#181 [fr] 

Sorry, but for me it's better to start an other subjet, then add on here a link to it.


My main argument about my remark is languages : all Ryzom Forge reports are translated, and then easy to read for English / French / German users...

Your comments are in English... and for French/German/other languages readers, it's quite like flood D


(As in uni, full of acronyms and/or spelling mistakes and/or slang, very difficult to read for homins who use a different language for game interface. )

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#182 [en] 

Sorry, but for me it's better to start an other subjet, then add on here a link to it.



#183 [en] 

Sorry, but for me it's better to start an other subjet, then add on here a link to it.





#184 Multilingual 

Multilingual | [English] | Français

Ryzom Forge meeting (February 17th 2020)

Date: monday, February 17th, 20:30 UTC (21:30 CET)
Meeting places:
  • Atys, on the public channel Forge (open the WebIG (Ctrl+W) and click on the "RF" button next to the language flags)


Duration: 1.5 hour
Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.
Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.
Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
    1- Storyline Rumors feedback
    2-  Patch fix (ASAP)
    3- Recruitment

#185 Multilingual 

Multilingual | [English] | Français

Ryzom Forge meeting report - March 30, 2020

1. Storyline: Rumors feedback
2. Next patch
3. Recruitment of volunteers

1. Storyline: Rumors feedback

Tykus, 19:52 UTC
What do you think of the rumors? If you meet bugs, send us a ticket with the NPC name, it will allow us to be more reactive.
Craftjenn, 19:55 UTC
First of all, I would like to say that I posted a message about this in the forum. Then, for some people, who suffer like me, all these clicks are tiring.
Tykus, 19:58 UTC
Yes, I understand, but in a video game, we can hardly do otherwise. Besides, you can do it in pieces, in small steps.
It's a long time event :).

Q: What are the "rumors"? The "Ask politely" bubbles?
A: Yes!

Laoviel, 20:01 UTC
I wanted to second Craftjenn's statement, that the interface is a bit difficult. Since the dialogue is only read by the player, with no options. Why not simplify the text? You could place the player's question to the NPC, the NPC answer and the player reaction in one single chat bubble, that only requires one click.
Tykus, 20:06 UTC
No, that's the point, the NPC will give you an answer, before knowing what it is (normally the NPCs always give the same answers). But the process requires the 2 steps, if you are given the answer at the same time as the question, it doesn't make sense :)
Djiper, 20:09 UTC
I want only to say that the second set of rumors (about kitins) is much more interesting…
And thank Ulukyn for his availability on the remaining bugs.
Tykus, 20:12 UTC
I will send your remark to Ulukyn :)
Balthae, 20:14 UTC
I may be the only one, but since I don't understand everything, I just click and see if the yellow passphrase appears (this to answer the question about the boring show).
Tykus, 20:15 UTC
No, I don't think you're the only one, but beware, rumours contain information for the future. :)

2 - Next patch

Tykus, 20:19 UTC
Added: A window can snap on to other windows.
Changed: MP3 player shows absolute path, media format info on sysinfo.
Fixed: MP3 player shows error when sound is disabled.
Added: New /showHideUserLandMark command to hide markers on map.
Fixed: The client window is no more focused and mouse is no more frozen when loading or teleporting.

Changes in Daily Missions
Added: Basic tokens as an option for a reward.
Changed: Increase of 20% the rewards for Missions based in Occupations Products.
Changed: Reduction of wanted items for Occupations Products with a grade higher or equal to 2.

Added: RP tags for Fyros, Matis, Tryker, Zorai, Kami, Karavan, Marauder and Ranger.
To get these tags you must equipe a jewel on the earring and use Elyps on nation or faction merchant to grave the Allegorie on it.
Equip or unequip the jewel to display or hide the RP tag.
These tags are displayed only when you are PVP tagged.
You can show or hide the tag when you want, if you are PVP tagged and hide the tags, the current PVP icon (two crossed words) will be displayed.
To understand better how Allegories works and comes, you can talk with Zin Di-Dao in the Kitins' Lair of Almati Wood and start a chained rumors.
Tryroamer, 20:21 UTC
I hoped to obtain a link here about reviewing one's own already heard rumours.
Tykus, 20:24 UTC
Ulukyn has something like that planned, but I don't know exactly what…
Djiper, 20:25 UTC
The said link for rumors works, but only within a guild.
It allows everyone to know how many rumors the guild has collected, and, in addition, by selecting a player you can see the rumors they have collected.
Craftjenn, 20:32 UTC
"A window can snap on to other windows."? And "The client window is no more focused and mouse is no more frozen when loading or teleporting."? Could you be more specific, please?
Tykus, 20:35 UTC
So, for the mouse, it's especially for those who are in multiscreens, when you launch a ryzom client and you are doing something else, the mouse will be immediately taken by the open interface and you will type out of your window.
Moniq you tested "A window can snap to other windows", can you tell us about it?
Moniq, 20:38 UTC
I hear about that for the first time or I don't understand what you mean.
Tykus, 20;41 UTC
Ok, i will share information (i will test it probably) when I get some. OK ?
No one have questions about the tags ?
Jiyan, 20:43 UTC
its not been translated to english. if you enlighten us first, please :)
Tykus, 20:45 UTC
Added: RP tags for Fyros, Matis, Tryker, Zorai, Kami, Karavan, Marauder and Ranger
To get these tags you must equipe a jewel on the earring and use Elyps on nation or faction merchant to grave the Allegorie on it
Equip or unequip the jewel to display or hide the RP tag
These tags are displayed only when you are "PVP" tagged.
You can show or hide the tag when you want, if you are PVP tagged and hide the tags, the current PVP icon (with 2 crossed words) will be displayed.
Better like this ?
Tryroamer, 20:48 UTC
The PVP tags have many times hindered my healing during bosshunts, is there no way to remind PVP and any other player characters to deactivate PVP tag for those events? Or to automatically deactivate PVP status upon entering into such events?
Tykus, 20:51 UTC
No, it's a player stuff. You all have to think about it, we cannot automatize all stuff, Ryzom would loose his soul :)

Q: Does this new tag use same mechanic like PVP tag or Outpost tag?
A: These RP tags are only displayed when you have activated your PVP tag for roleplay logic reasons. Indeed, your roleplayed character is considered to be flesh and blood, and therefore can't be invulnerable to the attacks of other homins. This does not go against the "pacifist" RP but just reflects the physical vulnerability of your character.
When you display the RP tag (nation, faction, organization or other), it will simply replace the usual "classical" PvP tag (the one displaying two crossed swords). It will therefore be easy to distinguish between OOC players seeking PVP combat and RP players accepting the physical vulnerability of their character.

Tryroamer, 20:58 UTC
All that is surely correct as such, but when i try to heal anyone still active in PVP mode then I cannot. Instead I merely hang in the air and no healing takes place.
Tykus, 21:01 UTC
That's the PVP rule. If you are PVP tagged, you take the risk of dying, players who are not tagged cannot resurrect you, heal you, and so on. It's a player's choice and we're only offering more possibilities to players with this new tag.
Balthae, 21:01 UTC
As I understand it, a tag is added to say, "I'm not looking for PVP, but I don't want to be attacked"?
Tykus, 21:04 UTC
No... We're gonna add more variations, namely one can tag nation and or faction. Not all tags will be PVP but as long as you choose an allegiance, if you activate a tag, you'll be vulnerable :)

Q: Could you be more specific, please?
A: The RP tag should be seen as a "I am roleplaying and therefore accept that my character is physically vulnerable" mode.
This is to avoid, for example, finding yourself roleplaying in the middle of your enemies, but without them being able to attack you. Which would be, in the end, anything but logical from a RP point of view.
Player-characters without any allegiance will be marked PVP, as today, by the classic tag. But it will now exist a tag (which can also be activated at the player's request) for each rite of allegiance passed, a tag which, as soon as his character wears it, will place him in PVP mode, i.e. will make him vulnerable to attacks from any other homin in PVP mode (tagged by classic tag or RP tag) and insensitive to the actions of any homin non PVP marked. The RP tag is therefore, in fact , a customized PVP tag which, since it displays allegiances instead of the classic tag, allows homins in PVP mode to attack (or not) other homins in PVP mode with full knowledge of the facts and not blindly.
If, for example, you take the Tryker and Kamis allegiance, you will be able to activate the Tryker tag or the Kamis tag, or both. Then, since these tags display your allegiances, you will be vulnerable to attacks from any player tagged by the classic PVP tag but also from any player wearing a Karavan RP tag. And you can also attack RP-tagged players whose tag shows their allegiance to Karavan... and spare (except for treason in progress :) ) those wearing an RP tag identifying them as Kamists.
A Ranger roplaying a pacifist will be able to continue to do so. This new RP mode will only make him, logically, vulnerable to attacks from others. This won't mean that he will suddenly become belligerent (no tagged PVP character is compelled to attack) but will just show that he is... homin.

Q: I am normally just healer, for all comers… That's no longer possible then?
A: Yes, but if you to heal your marked PVP teammates, you too will need to activate a PVP tag, whether classic or RP :)

Q: I didn't quite get it… If we tag ourselves PVP "OOC" we will be able to attack any other player PVP or RP tagged?
A: Yes. The PVP tags will only be customized into RP tags, so that players can show their allegiance(s). But the system doesn't change: if you don't activate no tag, no risk for you. :)

3 - Recruitment of volunteers

Tykus, 21:23 UTC
We are looking for volunteers to join :
  • Translation Team: ES and RU translators/proofreaders;
  • Computer-Graphics Team: graphic designers (3D / 2D);
  • Support Team: EN and FR CSRs;
  • Dev/Ark Team: developers, as well as volunteers who will be trained on the Ark creation tool;
  • Level Design Team;
  • Event Animation Team: to design/write and/or animate events.
I take upon my time to get up early and chat with the players of the US timezone, but it is essential to find volunteers to enliven their time slot. I can do once a month the same Ryzom Forge meeting as for the EU zone, but not more. So it's important that we have volunteers living in America, first in the Support Team but, why not, for events too (I know… I am dreaming :P ).
So, if you're interested, please send a mail to Tamarea or contact her on rocket chat
But there are needs for EU timezone too :)

Q: What is a CSR?
A: A Customer Service Representative, member of the Support Team.

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#186 Multilingual 

Multilingual | [English] | Français

Ryzom Forge meeting (April 27th 2020)

Date: monday, April 27th, 19:30 UTC (21:30 CEST)

Meeting places:
  • Atys, on the public channel Forge (open the WebIG (Ctrl+W) and click on the "RF" button next to the language flags)


Duration: 1.5 hour
Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.
Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.
Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.

    1- New billing
    2- New website
    3- Storyline: episode 1

#187 Multilingual 

Multilingual | [English] | Français

New billing

Imminent release of the new billing service with a switch from WorldPay to Braintree. Braintree will manage recurring subscriptions and premium time purchases. Rates do not change, nor do payment methods and durations.
1 month/mois/meses : 7.95€
3 months/mois/meses : 22.50€
6 months/mois/meses : 41.94€
1 year/an/año : 78.00€

Premium time purchases (1 month minimum) will also be possible via Braintree, and will be cheaper than via Paypal (which will also remain available).
Steam will also remain available. It will be possible to untie one's own Steam account from the Ryzom billing page.
In a second step we will add the provider Xsolla, which will offer shorter Premium time purchases: 2, 3, 5 and 7 days.
2 days/jours : 1€
3 days/jours : 1.5€
5 days/jours : 2€
7 days/jours : 3€.
And of course, Ryzom can still be played free to play like today!

A topic will be opened on the forum to receive your questions and feedback.

any thots making it cheaper if subscribing several accounts?

This is an option that has been raised, although I do not yet have an answer for you today.

As there are cheaper options, will rules for mutiboxing be harder ? Many accounts is fine for Ryzom, but multoboxing is an ignominy.

*Kyrean and Tuffgong aggree with Syron*

This is a relevant issue, which we will look at very seriously if a discount is proposed on the subscription of secondary accounts.
Indeed, if this option is validated, it should in no way encourage abuse.

Sorry... But what is multiboxing?

That's the use of a software allowing a player to control several characters at the same time, with help of macros, etc.

Multiboxing, i.e. playing several accounts at the same time, is allowed. However, it is strictly forbidden to use external tools to control these accounts.

Virg and Syron
Can multiboxing not be seriously looked at regardless of whether cheaper subscriptions are offered for multiple accounts or not?

Agree, they dont have to be linked

I have taken note of your concern about this problem and I suggest that we discuss it again at a later date, because we need to continue with the agenda.

Kyrean : As for me I can prpose two radical solutions

Please contact Tykus on to share your ideas about this issue.

*dodge the question* Nice move ^^

One last question about the future billing service before moving on to the next topic?

thank you.i don't care about a discount, but can payment for multiple accounts be made into a single payment option?

No, that's not possible at the moment.

perhaps in the future. thank you.

Does it change anything for those who paid for a year?

This will not change anything for you, the switch to Braintree will take place at the end of your current subscription.

Ok. Thank you

I suggest you ask the next questions directly on the topic that will be dedicated to this on the forum, and move on to the next topic.

New website

The new website, available at this temporary URL: will be released soon.
Take the time to read it, then please give us your feedback on the forum, we will open a dedicated topic there.
Of course, you can give your first feedback here if you wish!

I just watch "social networks" which are displayed : they are no free ones? Only private ones? What about the tag "free" which Ryzom is bearing, then ?
Excuse if he question is irrelevant >_<

We are indeed planning to expand to several free social networks (Mastodon, Diaspora...) but first we need to expand our Communication team with a few volunteers for that.

ty ... i have no MS windows but instead linux (Solus) and i prefer not to use wine... will there be no native linux (not using wine) or perhaps in future at least?

We already have a Linux client for Ryzom

[long irrelevant discussion about linux client]

Start of Episode 1 of Storyline's Season 2

Ready to start a great adventure full of action and twists? Watch the calendar of events and announcements as Season 2 Episode 1 is about to begin! Alternating roleplay events played and scripted, there will be action for everyone and for all time zones.

I can't tell you any more because I don't want to spoil you! That's it, it's time to close this meeting!

BalthaeThanks for informations and your listening
Many thanks to Nilstilar for the translation, and to Balthae who will put the report online

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#188 Multilingual 

Multilingual | [English] | Français

Ryzom Forge meeting (11th may 2020)

Date: monday, May 11th, 19:30 UTC (21:30 CEST)
Meeting places:
  • Atys, on the public channel Forge (open the WebIG (Ctrl+W) and click on the "RF" button next to the language flags)


Duration: 1.5 hour
Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.
Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.
Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
    1- Multiboxing
    2- Storyline: episode 1
    3- Recruitment

#189 Multilingual 

Multilingual | [English] | Français

Ryzom Forge meeting report – May 11th, 2020

Multiboxing et Ryzom

Tykus (RT) – 19:35 UTC
I must explain clearly, the multiboxing: It's the possibility to connect several characters at the same time on the same server that we can't assimilate to the use of an external program to control one or more characters.
Ryzom is a cooperative game, so working together is a necessity. Having a partner of your own to help with drilling and storage or even care is commonly accepted, but having an army of avatars at your command doesn't make sense, the game loses its essence.
In order to preserve this essence and the soul of a game where collaboration is encouraged, we have decided to only tolerate the control of 2 characters at the same time per user and this only within the framework of a reasonable use.
Consequently, the code of conduct will be modified to specify that "the number of characters controlled simultaneously by the same individual is limited to 2, within the framework of reasonable, reasoned use and without automation". A shard limitation will be set for this.

Q : LoL ! Well goodbye and goodluck then. When you cant see any way i am cheating, just change the rules again. Typical . I have been playing Ryzom this way for 12 years and you have a problem with it now? Why suddenly now? I have been reported repeatedly and because I have done nothing wrong the decision was made to change the rules?
R :
It's not the point, even if you play them withoout third part program, it's not a good way to play Ryzom. Because, basically, if other MMOs don't give the possibility to play multiboxing, it's tolerated on Ryzom. But the current four-alts limit discourages playing with others. Yet Ryzom is the only game where playing with others is necessary, and we want to keep that, which is the soul of the game.

Q : I also dig with four toons, two masters and two careplanners. Though I fight with only one toon. Is this going to be forbidden now?
R :
Yes, two characters for drilling is more than enough. But the reason for lowering the limit is that being able to kill Kings alone with your alts doesn't add anything to the game: taking on a team challenge alone doesn't make sense.

Q : When is this new limit getting implemented?
R :
In few days, i will post the complete explanation on the forum and when Ulukyn will have implemented the limit I will change de Code of Conduct.

Q : What happens with all players who have current subscriptions for more than two accounts?
R :
We know very well that this measure may cause us to lose subscriptions, but it may cause us to lose even more subscriptions if things remain as they are.

Q : By automation, do you mean external tools? Macros use will still be allowed?
R :
Internal macro system is allowed yes.

Q : Will the special rule for large family households still grip?
R :
Yes, as before: if you have more than two people playing Ryzom at the same home, just contact us to get an exemption. But I have to warn you, the behaviour of a follower player and that of a physical player are easy to distinguish. So, avoid asking for a waiver if it is not necessary.

Q : Will you refund players with more than two accounts, since they will no longer be able to use all their alts? Or are you going to let them play with these alts until their subscription expires? Is there a refund plan for people who have resubscribed last month their alts for three or six months?
R :
No reimbursement is scheduled for now.

Q : So people paid for a service, and you are now going to not provide that service? And you will not reimburse? That doesn't sound legal.
R :
Of course it's legal, we could have banned multiboxing. Subscriptions have nothing to do with it. We don't prevent you from playing all your accounts, we only ask you to play them two by two.

Q : I don't understand what's the urge to do it now. Could you give us some exemples of facts thats motivated this change?
R :
It's been a long time that this race for alts has been making us grind our teeth and it seemed appropriate, as the server fills up again to change this absurd rule.

Q : But to do so without any warning that this might take place is really quite unprofessional. Especially when subscriptions are involved.
R :
I'm warning you now and, as soon as all the translations are done, a topic will be created on the forum where you can ask all your questions about subscriptions (see thread 5#55).

Q : Just to clarify, the rule is only for having 2 accounts online at the same time? Or are we required to have only two accounts?
R :
The rule is no more than two accounts online at the same time, whether these are subs or F2P. But everyone can open and play as many accounts (subs or F2P) as they want.

Q : Could we, as a result, see an increase in storage space? Because with only two accounts connected, it's difficult to switch to another character to access an alternative GH, since you can't connect three of them.
R :
In terms of storage, it won't make any difference: all you'll have to do is change your organization for transfers or other purposes. Nothing is planned to increase the capacity of storage spaces.

Q : Will this not hurt the game in the long run as far as income for Ryzom Team? I would think you guys would want more money coming in so you can inprove the game and bring new content.
R :
More money is good, but not at any price. Any change is difficult and risky, but this one was really necessary.

Ulukyn (RT) – 20:43 UTC
In conclusion
We have been working for a few years to redo the tools, master them and make them more fun to add content. And with the storyline that's what we're going to do. Make the story evolve and add new things.
And then the alts issue came up (on my side, as a developer).
With the storyline we will add new challenges. Sometimes the best group (which can be composed of four players only) will be rewarded. If the best team turns out to be four alts (and this is not impossible because it is in some cases an advantage) it would be rather disappointing for us.


Tykus (RT) – 20:45 UTC
The storyline is the leading roleplay thread followed by the Ryzom teams. It gathers a set of roleplay events and gameplay additions, built on a dynamic story.
During the prologue of the current Season 2, we heard rumors that things were getting ready. At the beginning of Episode 1, a strong bark shake shook Atys, upsetting the look of the Nexus. The homins are currently investigating the scene.
What's your feedback on the beginning of Episode 1?

F1 : The first Event was amazing, with new features (the shaking camera, new design of a map, etc.) And then, finally, just for something where substance lacks a bit: only points to ping on the map. With few new random missions or so, it would have been better. Sorry, Ulukyn, that was amazing, but IMO, something was missing. In advance, sorry if that might spoil something, but, having to built camps, defend scientists etc. would have been cool if that would have started missions of hunting, digging or crafting.

F2 : I'm quite new to the game. As such it was the first of these events which I could take part in. I found it exciting. However the fighting came accross as quite chaotic to me and I was not always sure that the actions actually mattered much :) However it was a nice group experience. And it will give me new reason to further and more extensively explore the Nexus. And investigate the Kitin ... issue.

F3 : As for me, running like an headless chicken, not understanding what was happening with the shaking camera, that was huge laughing. It has been a complete new thing introduced to Ryzom. Go on this way. Surprise us!

F4 : I would just add that is promising good things for the future! From a player point of view, i find it very exciting what happen in Nexus.

F5 : The new features and story progression were fantastic. I just wish we could have had some big kitin battle.

F6 : I found Episode 1 amusing, just a little long in between scouting. The Prologue was good too, but hard to finish (or I didn't get it).

Tykus (RT) – 21:00 UTC
Missions will be added soon, it's just the beginning: you have no idea what we've prepared for you to follow !
But we add things piece by piece to avoid big bugs, that's all: he game's code is ticklish, as you know.


Tykus (RT) – 21:01 UTC
We need DE, ES and RU translators as well as EN proofreaders.
Active testers are also needed.

A player recommends to put directly on the website well-visible links on how to contribute to these.

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#190 Multilingual 

Multilingual | [English] | Français

Ryzom Forge meeting report – June 22th, 2020

1 - DeepL

Tamarea (RT) – 20:12 UTC
This is the last time we have to translate on this channel!
Indeed, I am pleased to announce that before the end of the week, DeepL will automatically translate the Ryzom Forge channel, but also the regions (including Silan) and the Universe!
The translation of the universe and RF channels will also work between the game and
The original version will be viewable:
• from the IG, a flag will indicate the original language and the untranslated sentence at the cursor's passage;
• on RC, there will be one channel per language, and you will join by default the one of your client's language. Of course you can open the other language channels if you wish; the message in the original language will be displayed via a link.
The next step will be to translate the faction/nation channels.
Then we plan to translate the league channels.

Q: What about guild channels? Some guilds host members of many mother tongues, so I think that would be useful for those who don't understand Spanish for example; or for those who speak spanish only (not everyboby is good at languages) but would want to join a guild among the biggests (which are not only english-speaking ones).
We're going to go in gradually to see if everything is going well. Then we'll see if we add other channels as needed. But you raised a good point : I'll get the request back to Devs.

Q: What about the private security issue of sending our datas to DeepL? Do you have any contract with them?
Yes, we have a contract with DeepL, which scrupulously adheres to the GPRD. Moreover, we only transmit the text, not the sender (and at the moment only on public channels).

Q: Considering the many potential translation errors, could you, please, add a functioning and user friendly way to deactivate automatic translation for RF and all channels translated by DeepL? The current command is not easy to find or use and would be perhaps be friendlier as a checkbox in the user interface… Same request for the joint dysplaying of the original and its translation.
The option to disable DeepL on a channel will be added on the second upcoming patch.

Q: Will only official Ryzom languages be translated or others as well, such as Italian?
Only the official languages of Ryzom at the moment, because the DeepL language detection is not yet ready and we have not yet implemented another way to choose the language to be translated. But this may evolve.

Q : How much does Winchgate pay DeepL per month for this feature?
 For more information, see .

2 - Storyline

Tamarea (RT) – 20:48 UTC
The continuation of the Storyline will begin before the end of the week, with the arrival of two new missions to the Nexus: one hunting and one drilling.
This scripted event will then be followed by… I won't tell you what, followed by... I won't tell you what either ;)

3 - Next patch

Tamarea (RT) – 20:52 UTC
The next patch will take place on June 25th, to implement the following.

• Fixed outpost history information
• Fixed ranger circle optic and missing translation
• Fixed lot of Translation issue
• Fixed : Rewriting Ranger Aspiration Mission
• Added option in Daily Mission : Player can replace any non-occupation mission by another random (limited to 4 uses)
• Fixed an issue in Daily Mission where sometimes a same occupation can appear twice.

DeepL in game
• Added translations to Universe, Region and Forge
• Removed all language channels (uni-en, uni-fr, uni-es, uni-de, uni-ru)
• Added flags to see the original text and lang
• Added (ticky task!) anti-spam system to prevent duplication of same text

DeepL in Ryzom Chat
• Removed #pub-uni
• Removed #pub-forge
• Added #pub-forge-XY
• Added emoji flags and links to see the original text and lang
• All #pub-uni-[fr, en, de, es, ru] are linked to ingame Universe
• All #pub-forge-[fr, en, de, es, ru] are linked to ingame Forge

This patchnote has just been written and is not yet corrected or translated, but I wanted to share it with you during the meeting.

Q: Aren't you worried that some players may no longer use the Universe Channel? Currently (and most importantly) EN/DEs use the general Uni channel, and FRs use the Uni channel FR. Wouldn't it be better to keep these two channels?
Since everything will be translated, keeping the uni FR in addition to the Universe would not be helpful. Besides, if we did that, why not keep the uni DE, ES, RU as well? The implementation of DeepL is not simple, and we wouldn't be able to handle special cases. There must be only one Universe channel for translations to be managed properly.

Q: This is not the point (the DE/EN/etc. Universe does not use DeepL, by definition). But, if other requests for keeping a specific static channel (a replacement dynamic channel would be less user-friendly) arise, would it cost much to satisfy them?
I don't have an answer tonight, so we'll have to talk about it later if you don't mind.

4 - Multiboxing

Tamarea (RT) – 21:38 UTC
The change originally announced, i.e. a limitation to 2 accounts connected simultaneously, was only intended to limit the number of multiboxers *using third-party software* to play. Indeed, as we had no reliable technical means to confuse them, we were unable to enforce the Code of Conduct and this led to tensions between players, mixed with a strong feeling of impunity. Limiting the number of simultaneous accounts to 2 seemed a simple but effective way to solve this problem. It is now clear that we had underestimated the other consequences of this solution.
I would like to make it clear that although Tykus was the spokesperson for this decision, as he and I take turns chairing RF meetings and it was his turn to do so, this is neither a request nor a decision by Support. If Tykus is indeed the head of the Support team, he is my assistant too and it is in this capacity that he communicated on this project.
This announcement, which was aimed exclusively at restricting breaches of the Code of Conduct by those using third-party software, and thus reducing the feeling of gameplay impunity, highlighted another fundamental problem related to multiboxing itself. I admit that the title of the topic ("Multiboxing") didn't help.
Following this announcement, many of you have indeed expressed your discomfort because of the authorization on Ryzom to connect 4 accounts simultaneously, mainly because of the feeling of gameplay injustice of those who don't use several alts, but also because of the impunity of multiboxers suspected of violating the Code of Conduct.
Just as many of you have expressed your indignation at the announcement of the limitation of multiboxing to 2 accounts connected simultaneously, mainly evoking the intolerable curtailment of freedom so dear to Ryzom.
A regrettable rift between the two camps ensued.
My role is not to decide and designate a winner, but to hear both sides and propose a solution that is both acceptable to all and meets our initial objective. As much as a meaningful decision is certainly necessary, it is also necessary that it should not further divide you.
The reason I have taken so long to come back to you is that it is far from simple. It means taking the time to read and understand everything, to look for solutions, but also to eliminate some of them after finding that they are not feasible. This is the case for those involving a gameplay limitation of the number of accounts connected simultaneously. However, without this physical means of control, it is useless, even counterproductive, to impose any limitation. Indeed, what would be the point of modifying the Code of Conduct if no control tool allows us to enforce it?
This is why the initial solution, to prohibit the use of more than two alts at the same time, was not viable in any case, even if it had not generated very strong reactions against it.
On the other hand, it's clear that we need to limit the gameplay impact of using multi-alts during the game's "sensitive" activities: outpost battles, hunting bosses, hunting marauder bosses, scripted events. To this end, the best possible solution to date is, in our opinion, the following:

• Limiting multiboxing to 2 accounts connected simultaneously during outpost battles, on bosses, marauder bosses and during scripted events (limitation on the gameplay level during the Storyline's scripted events).
• Tolerance of multiboxing up to 4 accounts connected simultaneously in other cases: setting up levels, roleplay...
In all cases, the use of third party software to control simultaneously connected characters is of course forbidden.
During outpost battles, bosses and marauder boss hunts, in case of abuse send to Support a screen showing more than 2 alts present simultaneously.

This transitional solution is not perfect and does not solve the problem of using third-party software, but seems to be a viable compromise between the demands of both sides: freedom is preserved when it does not cause a strong gameplay injustice.
We will be able to make this solution evolve when gameplay allows us to do so, remaining of course open to your ideas.
By the way, when I presented this solution to the Ryzom Team, it brought out some very interesting suggestions of gameplay limitations that we are currently studying. Thus, as the gameplay changes, the limitation of the use of alts on OP, bosses, marauder bosses and scripted events will be done on the gameplay level and not manually anymore.
What's your opinion on this compromise in order not to get bogged down in the current situation, knowing that we'll make things evolve, in consultation with you, as gameplay changes occur?

Q: I would like to ask for clarification about "bosses". Does this include nameds?
No, bosses only.

Q: When will this change be implemented?
From the day the Code of Conduct is amended, it must be enforced.

Q: Will there be some allowance given us to propose adjustments of the new rules?
(New display of the rules in question)

Comment 1 : I just wanted to give my feeling about the "freedom" mentioned in your text: for me, it is the freedom of roleplay and not the right to "do what I want" put forward on the forum by some people, who cry and shout about the abuse of power as soon as they are forbidden to do something.

Comment 2 : You just making your life harder, dear Ryzom Team. You don’t have the ressources to guarantee the good establishment of this solution. You could of have saved these efforts to add something to the game instead. Being bold about the decision and either limit alts to 2 or not is far more beneficial to the game than these semi solution intended to make everyone happy where in reality it makes things worse.

Q: This is going to be a little off topic, but what about, even though Ryzom is old now, advertising Ryzom? I haven't seen an ad for it since I decided to play it back in December 2004. Maybe we won't feel like we need alts if there is actually players to play with?
R :
We are starting an advertising campaign and plan to increase our visibility in the coming months.

Q: How is the alt limit on OPs going to be policed?
The control will be done after ticket with screen. As the use of 4 alts is a tolerance, in case of a breach on OP the general use of the offending player will be limited to 2 counts at the same time only. What remains a playable situation (transfer between GH and leveling still possible).

Q:Why not ban alts completely from OPs (what was the logic for 1 alt)?
If we limit to 0 alt, it supposes that in case of infringement we will have to limit to one character at the same time. The penalty being heavier, it is more difficult to apply.
So don't forget that we are talking about tolerance and not about the right to play 4 alts at the same time; and that Support will be able to apply a restriction to 2 accounts if it deems it necessary, in case of abuse or gameplay penalty of other players.

Q: Would there be a way to cap OPs or Player limite to events like you have for Pei / Dante? Because if it becomes indeed very hard for those who are now outnumbered in PvP, I don't want to do without multiboxing for EVP.
It's a pertinent idea, but one that requires reflection.

Q: Can't you adopt a rule (which I think would be a real compromise) imposing only one character per IP address when it comes to PvP? (Except for households that have provided proof that they have multiple players.)
Yes, the idea is a good one, but technically difficult to implement.

Comment 3 : * [Player] suddenly became aware of his age and is finally very tired * (Considering the choices made about multiboxing, I'm switching my two accounts to F2P - knowing that one has hardly ever been used. Consider them parasites and ban them whenever you want).

Q: So what if I were to have my stepdad log in 2 of my accounts and use them to heal me in wars and for NPC bosses from his laptop? Would that be ok? Also I would just like to point out that this decision is only catering to the loud voices of a few who dont like losing, and will punish about 6-12 players in total (half of whom dont show up to OP battles anyway) for no reason at all. Payers who have put years of work into developing characters. You are legitimizing an unfounded complaint against us that we create an injustice where there is none. Players who for the most part have supported the game, been part of the community and obeyed the rules are being punished for being prominent and being skilled and putting time into the game. This decison wont hurt the balance and wont get those complaining what they want, but it will save me money (I am not paying for 4 accounts just to dig and kill named) and I, with my friends and my faction, will still win. I mean for gods sake I can't use the 4 autolaunchers I have been working for years on... Oh well... But now I can much more easily use 2 launchers. You think this will stop Karavaneers from kicking the crap out of you? No. Nothing changes. But now we know for a certainty that no matter what we do nothing is safe for us in this game. Not our equipment or our levels or our accounts. Nothing we have can be kept by us if enough people complain about us. When will you again change the rules and take what we have worked hard for away from us next? 2 years? more? less? When is the next time these people stomp their feet and demand rule changes so they might win more?
The solution we are looking for is the one that will be fairest for all. I am at your disposal in DM on chat.ryzom if you wish to discuss it (from tomorrow).

Comment 4 : How is this considered a compromise? From what I can see from the 2 camps listed above, one set wanted the reduction of alts, while the other wanted to keep the alts and characters they've paid for and worked to level. Why would you, as a company, choose to limit the number of already dwindling subscriptions to the game?
This change to CoC occurs after people have already invested time and money into multiple characters without addressing the investment people have put into those characters.
A better solution to something like this would be to make sure the rest of the OPs are truly valuable. The current implimentation of several changes to the game have rendered 95% of OPs useless.
If this were the issue addressed, rather than number of accounts run simultaneously, maybe the game would be better positioned to retain more players?

Q: What will be timeline for this enforcement? If it is prior to the ability to cancel a subscription, will there be compensation/refundment of the game time?
I'm sorry, but I'm too tired to be able to read and think... I suggest that you write down your questions (including those of the participants who still had some here) and answer them another day.

Meeting closed at 23:22 UTC

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#191 Multilingual 

Multilingual | [English] | Français

Ryzom Forge meeting ( july 20th 2020)

Date: monday, june 20 th, 19:30 UTC (21:30 CEST)Meeting places:
  • Atys, on the public channel RF


Duration: 1.5 hour
Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.
Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.
Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
    1 - DeepL: improvement, feedback
    2 - New website: feedback
    3 - Storyline: feedback, RP events
    4 - Recruitment: Event team (scriptwriter, actor/actress)

#192 Multilingual 

Multilingual | [English] | Français

Ryzom Forge meeting report – July 20th, 2020

1 - DeepL : improvements and feedback

Tykus (RT) – 19:38 UTC
Now the universe channel and the region channel (including Silan) are translated by the automatic translator DeepL into the client's language. This way, you read directly what the players say in the language you have selected to play Ryzom.
Each translation displayed in the channel is preceded by a flag indicating the original language. To display the sentence in its original language, simply move the cursor over this flag, the translation will be displayed above it.
What are your opinions on this new feature?

Feedback : In principle, this is a really good idea for anyone who only speaks one language, but one should be able to choose which translations are wanted. For example, while I appreciate having the translations from DE and ES into FR, I do not need the translations from EN into FR.
As our system is unique (there is no similar system), this is not easy to implement. For the moment, the translation is activated on the server side, so the player's client can't deactivate it, but it will come: just be patient.

Feedback : If you read the UNIVERSE channel assiduously, you will still find many translation or spelling (DE) errors.
Yes, there are still some adjustments to be made, but the translation is not too bad after all.

Feedback: Thank you for your time and for holding this meeting! I just wanted to reiterate, as someone who only speaks a single language, how nice it is that this feature is added to the game and I'm looking forward to the expanded usage.
Feedback: I think indeed that it is a good improvement and helps a lot :) Even when it is not always perfect. I wish it to become available in even more channels.
Yes, there are plans to extend it to faction and even guild channels if it is useful.

Suggestion: It is not always relevant to have the translation displayed and to have to click on the flag for the original to be displayed. Perhaps, when the original is the EN in particular, this could be reversed?
Note that you can change your client's language to display the original EN directly. In addition, the channels DE, ES, EN, etc. have been recreated, which can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate flag in the [shift+w] window.

2 - New website: feedback

Tykus (RT) – 20:01 UTC
The new website ( is online!
Don't hesitate to give us your opinion and to let us know if there are any bugs !

Feedback : Can't log with Adblock.
 Yes, but you can disable Adblock on the Ryzom site :-)

Four feedbacks:
• I just wanted to say that it's pretty, rather functional, and that the colors chosen are not bad at all :-)
• The site is lovely, I like it.
• It's very nice, more dynamic, can't wait to see what happens next.
• As a web designer and graphic designer, I don't see any problem with it.
Thank you!

Feedback: In the UNIVERSE section of the site, the Nations are presented in a column too high for them to be seen together. Therefore, it is not very easy to compare them.
Yes, thank you. This problem has already been raised, we'll take care of it.

3 - Storyline: feedback, RP events

Tykus & Tamarea (RT) – 20:24 UTC
Episode 1 of the Storyline began with a barkquake at the Nexus, causing profound upheaval in the region. The homins are investigating on site by carrying out various missions.
In the near future, roleplay events focusing on what's happening in the Nexus will be released by the event team. They will offer a different view of Nexus events for each nation, Rangers and Marauders, which will help each player view the future of Storyline differently depending on the character they play.
What happens in the Nexus is an extremely rich basis for roleplay. And that's just the beginning! You'll see it and experience it over the next events of nations and the next twists and turns.
We would like your feedback on the beginning of this Episode 1.

Q: How do you know if there is an event going on or not?
The roleplay events (which usually last two hours) are listed on the Ryzom website, on the forum (EVENTS section), on the WebIG homepage, in pop-up windows when you log in game, on Facebook, Twitter and Steam. To find out which Storyline events you can participate in, click IG "Open your mission log" in your Missions window, then select the "Storyline" tab.

Six feedbacks:
• It's wonderful to see Ryzom's storyline continue to progress, even though I haven't been involved. Good job events team!
• I, too, find exciting the possible future developments via Storyline: this beginning makes possible much that could (or perhaps should) be logically in future added to the Lore, etc. I applaud.
• Bravo for the addition to the Nexus, congratulations to the developers and writers because I think it fits well in the context of the game. And the missions are fun to do as a team. Congratulations also to those we don't thank very much, to the graphic designers because the interaction windows (Mission booklet, Storyline ...) fit very well into the game.
• Good for a start, a matter to follow!
• Concerning the evolution of the game itself it's great, as long as there is a demand for content from the players.
• I very much like the story and it is a fun part of my daily stuff. I find some parts pretty challenging as they require either a big(ger) team or cannot be done if you are not high-level in both close combat and magic. Yet I find the variety of missions possible very nice. And the need to cooperate, if you are not a high-level character, is actually a good thing, too. Looking at it overall :-)
Three comments:
• The rewards for Nexus missions are unbalanced with respect to daily missions. Winning 20 Elyps per evening with 2 or 3 DPs is too little compared to the 30 Elyps that can be made in just 15 minutes with two daily missions.
• Given the time required for players to complete this event, it would be a good thing to get an appropriate reward at its end.
• It's a pity that Marauders are required to enter the capitals to ask the questions of "Rumors" (the launch event for Season 2 of Storyline, still available), as they have to change their fames. It would have been wiser, in order to encourage more of them to take an interest in Rumors, to reserve for them a certain number of NPCs questionable elsewhere than in capital cities (in their Camp, for example).
Thank you for your feedback and for the comments on the awards, which I trace back to the team concerned.

Feedback : As a player discovering the game again, I feel lost, and I don't know where to start. Snippets of summaries can be found on the forum, but you have to search so hard that you get lost. So I express my "discomfort" at having to search for information all the time, and in the end, not to insist in this search, in the doubt as to its usefulness. For example: would I find by this way how to unblock the Nexus missions (the scientists don't talk to me...)? In short: Storyline is a little bit complex!
Suggestion : Maybe a recap timeline of past events in the Mission booklet or/and an overview with links to relevant wiki articles would help?
A :
Thank you for these feedback and proposal, we will see what we can do to make the information clearer and easier to find. And if others have suggestions on this, please do not hesitate!

Feedback: Just an odd observation: it's kind of funny the way Prime Roots materials can be used in crafting any nations goods… and that any nations materials can be used in Kami and Karavan crafts. So, I wonder what will be dug up out of Nexus involving those latter.
A :
Hehe, mystery! :-)

4 - Recruitement: Event Team

Tamarea & Tykus (RT) – 21:26 UTC
We are looking for volunteer facilitators (scriptwriters and actors / actresses) to write and/or perform roleplay events. Feel free to contact Tamarea on Ryzom Chat or by email at
Come and help us bring the Storyline to life by becoming an actor/actress at our events!
Training is provided. You will start by playing a secondary character, such as a guard, before gradually playing more important characters when you feel ready. If you are more comfortable writing than playing a character, we also have room for you, because our scenarios don't write themselves! There again, you will start in group work, before writing solo or in pairs, depending on your preference.
We are looking for volunteers from all time zones, including the United States, so that we can also offer roleplay events in US time.
If you are interested, if you are uncertain, if you have any questions, please contact me and we will discuss it!

Meeting closed at 23:22 UTC


Various suggestions were made and various questions asked on topics not on the agenda of the meeting. These were as follows:

Three suggestions:
• Increase the maximum level of characters and mobs above 250.
• Create, based on the team melee aura, an aura of team invulnerability whose activation power would be obtained through an event, the Encyclopedia or the simple addition of a magic skill at high level.
• Add a button to the action bar to clear it with one click (with a confirmation).
Yes, good ideas, but these are topics for the forum:

Q1: Will we soon have new information about the Trytonists? I've been waiting for it for a long time (the first event with the guild of Trytonists took place long before the appearance of the Rangers and Marauders).
Your question is well noted and will be forwarded to the animation team.

Q2: No news about multiboxing?
We keep working on multiboxing internally and I will organize a "Special multiboxing" Ryzom Forge meeting as soon as we are ready.

Q3: Why are we sometimes abruptly disconnected from the game (during a teleportation, or a change of character, for example)?
Please contact Support for this kind of problem, or visit eleporting.

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#193 Multilingual 

Multilingual | [English] | Français

Ryzom Forge meeting (August 31, 2020)

Date: Monday, August 31, 19:30 UTC (21:30 CEST)
Meeting places:
  • Atys, on the public channel RF


Duration: 1.5 hour
Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join
Nature: informative, questions/answers and feedback meeting
Topic: added, in test and ready to be tested projects
   1 - HD texture update: see
   2 - New billing service: see
   3 - Multiboxing
   4 - Bosses refactoring: see
   5 - OP refactoring: see

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#194 Multilingual 

Multilingual | [English] | Français
Note: It is advisable to read the documents listed in the agenda above before the meeting.
We will answer your questions during the meeting.


Ryzom Team Manager
(FR / EN / ES)

#195 Multilingual 

Multilingual | [English] | Français

Ryzom Forge meeting report – August 31th, 2020

1 - HD texture update

Xelios et Jelathnia (Infographics Team) – 19:38 UTC
Project description note:
(The links on this note don't work, but you can find more comparison screenshots here:
At this stage we have a good baseline for texture replacement and we work mostly on specific types of textures that require special attention.

Q : Is it possible to test these HD textures on our computer?
Yes it is possible, but for the moment our work must remain in the team, as it is not finalized and the tests to verify its holding in the game are still to be carried out. You could download the PNG files and put them in your User folder, but they are not compressed, so the performance impact (if you see any) will not represent the final version. In addition, some have been modified locally but have not yet been uploaded to the server. Finally, they need to be converted to DDS format to be used by the game.

Q : Would the PBR textures available under Creative Commons on Texture Haven website( be interesting for your work?
Yes and no: these textures do not fit with Ryzom's artistic direction but some of them could be useful as partial superimpositions in some cases.

2 - New billing service

Tykus (RT) – 20:03 UTC
Service description note :
The new billing service, developed by Ulukyn, is implemented this week.
SirCotare contributed by creating the interface at the website level.

Q: Will all Worldpay subscriptions need to switch to Xsolla? And if so, within what timeframe?
Yes, within a month. Starting in October it will no longer be possible to pay your subscription via Worldpay (that's why the Worldpay option is missing from the interface of the new billing site) but current subscriptions paid via Worldpay will remain active.

b]Q: But don't we have to change the system in three days?
A:[/b] It actually depends on the end of your subscription, but you can change right away, the remaining days will be carried over.

b]Q: Does the price of subscriptions remain the same?
A:[/b] Yes.

b]Q: Nice layout... but would it be possible to have the date of creation of our account displayed again?
A:[/b] Yes, we'll add it on the next update.

3 - Multiboxing

Tamarea (RT) – 20:25 UTC
Our goal is to limit the gameplay impact of the multi-alts gaming as much as possible.
To achieve this, we will act in two steps: an update of the Code of Conduct and a progressive chanhe in the gameplay.
1 - Short-term action: updating the Code of Conduct
• Limit multiboxing to two accounts connected simultaneously during outpost battles, Bosses hunts, assaults on Marauders Chiefs and Storyline scripted events. In case of abuse, send a screenshot showing the violation to Support.
• Tolerance of multiboxing up to four accounts connected simultaneously in other cases: leveling, roleplay, etc.
2 - Medium and long term action: modification of the Ryzom gameplay
We're working on changing the gameplay little by little to limit the advantage of multi-alts over Bosses, Marauders Chiefs and Storyline scripted events.
This is the expected outcome of the two projects presented below, Bosses refactoring and Outposts refactoring, but also of the future scripted missions of the Storyline.

Q: When will the amended Code of Conduct be published (implemented)?
R :
During September and you will be notified before then.

4 - Bosses refactoring

Namcha (RT) – 20:37 UTC
The main objective of this project is to reduce the gameplay impact of Boss camping, including the one practiced via multi-alts.
Project description note :
I need to clarify or underline some of the points made in this note:
• In a given region, only Bosses of one of the species already inhabiting the region will be able to spawn (the program controlling the pop of Kings will use a file listing the species inhabiting each region). As a consequence :
– if many new Bosses will pop, some of the current ones will not pop anymore, such as Madakoo (since no "common" madakam lives in the Prime Roots ecosystem)… but other versions of the madakam Boss will pop on the surface) ;
– contrary to what the note indicates, there will be no Raguketh 270 popping since no ragus inhabits the 250 region of the Desert ecosystem.
• Bosses logically non-existent by the above rule, whether they exist (such as Madakoo, for example) or not at present, will exist later on to "animate" OOC or scripted events (Storyline). Thus, Madakoo will not completely disappear…
• … Nor, for that matter, the materials collected from these lost Kings who today fill your Guild Hall.
• The refactoring responds to the objective stated above in that it will result in a significant increase in the number of possible popping spots of Bosses per region, thus making it difficult to predict which spot in a given region (now hosting, moreover, a greater diversity of Bosses than today) will see the next Boss of a given type pop.

Q : Will there be new Bosses?
R :
Yes, but they will be new variations of Kings by region rather. If a given species exists in a region, that region is likely to host a Boss specimen of that species.

Q : Will the list of Bosses in the wiki ( be updated?
R :
Yes, most likely, by the volunteer players who contribute to the wiki.

Q : What about Bosses currently popping on one one spot only, such as Bodokin, Cratchakin, etc.?
R :
The particular program that manages them today will not be changed: they will continue to appear, at the same location.

Q : Will there be a frippo Boss?
R :
Logically, a frippo King 120 should exist, yes.

Q : Will there be new Bosses on Silan?
R :
No, Yubokin will remain the only King of Silan.

Q : Can a Boss pop simultaneously in several regions and/or several ecosystems?
R :
There is little chance of this happening. Since a Boss is placed at the "bottom of the stack" when popping, it should not return anytime soon.

Q : Could two Bosses of the same name (i.e. of the same species and ecosystem) but of different levels – for example Izaketh 120 of Oflavak's Oasis and Izaketh 170 of the Dunes of Exile – pop simultaneously in their respective region of the Desert?
R :
Again, it is unlikely to happen: a Boss' placement at the bottom of the stack is independent of his level and host region.

Q : Will two Bosses of different ecosystems but of the same species and level (Raguketh 220 and Ragukin 220 for example) be able to pop simultaneously in their respective ecosystem?
R :
Yes, with good chances this time.

Q : What about rare kitins? Will Kidikoo disappear? Will Kizarakoo appear?
R :
If we let the system work, yes. But Kizarakoo, for example, is still under discussion within the team (shouldn't such a kitin be reserved for an event ?)

Q : If a Boss of a given level (e.g. Izaketh 170) pops (and gets killed) will the next King of the same name to pop be of another level (e.g. Izaketh 120) or not?
R :
Yes, the next tests should verify that the system will rotate the levels of the same King at its successive pops.

Q: What about Cratchakyo, which has been on hold for some time?
This one was a scripted King, yes... It will stay on hold for some more time.

5 - Ouposts refactoring

Tamarea & Namcha (RT) – 21:26 UTC
The aim of this project is to revitalize outpost battles by restoring interest in all POs, by having them change owners regularly and by diversifying the types of combat. It will also reduce the gameplay advantage of multi-talts.
Project description note :
Some points to emphasize here again:
• All outposts, regardless of their level (which will remain unchanged), will produce either Q150, Q200 or Q250 materials.
• No guild will no longer be allowed to keep an outpost for the sole purpose of enjoyment (if any) of its possession.
• To remember: outposts will change hands much more often and regularly than in the past!

Q : "Change owners regularly"... Does this mean that we will be forced to abandon our "home" even if those who covet it are defeated in each of their attacks? With no chance for us to defend it ?
R :
Yes this can happen; in this case the outpost will be taken by NPCs. But it will have begun to produce other materials anyway.

Q : In the case of GvG OP battles, is there anything scheduled to prevent the temporary recruitment in the conflicting guilds of members of their allied guilds?
R :
Two solutions to address this issue are currently being studied to evaluate their respective side effects:
1 • Authorize temporary recruitment by capping the number of combatants
2 • Make the right to fight subject to a minimum seniority in the guild.
In any case a GvG battle (an option which, incidentally, will not be available immediately) must not be identical to an FvF battle.

Q : How will the type of OP battle to be fought be decided?
R :
By clicking on the OP when launching the attack. But the number of GvG attacks per guild will be capped.

Q : Won't the new system only favor the big guilds by allowing them to attack in GvG the small ones that have become incapable of benefiting from the help of their allies?
R :
It is true that one of the objectives of the refactoring is to prevent single-member guilds from holding OPs. But, as far as small guilds are concerned, the extent of the damage will also depend on the capping of the number of GvG battles and they will still have the opportunity to conquer OPs through GvE, knowing that OPs thus conquered will not be able to change owner again during the following two weeks.

Q : "GvE: Guild vs NPCs to win the OPs taken by NPCs"… What kind of NPCs will these be?
R :
Homins for sure, but the possibility of also having kitins was evoked (and submitted to the developers for consideration).

Q : An OP may be held for its faction by a small guild that has received it as a reward for its help and then takes over the work of extracting and redistributing its materials. If the OP is taken through "easy" GvG by a large adverse guild, the faction will be the one that suffers. Shouldn't the faction, therefore, be allowed to help defend it?
R :
If solution 1 above is chosen, the faction will be able to help. If not, it may indeed be necessary to review the organization of the factions.

Q : As all OPs will produce materials from Q150 to Q250, an OP in Fount, for example, will be able to produce exactly the same materials as one in Flaming Forest?
R :
Each OP, regardless of its level, will indeed be able to produce materials of all three qualities, but the materials production rate of OP of a given level will be higher than that of OP of lower level.

Q : How will materials and owners rotations be done? At fixed or random intervals? All together or staggered over time?
R :
All together (server reboot), at an interval of two and a half to three months IRL, but the exact date will be random. Many mechanisms remain to be specified, however, regarding rotations: they will be detailed to you in a future meeting.

Meeting closed at 22:05 UTC

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