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Ryzom Forge meeting report - January 13, 2020

1 - Feedbacks
    - Feedback on Atysmas events
    - Feedback on daily missions
2 - Storyline: Introduction
3 - Deepl: following test
4 - Recruitment of volunteer

Tykus, 20:47 UTC
I would ask you not to speak during my speaking phases, and then to raise your hand if you wish to speak. I will note your request and give you the floor when it is your turn.

1 - Feedbacks

Feedback about Atysmas events

Tykus, 20:47 UTC
Raise your hand, I'll give you the floor. Someone?
Kyyjura, 20:53 UTC
I wanted to say that the puzzle fragments was a fantastic idea
Kiwalie, 20:55 UTC
Puzzle great idea and gift to the city too, for all people can have the gift, think to the guards.
They kill my gifts, they don't have cookies :)

Q: For the yuboho, a lot of players don't have the mats. I don't send a ticket, but have you receive some about this problem?
A: Yes we listed the yobohoh's bugs, we will try to fix them before next event :)

Kyyjura, 21:02 UTC
I spent hours killing snowmen but was unable to participate in killing yubohoho due to cooldown I think
while I understand there are reasons for the timing of yubhoho, not receiving anything for killing the snowmen was disappointing
Arxxan, 21:03 UTC
yuboho was nice but also reward system should be reworked. some people just camped at arena and did nothing. so rewards should also be related to killed snowmen
Tykus 21:04 UTC
Ok, Yubohoho will be reviewed in order to remove all bugs :)
Arxxan, 21:14 UTC
gifts in city and around should be a surprise and random. hitting big presents and know there is a for speed eggs was a bit boring.
i can also imagine "harder" gifts in q250 areas for more experienced players
the treehunting was not done very often because ppl thought it is not worth
so idea good but rewards need rework here.
Tryroamer 21:18 UTC
i ask that who kills snowmen be shown how many still needed to be killed for that region ...
that way i would be able to aid in other regions as soon as done with 100% filling
Tuffgong 21:22 UTC
The atysmas tree was a nice idea but I think there was a problem with the loots, some helped to kill the tree and received nothing beacause others didn't think to share the loots. I think it should be better to set the same loot for each person that helped to kill the tree

Feedback about Dailys missions

Ulu posted in the topic for the daily missions, he will modify some stuff in the filt(er to avoid incomplete or unseless missions

Q: Would it be possible to add 1- 49 mission lvl in drop down menu or is that a bit silly? I ask because not all skills are at a level to do the 50 - 99 missions like for new players from Silan.
A: The only mission for this level are on silan or city welcomer

Q: Is there any new reward with Elyps points planned soon?
A: Yes we have many thing planned for it, some are ready and other need a bit work to finish, but I don't tell you more so as not to ruin your surprise

Q: Will there be guild weekly missions for guild members?
A: We think about it, but it need to be cereated, it's a big work :) Guild missions must be specific and there is nothing in the 11,000 missions that allow you to do them specifically "in guild".

2- Storyline: Introduction

Tykus, 21:33 UTC
The rumor system is going to be set up on atys, namely that all the npcs of atys will answer your questions about what's going on and believe me, they have things to tell you (some more than others).
We will add the first phase for the range weapons change (patch scheduled around the january 27th)

Q: is the information given by the rumour system to be actionable or just for RP?
A: The information from the rumor, will give clues about upcoming events and can be collected as pieces of the puzzle. Only the fixed pnjs will be concerned not those which are in movement.

Tykus, 21:52 UTC
Update: Ulu tells me in the ear that all non-attackable npcs will be concerned, even those who move :)

Tykus, 21:45 UTC
Just a reminder: the first phase for the range weapons is, bulk modification for ammos and gezneric ammos added to the range weapons merchants :)

Q: what do you mean by bulk modification?
A: We reduce the space taken by some ammos in the bag :)

Q: will it be possible to sell ammo to the merchants for resale or immediate sale?
A: I'asked ulu, so I have no answer for now :)

3 - DeepL

Tykus, 22:03 UTC
The translation tests are still in progress, we have implemented the translation exclusion command (/a setDontTranslateLangs [en, fr, de, es] ) that will allow you to not translate a language. For the moment, the tests are not extended to other channels than the around area.
Tryroamer, 22:07 UTC
I suggest that DeepL be suggested to be used at these meetings by those giving comments to facilitate the immediate translation of questions one gives etc
Tykus, 22:10 UTC
Dynanics channel need a bit (lot) coding to be aviable for deepl, so We will have to wait to use it on Pub forge :P

4 - Recruitment

Tykus, 22:03 UTC
The translation team: We are primarily looking for DE, ES, RU translators/proofreaders and EN proofreaders. Of course, FR translators/revisers will also be appreciated!
We also need graphic designers (gfx) Dev/Ark, LD and anims. If you are interested, ask Tam on RC or by email tamarea@ryzom.com :)

Other questions

Q: The corporals in FH all give missions for gaining dappers; i ask that all mainland landing places for new arrivals out of Silan offer such missions; i so far have not found any dappers missions giving npcs in zora, for example .... 8(
A: There is a lot of missions whitch give you dappers, craft missions even for low level city welcomers etc...There are three corporals in pyr who give such missions... :)

Q: "Arkitect" for players, still in the works or pretty much on hold?
A: Always in use and up to date (V4.0)

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