least one positive feedback from a new player.
• Overall, the party offered few activities that were accessible to low-level characters, except for O'Dunny's egg hunt. The latter was a good idea, by the way: the counter provided motivation for the search by setting a goal.
• As for the picture to be reconstructed, I would have rather been able to visit all the tribes of Atys at my own pace than having to wait 30 minutes before knowing the next one to visit: playing more than 15 hours in a row is impossible for me.
Thank you for your comments, which will all be passed on to the creators of these events.

2 - The future launcher/installer Ryztart

Ulukyn (RT) – 20:02 UTC
Fearing that a later addition would be problematic, we have wanted to take the time to add functionality to Ryztart before its release.
To wit: Ryztart now allows you to log in with your account name and password without having to enter them when launching the game and it will automatically retrieve the list of your characters and that of the servers (Atys, Yubo and/or Gingo) your account is granted access.
The objective of this addition being to make the launcher more secure, most of the work was to design a system that avoids having to store account name and password on the computer. Thus, Ryztart now only stores a token, which allows, and allows only, the connection to the game. Ryztart can also create shortcuts on your desktop for your characters that, too, do not contain either the account name or the password. Last, these shortcuts or Ryztart itself can launch the connection of a character without going through the "Character selection" step. (NB: this is already possible for those who know what parameters to provide to the current launcher).

Q: Since some people use more than one (to connect under different accounts), will the profiles be saved?
Yes: Ryztart allows to import them from the current launcher and it manages both profiles (folders 0 1 2 3 ...) and shortcuts.

Q: Will there be a version for Linux?
Yes: the Linux and Windows versions are already used by the first testers. Only the macOs version needs a little more time.

Q: Will the old launcher still work, just in case?
Yes, as well as the ability to launch the client directly. However, as soon as Ryztart is officially released, we will no longer provide user support for the old version.

Q: Will the shortcuts (Windows) allow two characters from the same account to log in simultaneously?
No: multiple characters from the same account will still not be able to log in.

Q: What about Windows 7?
First tests have been conducted, but the latest version of Ryztart is still to be tested under Windows 7... with your help, if you wish. In any case, we will keep you informed.

Q: What are the feedbacks for the tests on macOS 11 ?
As Ryztart for macOS is not yet 100% operational, tests are still to be done there too.

3 - Refugee Days (Easter OOC events)

Tamarea (RT) – 21:38 UTC
The OOC events for the Refugee Days (Easter events) will take place from Friday, March 26th to Monday, April 12th.
Details will, as usual, be posted on the forum beforehand.

4 - Outpost fights refactoring

Ulukyn (RT) – 20:27 UTC
We've strated the work on the outpost battles refactoring project.
As some may have noticed, four outposts have popped in the Nexus, of four different "levels" (100, 150, 200 and 250).
Their names suggest that they are not "like the others" and will not function in the same way at all. In fact, their ways of working will evolve following the avancement of the refactoring project.
At first, their conquest will be the object of GvE battles (a single guild fighting the NPCs defending the outpost), none of them will be owned by a guild (nor will they host any drill). That in order to test the impact of the projected shortening of the battle duration (from two hours to one) in the best conditions.

Q: During this test period, will the battles still include two phases?
No, because these are test outposts. If conquered after one hour of battle, an outpost will be returned immediately to its owners: the defending NPCs (out-of-faction marauders). But, if any battle can be a rewarding challenge, it costs equipment, ammunition, and time for those who fight it. So, the guilds that test will be rewarded for their commitment (to a degree yet to be determined).
We're planning for a guild to launch one attack per week, so hopefully four tests per week (one for each of the outposts) will allow everyone to participate.

Q: Will fighters be tagged and PvP allowed during these test battles?
These are outpost battles, so attackers will be OP tagged, yes. But they are also GvE battles in which, in order to not skew the tests, only the attacking guild's PCs will participate, with no allied or enemy PCs, so no PvP fight will be available.

Q: Will the level of NPC defenders be the same for all four outposts?
No. As with outposts in other regions, the level of the outpost is determined by the quality of the materials it can produce. The "level" 100 outpost in the Nexus will, as elsewhere, be easier to "conquer" than the level 250 outpost, so a guild will be able to judge its progress in the fight exercise by the level of the outpost it manages to conquer or the threshold it manages to make it reach.

Q: Will the level of each outpost be unchanging?
Yes, and once the project is finalized, i.e. once the redesign of the outposts is effective throughout Atys (the tests at the Nexus are indeed just the first ones of a long series), only the nature of the materials produced by any outpost will change between battles, not their quality.

Q: Are there any plans to establish new outposts, for example in the Prime Roots?
No. For now, our priority is the completion of the current project: we don't want to slow it down by spreading our efforts.

Q: Given the "PvP area" status of the Nexus, what will prevent anyone from attacking the guild busy testing an outpost battle?
Outpost PvP prevents guild PvP by construction, plain and simple.

Q: Does this mean you can quietly drill or hunt for an hour in the Nexus as long as your guild is engaged in an outpost test attack?
Basically yes. Relevant comment.

Q (off-topic): When will range weapons be finalized, like 1H weapons were?
Since our goal is to finish as many of the current projects as possible in order to have a constant rhythm and an increasingly efficient team, we had to postpone the launch of some others. Thus, the final development of the shooting weapons is not abandoned, far from it. It is just put on hold.
However, if you wish to participate in the working group that is nonetheless reflecting on the subject, you can contact Tamarea privately.

Q (off-topic): Are there any plans to do anything to boost non-outpost PvP to make it more attractive? If not, wouldn't it be possible to have a meeting to discuss this?
We'd like to be able to address all the topics, issues and difficulties that players may encounter. But we can't answer all the requests right now, it would be counterproductive.

5 - AIS improvement

Ulukyn (RT) – 21:12 UTC
This enigmatic wording actually refers to the additions made to the server to improve the artificial intelligence (AIS) that is managing the actions and abilities of the creatures and NPCs evolving within it.
These additions, I'm sorry to have to tell you, have given ideas to our dear Teanwen which will make you sweat a lot.. For they result notably in the extension to the NPCs involved in punctual events of certain abilities until now specific to outpost NPCs: launchers, bombs, healing, etc. Thus, as she was in the past, Teanwen will again be in charge of designing and driving animations and events where players will have to fight "mini-bosses" able, this time, to use a launcher, to heal themselves, to throw bombs or gas...
These mini-boss events will be announced in advance by in-game broadcast. Note that the AIS modifications have greatly increased the technical possibilities: be prepared, therefore, for many surprises during these little events!

Q: Will these additions improve the NPC patrols (which I find a bit dull) in the various areas?
No. They only impact animations and events. They do not constitute an overhaul of all the NPCs and creatures in the game, but only allow for new possibilities for animators and ARKitects.

The meeting is closed at 21:32 UTC.

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From Agenda: [Information] Progress of ongoing projects: new launcher, marauder gameplay, OP refactoring, AIS changes.

So Marauder gameplay haven't been discussed at all, right?

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Right, Sinvaders.
Not an oversight of mine.


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Ryzom Forge meeting (April 26th 2021)

Date: monday, April 26th, 19:30 UTC (21:30 CEST)

Meeting places:
  • Atys, on the public forge channel
  • Ryzom Chat, channel #pub-forge-xx (ex

Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.

Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.

: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
    [Presentation] Ryzom's marketing plan: increase player loyalty
    [Presentation] Silan Refactoring project


Ryzom Team Manager
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Ryzom Team Manager
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Ryzom Team Manager
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Ryzom Forge meeting report – April 26 2021

1 - Win players' loyalty: a more attractive game

Tamarea (RT) – 19:39 UTC
A 2021 marketing plan has been developed by the Ryzom Team, which pursues three goals:
1. Win players' loyalty
2. Get more subscribers
3. Attract new players
We will detail today the actions undertaken by the team to achieve the first objective, and your suggestions to enrich them will be welcome.

We are losing too many players, including high-level players, because of the lack of new content to motivate them to log in, because the long-promised additions are still overdue, and because the pace of maintenance remains slow.
That's why we decided to focus on the projects already underway and on maintenance. Specifically:
• To complete ongoing and long-announced projects: new launcher/installer, Boss refactoring, outpost battles refactoring, Marauders' gameplay, balancing of range weapons (see information given during previous Ryzom Forge meetings).
• To add new events to the Storyline on a regular basis, each leading to new permanent gameplay content.
• To not neglect maintenance: fixing bugs, adding new rewards, etc.
The upcoming patch will begin to put some of this content into play, with the activation of the test outposts of the Nexus and the gradual addition of the new Bosses.
• To encourage roleplay which, while remainining of course optional, is one of the raisons d’être of the MMORPG Ryzom. So, to make roleplayers want to stay, the team is working on two axes:
• School of initiation to role-playing (in project)
• Regular (weekly) events, impacting or not the History of Atys

Do you have any questions or comments about these actions?

Four comments:
• I confirm my availability to carry on with the tests needed for the rebalancing of range weapons I started in the past with Tykus and to participate in the tests of outpost battles.
• If we want to win their loyalty, I think we first need to find the reasons why new players are currently leaving the game. I'm thinking especially of crashes: new players (especially the current generation) having an abundance of games at their disposal, they have no problem abandoning a game after an umpteenth crash.
• As far as roleplay is concerned, I think it's a pity that the weekly events are almost all one-shots, episodes with no aftermath, that they don't build, little by little, a Story. However, I thank the team for the frequency and the quality of the events proposed to the casual roleplayers (of which I am).
• As for me, I think that the weekly events do build a Story, but that this one is difficult to follow because of its scattering, via the events, in several different episodes in different places. As a result, it is difficult for many Atysians to gather these episodes into a Story (difficult, but not impossible should you explore the Wiki and the messages posted to the forum). Perhaps grouping the events by month and nation (i.e. one month's worth of History episodes about Trykers, then one month's worth of History episodes about Zorai, etc.) would improve things... except that it would be felt as unfair by the uninvolved nations of the month. *frown*
In short: if, for me, a coherent History is on the way, I unfortunately have no idea what would help to make it better known to all.

Thank you for your feedback, which will of course be passed on to Event team.

2 - Win players' loyalty: an improved tutorial

Ulukyn (RT) – 20:07 UTC
In order to increase player loyalty, in addition to offering more attractive game content, we will work to better guide new players. We actually lose a lot of them shortly after they arrive on the tutorial island of Silan. After investigating the causes of this, we agreed on a possible remediation. This is how the Silan refactoring project was born, which will not result in a big change but only in various adjustments and improvements.
The objective of this refactoring is twofold:
• on the one hand, give the desire to new players to go further (at the moment very few of them take the step - i.e. pass to the continent);
• on the other hand, try to make the global experience of the game more homogeneous (at the moment, as Dorothée – may she be thanked – pointed out during the RT meeting preparing this one, there are too many differences between the game on Silan and the one on mainland).
Said Improvements and adjustments are planned for:
• The map of Silan Island. To make it more useful for beginners it:
   • will no longer be shown to players alone, but with the general map of Atys;
   • will allow the player to zoom in on the Ranger Camp (as is the case on the mainland towns);
   • will display icons showing the location of NPCs useful to players (at their stage of progress).
• Texts describing missions that are currently unclear, such as those that present a team-building suggestion as a necessity to players who cannot (or do not know how to) form a team.
• Damages from creature attacks near the Ranger Camp. They will be reduced as it currently causes too many deaths. Character dying too frequently suggests to players that the game is not for them, or that they have misunderstood the rules, increasing the risk that they will abandon Ryzom without delay.

Three comments:
• As for damage reduction, I would say that it has already been started, considering the speed with which the DP is cancelled on Silan. And if the player fears the death of his characters, let him go play Candy Crush! *smile*
• I think this is a bit too much easing the work for beginners. Many times some of them don't even understand that Silan is a tutorial.
• Most of the new players don't even seem to read the texts said by (or posted near) the Silan trainers (Guilan Guiter, Nomis Merclao, etc.). I think they should be offered other ways of learning.

3 - Win players' loyalty: a friendlier learning process

Ulukyn (RT) – 20:14 UTC
Actually, few players take the time to read everything (this is natural: the excitement of discovering a new game pushes them to immediate action, not to think about its mechanisms).
So I'm going to show you what we have planned to overcome the disadvantages of this understandable haste.
We won't rewrite the mission texts: it would require too much time. But I've noticed, when accompanying players who don't know Ryzom in their first session, that displaying an adapted screenshot on their screen was often more efficient than giving them a long speech to explain them such or such gameplay mechanism.
This is why we will introduce the concept of schools (or academies) whose function will be to provide in-game "Academic Knowledge" that will be available, at any time, to all players and delivered in the form of practical lessons that will guide them, in a visual and playful way, in the accomplishment of the missions as well as in their actual learning. Each school will contain several pieces of information about a gameplay topic (e.g., the mastery of magic or that of jewelry) or a more general topic (e.g., the game's interface, or even, as mentioned above, role-playing).
Below a prototype, for the school of "Melee fight mastery", of a window showing in game the information made available by a school.

It presents a teaching plan with four sections (or lessons), which can be activated (if your progress allows it) or not (greyed out) so that you do not get lost in a long list. When you activate a lesson, a list of exercises to do (presented in the form of cards) will be proposed to you. Once you have completed all the exercises on this list, you will be offered a reward.
You will find below a prototype, for "Elementary Movements", of a sheet describing such an exercise.

It is composed of four parts displaying respectively:
• A title with a short explanation in subtitle
• An illustrated goal, optional (button to click for acceptance)
• A small reward, optional (button to be clicked for recovery once the goal reached)
• A set of pictures to make it easier to understand how to reach the goal.
Why, you may ask, propose an objective and a reward and not only the explanation and the illustrations? Quite simply because proposing an action in exchange for a reward is more motivating and fun, much more so than a long explanation text.

Do you have any questions?

Q: Are there any plans to rework the character creation phase as well?
No. Not as part of the Silan refactoring, anyway.

Q: Does Silan refactoring include informing new players about the existence of teleports on the island (many don't know)?
Yes. The goal is for new players to get on Silan a real taste of what to expect on the mainland.

Q: Will the enhanced tutorial use the key assignments listed in the player's keys_character.xml file?
Yes. And by the way, the player will be able to change these assignments in-game through the exercise cards provided by the school, without having to search for the relevant window in the (very dense) UI.

Q: Since it is difficult to accumulate Dappers on Silan, will the cost of teleporting there be changed?
No. But players will be able to get more Dappers through the exercises offered by the schools (they will often offer them as rewards).

Q: Will Silanese be able to buy mounts?
Yes. The refactoring includes the establishment of a stable on the island.

Q: I don't think a tutorial should have hidden or secret places. So, will the tunnel to the Kitins Jungle be easier to find, or will there be better directions to its location in the Shining Lake?
The access to the Kitins Jungle was intentionally designed as a (little) puzzle, so we don't have anything like that planned, no. But we'll think about making the mission sending players to fight the kitins into their territory more explicit.

Q: Will players be able to take a mektoub acquired on Silan to the mainland?
Yes, as forcing players to give up their equipment would be as counter-productive for us (given the goal of the refactoring) as it would be catastrophic for them.

Q: Henchomins of the Kamis and Karavan on Silan are currently urging caution by suggesting that returning to the island will be difficult, if not impossible. Will their speeches be more supportive (like "I can send you there. It's a dangerous place, but you can come back here anytime.") after the refactoring?
Yes. It's a great idea and we will implement it!

Q: Because a mount is also (or even mostly) a storage space and what it stores is not always easily recoverable after its death, we see few characters moving mounted, on Atys. Couldn't an option of remote recovery of the mount's freight be proposed?
We are working on this: a new feature to allow recovery of any dead pet against Elyps is being tested. Offering such an option on Silan would actually be a good introduction to Elyps for new players, provided the cost of acquiring them is adapted.

Q (off-topic): Regarding Elyps, even if the benefits they provide are valuable (generic materials, high quality items, pet operations, etc.) I find them very scarcely distributed during kitin invasions: killing one kitin is rewarded with one Elyps only. Are there any plans to improve this ratio or to provide kitin invasions more frequently than they have been lately?
No. But we take note of your feeling.

4 - Win players' loyalty: comments and suggestions

(21:03 UTC)
• Silan offering beginners more opportunities and a good overview of what awaits them on the mainland, to avoid their early flight, that's fine. But I think we shouldn't make them too rich on the island: that might make them stay there, never to take the plunge.
Ulukyn points out in this regard that nothing offered by the refactored Silan will be free, and that no player staying on the island will be able to accumulate the millions of Dappers and thousands of Elyps that can be collected on the mainland.
• I too think that setting the cost of acquiring items new in Silan lower than it is on the mainland is to be preferred to setting a higher amount for the Dappers rewarding the completing of the current missions.
Whereupon Ulukyn solicits the opinion of a beginner player attending the meeting on the point.
• (from the said player) As far as Dappers are concerned, I would not increase the amounts distributed in any way. As for the skill points, on the other hand, maybe we should reduce the need for them or increase the quality of the items they provide. Since it's not easy on Silan to get all the skills.
Reacting to this last point, Ulukyn indicates that the difficulty of choosing skills on Silan as well as the fact that not everything can be acquired there was discussed within the team and that a proposal was made to classify them (thanks to groups of stars) according to their greater or lesser usefulness… whereupon a participant proposes to straightly suppress the beginning of their acquisition on Silan.
• Some players are already surprised that the shooting skills are not available on Silan. So I think that removing them all is to be avoided. As for the star rating of skills, it risks "formatting" the game. I like Ryzom because it doesn't force me to push a certain skill but allows me, after reading all the texts about them, to freely choose which one(s) my character will work on.
Ulukyn says that, as the team wants to improve the branch and introduce it to new players, a shooting school will be offered on Silan. Because, he adds, only an informed one is actually a truly free choice and informing about skills is not forcing to embrace them, as giving them would be (as some MMOs do). On which the previous speaker clarifies that it is not the information on skills that makes fear a formatting of players, but their classification.
• For me, I think the tutorial should make it clear that getting more skilled on melee is the best way to get extra hit points and also that it would benefit from pointing to the Bunny Tools app.
Ulukyn clarified that while Bunny Tools is indeed a good app, it is and will remain external. He adds that each school will teach a path (a branch) with a precise indication of the necessary and useful skills to be acquired to follow the path in question and, as much as possible, the possibilities offered by the different blends of those. The goal remains to give players all the information they need to make an informed choice.
• Silan is in my opinion a pretty complete tutorial as it is now. So, if adding icons to better indicate this or that point seems useful to me, the rest of the refactoring is not, I think, a good idea. Because giving everything to new players as soon as Silan will deprive them of the surprise of discovering Atys. Simplify Silan, why not? But from there to make it a mini-Atys… we might as well remove it and make new players be born directly on Atys.
Ulukyn recalls that it is not a question of turning Silan into a mini-Atys, but only of making sure that Silan gives new players the means to be autonomous, to know what and how to look for on Atys as soon as they set foot there. Because currently, arriving on the mainland is a surprise, yes: to discover almost another game. So the refactoring is not about remaking Atys on Silan, but about providing tantalizing glimpses of Atys on Silan.
• The fact remains that the pleasure of discovery, even of a "quasi-new" game, is what makes Ryzom a unique game. And as for the autonomy on the continent, it can be obtained quite quickly by new players thanks to the help of the seasoned ones, as it is currently practiced.
(Ulukyn goes on) Today, new players arriving on Atys know nothing about what awaits them there. In order to encourage them to join the mainland, we think it is important to let them know (without, of course, going into details) that they will find many more means and activities (Elyps, occupations, role-playing, dynamic events, etc.) than just the dappers, missions and skill acquisitions that they are currently presented while on Silan.
• I actually think that there is too much information available on mainland and not enough on Silan, except for the classes (branches), for which the ratio is the opposite.
• Integrating the Silan map with the Atys one is a great idea: it will make new players curious about the mainland and show them that the have still much to explore.
• Many players I know have actually left Ryzom thinking that the playing field was limited to Silan. For the same reason, some have played Ryzom for only two months… time to exhaust the pleasures of Silan.
This Ulukyn confirms by saying that one of the first questions he is asked when he has the game tested is: "Is this the map of the entire game area?".
• When I was on Silan, I actually had the feeling that I was alone, playing on a map that was empty of players. And it didn't make me want to go on. That's why I think it would be good to encourage experienced players to come back to the island more often.
Ulukyn points out that the lessons offered by the Silan schools will probably not only be of interest to new players, but also to players not so experienced for having only recently joined the mainland. The latter will then naturally be led to return to Silan to complete the incomplete training they have received from the current tutorial.
• To fight against this feeling of loneliness of the beginner, wouldn't it also be wise to replace the /who command by a button of UI, of easier use for all?
Ulukyn advises the speaker to post his suggestion to the forum. Because the latter is regularly consulted by contributors who are developers, therefore able to propose the RT a patch implementing it.
• Why not carry out, at the time when the players address to Chiang the Strong to emigrate towards the continent, a survey of satisfaction in order to collect their feelings and opinion on Silan?
Ulukyn indicates that such a survey has already been conducted by him with players who, at his request, tested the game with him during three days. He adds that it has been used, as well as the occasional feedback received from new players and a very critical video about Ryzom (which, if you don't already know it, you can find here), to elaborate the tutorial improvement project presented today.
• Will players, at the said time, be advised to contact the Welcomer of the city they have chosen as destination for their journey to the mainland?
Ulukyn says yes, because the team believes that anything that helps new players find their way around is a good thing, no matter what form it takes (text, school lesson, or visual cue), and that if they don't know what they can (or can't) do there, they're unlikely to enjoy the game.
• Having personally benefited on my arrival from the free services of a quality teacher (an experienced player) I confirm that the rules guaranteeing a good learning of the game rules (and their respect) by players must themselves be learned.
• Some elements of the UI seem to me deserve to be corrected or made adaptable. For example, the size of the cursor in 4K: as, playing on a 55" screen, I already have trouble seeing it, I wonder how others cope.
Ulukyn commits himself to bring up the suggestion.
• As we all are not as good at learning foreign languages as some, I think an automatic translation of private in-game conversations (/tell) would also be very useful.
Ulukyn answers that unfortunately it is not possible to add such an option at the moment.

The meeting is closed at 22:09 UTC

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