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In all honesty whether you attend the meetings or you do not, the end result is the same.

*points at the OP discussion a year and a half ago*

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Ryzom Forge meeting report - September 30, 2019

1 - Review of the celebrations of Ryzom's 15th anniversary
2 - Progress of projects under test
3 - Coming soon: Launch of Season 2 of the Storyline

1 • Review of the celebrations of Ryzom's 15th anniversary

Tykus, 19:39 UTC
In order not to put the current projects on hold for several weeks, we have chosen to reuse the 10th-Birthday island. What we didn't anticipate was that in five years the ARK has changed a lot, so we had to rewrite a number of scripts with the new code (thanks to PtitBill!). As we also had to add the Ranger Camp which did not exist five years ago, we were limited in time. Ryzom's 15th anniversary certainly did not have the dimension it deserved, but the teams mobilized, in particular the Event team to animate this event, and the Infographics team to create the cake (Aileya) and the “confettis” effect (Xelios). Lessons have been learned and a debriefing took place internally, to better anticipate future events. If you have some question, I am listening :)

Q: The flaming wood is no more in the special bag.
A: That's normal. It was a one-shot element. It has been removed as planned when we switch to the new server.

Q: I know olds days are gone, but, if I may, I would say the 15th birthday event is a failure. I knows that's not very pleasant, but it has to be said... I have been much disappointed of the flop, and by events themselves. The only fun was in renames.
A: We are aware of the problems, but saying the game is no longer the one of yesteryear goes too far… Even if it is partly true (it has evolved quite a bit) :)

Q: I don't really have any questions, but as a player-payer, I have to give feedback. There is nothing worse than looking at your belly button and saying "Everyone is happy".
A: We have never said that, Azileth. That you are disappointed, we understand it. We are too. But you ought to have a global vision of things... That is to say, if the 15th birthday events were not sufficiently prepared, that's because, as there are many things in progress, we have run out of time…
Imotep, 19:56 UTC
I fully agree with Azileth. Why organizing events whom you can get some rewards, if these are removed afterwards? These rewards are the little bonusses which make the difference whith the players who never participate to events. And if rewards are interesting, they could attract more players in future events. Same for old titles given again several years after their first award. By doing so you devalue them.

Q: What about the addition of a dynamic durability bar, which would reduce according, in real time, to the wear and tear of the item? Would that be easily built ?
A: This is an idea for the forum!

Q: Be able at one's convenience to enable/disable the tooltip which pop on the taskbars items (nor beautiful, nor useful) and also to disable the user channel, is that possible?
A: Yes you send us a ticket about it... It's true that these popping tooltips can be embarrassing… But we're getting off topic.

Q: I am a bit confused about the titles of old... In what way do they get devalued if given again in latter days? Unless of course they are very particular to those very times?
A: Some titles were given to players who have been part of the beta testers, and could have been won later, as rewards for participation in some event; that's what Imotep wants to talk about… But that's not the point here either.
Soleya 20:12 UTC
I understand Imotep and Azileth's points of view, but I still wanted to thank and congratulate the teams in charge of the events of the 15th birthday. Everything didn't go as planned, but I still had a great time with really nice people :)
Imotep, 20:15 UTC
I didn't say 15th Birthday was bad, just that I didn't like it. That'all.

2 Progress of projects under test

(Daily missions, Outpost battles refactoring, Ranged weapons, DeepL)

Daily missions

Tykus, 20:17 UTC
The tests are still ongoing, some fixes still need to be coded. We will publish a manual to answer any questions you may have.

Q: Do we know when this will be available in game? Do we have an idea about release date ?
A: The task is ASAP, to be completed as soon as possible. Not for now.

Q: What kind of rewards will we be given?
A: We are building the system that gave implication points so that we can propose new items that can only be won with these points. So, fill up! We will add nice things later.

Q: Why always adding semi-finished things? For instance, these unuseful "points" but which will, maybe, become useful later, when you will add other "things"?
A: We don't add halfway, we make the additions in stages... Then, that depends on how we talk about it...
Soleya, 20:31 UTC
Unuseful points? Implication points are already useful, huh! They can be used as faction points, by the same NPC!

Q: Will there be any level or fame prerequisites to perform these missions?
A: There will be a filter system, which will allow you to select the missions you want to fill and those you don't, the fames you want to increase and those you don't want to be reduced; you will also be able to select the “occupations missions” you are interested in. Then the system will propose you a number of missions per day according to your personal filtering.
(Note: See Ryzom Forge meeting report - 24.06.2019 for more details)

Outpost battles refactoring

Tykus, 20:38 UTC
The system is ready, but we still need testers to balance the feasibility (not too hard, not too easy). So if you are interested:
Mithian, 20:41 UTC
We started the testing on Yubo (the Test&Dev server) of the new outpost battles system (as a reminder : one phase only, lasting one hour). We have to test that in order to balance it. During our first test, we tried a pop rythm two times higher than the one used on Atys for now. Then, as we have no more outpost battles every day, we had a test on Gingo (Test server, whose operation is more like Atys) for us to have an idea of how it would work in real. The next steps will allow us to determine the right rythms of pop of NPCs. For the outpost battles to be more dynamic (that's the goal) but not too easy to win. In order to test high rythms, we need more palyer-testers. So, Is you are interested, you can send a /tell or an email to Tamarea.
Ulukyn, 20:46 UTC
On Yubo, the rythm has to be reduced then. But duration was set to one hour.

Ranged weapons

Tykus, 20:56 UTC
This addition takes time, you have to make these weapons attractive without making the rest of the game obsolete. A new test session is about to start; all the necessary tools are created to finalize the settings. Riasan (and Ulu) created some tools which allow the spawning of all the materials needed for testing.

Q: That means I will soon be able to use my gun whithout shamefully die? To make ranged weapons evolve is a good idea, but what will be the average level of damages? When comparing to melee or magic damages, I mean.
A: Yes, the purpose of this change is to compensate for the fact that to increase the shooting levels you have to drill: it is quite constraining. In addition, despite this disadvantage, the ranged weapons did not have enough impact to be interesting for all the activities of the game :) We changed the damages, activated the bonuses (which until then were not taken into account), readjusted the ranges. Basically, using materials other than choice for ammunition will become interesting :) We also changed the space required in bag for some ammunition and increased the rate of fire.
Azileth, 21:08 UTC
That would be great if I could defend thanks to something else than axe or magic!

Q: What about the Ranger Rite which is out of order for 15 days now?
A:[\b] We're talking about ranged weapons here:) But I'll see that after the meeting?

Q: My question is about the digging of material for ammunition crafting and more widely digging in general. To be kamist should give you an advantage when digging : peace. But is it so, actually? I am not speaking of real advantage, but of differents styles of digging according to your faction regarding stability... And, as far as equality between factions is concerned, we could mention the Marauders teleports...
A:[\b] I can't answer this question. Kamis don't like it too much that we drill on Atys, but a reasoned drilling is appreciated… But not so far as to give an advantage for that...


Tykus, 21:17 UTC
Phase 2 of the “development work for DeepL to manage translation between game channels and”, is currently underway. This is only for information: I don't know more about. But maybe, soon, automatic translation will be available in this channel for RF meetings? That would be great :)

3 Coming soon: launch of Season 2 of the Storyline

Tykus, 21:21 UTC
The various teams continue to prepare for Season 2, the first episode of which should begin in January.
Each episode, which will advance the ongoing Atys Planet History, will include a series of events played and scripted and will end with a permanent gameplay addition. The current projects are largely integrated into Season 2 (Dynamic Events, Pocket worlds, Collections, Boss in a Box, Nexus Reloaded, Marauders' map and gameplay…), even if some of them, which cannot be integrated, will be implemented in parallel (outpost battles refactoring, rebalancing of ranged weapons). We are not yet revealing the themes of this Season, so as not to spoil for you the pleasure of surprise!

Q: I would like to know more about the Marauders gameplay which will comme with Season 2
A: For a start, the first element will be the island, where the Marauders will have a camp and a map of their own. This will be introduced during a series of roleplay events. For the following nothing is really planned yet .
(Note: See Ryzom Forge meeting report - 24.06.2019 for more details)

Q: What is the theme of this season?
A: There is no specific theme but a series of events and additions. But I won't tell you any more at the moment: I'll let you discover all this in January. For now, let's make way for Anlor Winn and Atysmas :) The end of the year is always busy.

Q: What do you mean precisely by “Nexus Reloaded”?
A: The Nexus Minor will be the scene of change, of activities for guilds, but I'm not telling you more :)
(Note: See Ryzom Forge meeting report - 24.06.2019 for more details)

Q: How so many OOC events while RP events are so rare?
A: OOC events are calendar-driven, they are unavoidable (Christmas, Easter, Halloween...), while RP events require a longer time of preparation. But the Storyline will allow us to have a more substantial calendar for the latter :)

Q: Yes. But we are not compelled to hold an entire month for each of them, are we?
A: For it to be tested properly, yes we are. As for them, RP events require people to play and it's sometimes complicated :) In addition, it is the same team that participates in RP events and leads OOC events :)

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Ryzom Forge meeting (October 28th, 2019)

Date: monday, October 28th, 20:30 UTC (21:30 CET)

Meeting places:
  • Atys, on the public channel Forge (open the WebIG (Ctrl+W) and click on the "RF" button next to the language flags)
  • chat.ryzom, channel #pub-forge (

Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.

Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
  • État d'avancement des projets en cours
  • Mise en lumière : projet Storyline

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#154 [en] 

Date: monday, October 28th, 20:30 UTC (21:30 CET)

Will there a second meeting at 02:30 UTC so that there can be some real-time communication between continents for once? I mean, I know moving the day of the meeting is impossible because the dev team and volunteers works on Sundays and has Mondays off, but it would be nice to feel (for once) like Ryzom is meant for more than just one nation.


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.

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Ryzom Forge meeting report – October 28th, 2019

Status of ongoing projects

Anlor Winn Events

Tamarea (RT) – 20:37 UTC
Anlor Winn's HRP events will begin on Thursday, October 31st, 20:00 UTC and will end on Monday, November 11th.
We will reactivate for the occasion the scenery as well as the special events (The Perilous Maze, Kill the Pumpkins!, Yubo zombies) and will offer you various little games.
The announcement is available here.

Q: Will the patch occur at 20:00 UTC (21:00 CET)?
A bit earlier: 17:00 UTC (18:00 CET).

Q: What will we get? Anlor Winn tokens?
Yes. And their number will depend on the number of events you follow!

Q: Will the events be the same as those of last year?
Yes, they will be the same. But we have moved the locations, as well as the paths of the Maze.

Outpost battles refactoring

Tamarea (RT) – 20:48 UTC
We are now in the balancing process required by the reduction to one hour of the attack phase (calibration of the number of rounds, squads, etc.). We will then move on to the withdrawal of the defence phase.
In order to test with more characters, the final tests will be carried out on Atys.

Divine intervention: By the way, the timer for the outpost battles (we are currently fighting one) has not yet returned.

Balancing of ranged weapons

Tamarea (RT) – 20:52 UTC
The last test, carried out in PvP on an outpost, revealed that the values have been increased too much, so the weapons are too... efficient. Further tests will be carried out shortly.

Q: Can we still join the Test group for Ranged weapons? If yes, I'm in!
Yes, sure! We still lack of Ranged weapon testers! And okay, noted!

Divine Q: Is there any news about the Temples War? Or is the project completely dead?
This project (as described at the time) has been out of date for several years.

Daily missions

Tamarea (RT) – 21:00 UTC
The tests are almost finished, there are only minor bugs to fix and translations to complete.
The implementation in game is scheduled for just after Anlor Winn, around mid-November.

Next issue of Behind the Scenes

Tamarea (RT) – 21:03 UTC
Its release is scheduled for November.

New billing system[/i]

Tamarea (RT) – 21:03+ UTC
A new billing system is under development. Ulukyn will present it to you at a future meeting.

New website[/i]

Tamarea (RT) – 21:04 UTC
The new Ryzom website is being created. SirCotare will present it to you at a future meeting.
Its launch is planned before the end of the year.

Q: More details on these topics?
Not today, but you will know much more within a month, since these topics will have a prominent place on the agendas of next two meetings (see the topic “Highlighting…”)

Q: With regard to the website in particular: is that what you have already shown us?
No. We restarted on something else, with SirCotare as WebDev. The link will be given to you during one of the next two meetings.

Highlighting: the Storyline project

Purpose of the project

(Tamarea (RT) – 21:12 UTC)
In order to improve your gaming experience, we must offer you a lively game with regular and varied events, but also a gameplay neat and enriched by regular additions of new features.
However, our small team does not allow us to work with the ambitions of a large company.
So we have chosen to "settle down" and refocus on a common project: Storyline. This will serve as a roleplay base to lead to gameplay content, focusing on content already under development and taking the opportunity to complete some of the gameplay that has been in game for years but not yet completed.
Thus, the Storyline project aims to make the game more lively and interesting and thus enlarge our community, as well as to revitalize the Ryzom team by putting into play much more quickly the additions on which it works.
The philosophy behind this approach is more than simply conserving the current fragmented community, bringing it together and transforming it into a community that shapes (and is shaped by) events, where everyone can come together for fun.

Principle of the project

(Tamarea (RT) – 21:17 UTC)
All events played from the beginning of the game to the upcoming completion of the "Empire's Shield" are now grouped under the name "Season 1".
The next season, called "Season 2", will have two main themes that I will keep secret in order to preserve the surprise.
The two themes will be played alternately, each in several episodes. Each episode will start with an event played by the Event team, continue with a series of events played and scripted, and conclude with a permanent gameplay addition.
The themes chosen for Season 2 will allow developers to complete part of the unfinished gameplay: Pocket Worlds (Scenographic Editor, Guild Islands), Kitinlair, Marauder Gameplay, (advanced) Occupations, Involvements...
They will also allow them to implement several projects under development: Nexus Reloaded, Collections, Bosses in a Box, New Marauders Map, New Dynamic Events...
Because they will lead to permanent gameplay additions (depending in part on the actions of the players during the episode), events and role-playing will gain in interest.
The launch of Season 2 is scheduled for January 2020.


Tamarea (RT) – 21:25 UTC
The Comm-Marketing team is growing with three new members:
• Margote to take care of broadcasts;
• Drumel and Mideo to create videos.

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Ryzom Forge meeting (November 25th, 2019)

Date: monday, November 25th, 20:30 UTC (21:30 CET)

Meeting places:
  • Atys, on the public channel Forge (open the WebIG (Ctrl+W) and click on the "RF" button next to the language flags)
  • chat.ryzom, channel #pub-forge (


Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.

Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.

#157 Multilingual 

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Ryzom Forge meeting report – November 25th, 2019

Status of ongoing projects: Range weapons

Tykus (RT) – 20:38 UTC
The balancing of the range weapons is very advanced. It is however difficult to test because it is necessary to have access to raw materials, and especially it is difficult to reproduce the conditions of the Atys server (Outpost battles, PvP, hunting). That's why we chose an alternative solution, to make sure that this branch takes its place in the gameplay again, without making the magic and the classic melee obsolete. Make no mistake, the change will have a significant impact on the armed strategy, but it should not make your master axe level unecessary.
We have therefore planned a three-phase implementation:
   • addition of basic ammunition to the gun dealer, patch of the modification of the space taken by the ammunition in the bag (bulk);
   • patch of the modifications tested on Outpost battles and evaluation on Atys (a topic will be created on the forum to collect your feedback);
   • final adjustment patch after analysis of forum feedback.
We do not yet have a precise timetable for these phases, but we will communicate them later.

Q: In the absence of a schedule, do we know what the main changes to the shooting are?
it is a general balancing, the purpose of these modifications was to improve the attractiveness of the branch, which already suffers from the obligation of drilling and crafting to level and, most of all, from the fact that some weapons were clearly devalued, even obsolete.
It is difficult to give details of the changes: everything (or almost everything) has been moved. But not weapon by weapon, rather as a whole.

Q: So no modification of the proper operation of the shooting, but rather power adjustments?
Power, range, firing rate, ammunition weight and also activation of bonuses on weapons and ammunition that have been inoperative until now.

Q: So, the materials will have an influence on the performance of the shooting?
Much more than before, yes. The use of excellent and supreme materials, until now useless, will become interesting as a result.

Q: Will it be easier and faster to practice with the new shooting system than with the old one?
Easier, yes. Because you will be able to buy ammunition from the merchants (“basic” ammunition but sufficient to level in the branch).

Highlighting: New website ⇒

Please take time to read the above document.

Cotare (RT) – 21:06 UTC
We've been working on Ryzom's new website for quite a while now. It will replace the old website on some time in december. We have come along pretty well and we want to show you a preview and ask for your opinions.
A few more words: the preview is not yet translated and therefore will only show english text. Also, some links (especially to account-management, signin, registration, etc.) are not yet functional. The "events" section is not yet fully functional too and shows placeholders.
So, let's have a look together:
For those who are joining us ingame: you'll have to use your regular webbrowser to visit the site. It is not available in Ryzom's ingame browser.
Now, feel free to ask questions and give us your suggestions and other feedback.

Q: Do the forum links point to the new version? Will they be modified to point to what we see there?
What you see there was a test to see how the header and footer of the new website could look on the old WebIG. The links will be put on the forums when the website goes live.

Q: Nice work. I only find the size of some fonts too large, perhaps because of the resolution of my screens. Are these sizes definitive?
The page is optimized for full hd, which you are using, so that should not be an issue. The page also responds to smaller screen sizes and should work on tablets and phones too.
However, I will take a look at it and tinker with the sizes a little bit. Maybe you're right.

Q: Will the new site be tested by the Test Team before release online (December is close and testing take some time…)?
I do realize that. I am currently working on administrative tools so the website can be translated and filled with actual events and news.
As for the testing part, nothing is scheduled yet, but a meeting with the Test Team, Cotare, Ulukyn and Tamarea will soon be held to discuss it.


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Ryzom Forge meeting (January 13th 2020)

Date: monday, January 13th, 20:30 UTC (21:30 CET)

Meeting places:
  • Atys, on the public channel Forge (open the WebIG (Ctrl+W) and click on the "RF" button next to the language flags)
  • chat.ryzom, channel #pub-forge (


Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.

Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
        1- Feedbacks 
 -Feedback on Atysmas events
 -Feedback on daily missions
      2- Storyline:
      3- Deepl: following test
      4- Recruitment of volunteers:
      Translation Team: We are first of all looking for DE, ES, RU translators/proofreaders and of EN proofreaders.
      Of course FR translators/proofreaders will be appreciated too!
      We would also need graphic creators (gfx) Dev/Ark, Level-designers and new members into Event Team..

#159 [en] 

Once again, will there a second meeting at 02:30 UTC so that there can be some real-time communication between continents for once?


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.

#160 [fr] 

@Gidget, I think it will never happen.

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Multilingual | [English] | Français

Ryzom Forge meeting report - January 13, 2020

1 - Feedbacks
  • - Feedback on Atysmas events
  • - Feedback on daily missions
2 - Storyline: Introduction
3 - Deepl: following test
4 - Recruitment of volunteer

Tykus, 20:47 UTC
I would ask you not to speak during my speaking phases, and then to raise your hand if you wish to speak. I will note your request and give you the floor when it is your turn.

1 - Feedbacks

Feedback about Atysmas events

Tykus, 20:47 UTC
Raise your hand, I'll give you the floor. Someone?
Kyyjura, 20:53 UTC
I wanted to say that the puzzle fragments was a fantastic idea
Kiwalie, 20:55 UTC
Puzzle great idea and gift to the city too, for all people can have the gift, think to the guards.
They kill my gifts, they don't have cookies :)

Q: For the yuboho, a lot of players don't have the mats. I don't send a ticket, but have you receive some about this problem?
A: Yes we listed the yobohoh's bugs, we will try to fix them before next event :)

Kyyjura, 21:02 UTC
I spent hours killing snowmen but was unable to participate in killing yubohoho due to cooldown I think
while I understand there are reasons for the timing of yubhoho, not receiving anything for killing the snowmen was disappointing
Arxxan, 21:03 UTC
yuboho was nice but also reward system should be reworked. some people just camped at arena and did nothing. so rewards should also be related to killed snowmen
Tykus 21:04 UTC
Ok, Yubohoho will be reviewed in order to remove all bugs :)
Arxxan, 21:14 UTC
gifts in city and around should be a surprise and random. hitting big presents and know there is a for speed eggs was a bit boring.
i can also imagine "harder" gifts in q250 areas for more experienced players
the treehunting was not done very often because ppl thought it is not worth
so idea good but rewards need rework here.
Tryroamer 21:18 UTC
i ask that who kills snowmen be shown how many still needed to be killed for that region ...
that way i would be able to aid in other regions as soon as done with 100% filling
Tuffgong 21:22 UTC
The atysmas tree was a nice idea but I think there was a problem with the loots, some helped to kill the tree and received nothing beacause others didn't think to share the loots. I think it should be better to set the same loot for each person that helped to kill the tree

Feedback about Dailys missions

Ulu posted in the topic for the daily missions, he will modify some stuff in the filt(er to avoid incomplete or unseless missions

Q: Would it be possible to add 1- 49 mission lvl in drop down menu or is that a bit silly? I ask because not all skills are at a level to do the 50 - 99 missions like for new players from Silan.
A: The only mission for this level are on silan or city welcomer

Q: Is there any new reward with Elyps points planned soon?
A: Yes we have many thing planned for it, some are ready and other need a bit work to finish, but I don't tell you more so as not to ruin your surprise

Q: Will there be guild weekly missions for guild members?
A: We think about it, but it need to be cereated, it's a big work :) Guild missions must be specific and there is nothing in the 11,000 missions that allow you to do them specifically "in guild".

2- Storyline: Introduction

Tykus, 21:33 UTC
The rumor system is going to be set up on atys, namely that all the npcs of atys will answer your questions about what's going on and believe me, they have things to tell you (some more than others).
We will add the first phase for the range weapons change (patch scheduled around the january 27th)

Q: is the information given by the rumour system to be actionable or just for RP?
A: The information from the rumor, will give clues about upcoming events and can be collected as pieces of the puzzle. Only the fixed pnjs will be concerned not those which are in movement.

Tykus, 21:52 UTC
Update: Ulu tells me in the ear that all non-attackable npcs will be concerned, even those who move :)

Tykus, 21:45 UTC
Just a reminder: the first phase for the range weapons is, bulk modification for ammos and gezneric ammos added to the range weapons merchants :)

Q: what do you mean by bulk modification?
A: We reduce the space taken by some ammos in the bag :)

Q: will it be possible to sell ammo to the merchants for resale or immediate sale?
A: I'asked ulu, so I have no answer for now :)

3 - DeepL

Tykus, 22:03 UTC
The translation tests are still in progress, we have implemented the translation exclusion command (/a setDontTranslateLangs [en, fr, de, es] ) that will allow you to not translate a language. For the moment, the tests are not extended to other channels than the around area.
Tryroamer, 22:07 UTC
I suggest that DeepL be suggested to be used at these meetings by those giving comments to facilitate the immediate translation of questions one gives etc
Tykus, 22:10 UTC
Dynanics channel need a bit (lot) coding to be aviable for deepl, so We will have to wait to use it on Pub forge :P

4 - Recruitment

Tykus, 22:03 UTC
The translation team: We are primarily looking for DE, ES, RU translators/proofreaders and EN proofreaders. Of course, FR translators/revisers will also be appreciated!
We also need graphic designers (gfx) Dev/Ark, LD and anims. If you are interested, ask Tam on RC or by email :)

Other questions

Q: The corporals in FH all give missions for gaining dappers; i ask that all mainland landing places for new arrivals out of Silan offer such missions; i so far have not found any dappers missions giving npcs in zora, for example .... 8(
A: There is a lot of missions whitch give you dappers, craft missions even for low level city welcomers etc...There are three corporals in pyr who give such missions... :)

Q: "Arkitect" for players, still in the works or pretty much on hold?
A: Always in use and up to date (V4.0)

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Ryzom Forge meeting (February 17th 2020)

Date: monday, Februry 17th, 20:30 UTC (21:30 CET)

Meeting places:
  • Atys, on the public channel Forge (open the WebIG (Ctrl+W) and click on the "RF" button next to the language flags)
  • chat.ryzom, channel #pub-forge (


Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.

Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.

Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
      1- Storyline release
      2- Next patch (february 19th)
      3- New Ryzom website
      4- Recruitment

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Ryzom Team Manager
(FR / EN / ES)

#163 [en] 

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.

Can you please stop with that lie? Thank you.


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.

#164 [en] 

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.

Can you please stop with that lie? Thank you.

Can you please stop with trolling? Thank you.

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Ryzom Forge meeting report – February 17th, 2020

Storyline release

Tamarea (RT) – 20:38 UTC
Season 2, called "In Black against White", will begin on Wednesday, February 19 with its prologue, entitled "The one where you get informed".
During this prologue, which should last about a month, you will be able to interrogate (via right-click) all the NPCs that are not attackable and that do not belong to a tribe you come across, politely or bluntly depending on your reputation. Some of them will have nothing to say to you but others will tell you, in the form of rumors, more or less important information about recent events... which could also give you clues about those to come!
New rumors will be available from NPCs over time (one more every 12 hours). Your mission will be to gather all this information. A Storyline window in your mission book will allow you to follow the progress of your quest, through a progress bar. New bars will be added when informations about other themes will be available.
Then will start the first episode… But I won't tell you anything about it in order to let you be surprised ;)
Just know that the rumors (and thus the progress bars) will remain active even after the end of the prologue.

It's up to you if you want to take the floor on this topic!

Q: Will all NPCs be involved in this "Prologue", or only some of them whom players will have a list ?
All non-attackable and out-of-tribe NPCs will react with you, but not all of them will have any information to give you!

Q: How many will be these rumor-spreading NPCs?
To begin with there will be about thirty pieces of information to discover, then the number will increase as the days go by.

Q: Will only recents events in the History be rumored, or older ones too?
Relatively recent events for the moment, but older ones may be added later, as rumors will remain. In the end there will also be several themes to discover, recent events are only the first.

Q: Will NPCs be able to spread false rumors?
He he, NPCs are homins, so who knows! What if one of them spreads false rumors about one of your own characters, for example? ;)
Joking aside, NPCs can also spread rumors about player events afterwards. This way, your characters could one day be evoked by an NPC!
And, coming back to the prologue, the important information for the rest of the Storyline will be "real" rumours.

Q: Will players "only" be able to experience history/story in the game instead of reading it in the forum, or is Storyline a kind of scavenger hunt - with a goal to complete through clues gathering?
Rumors will initially give you the opportunity to experience the story in the game and not outside on a forum, which in itself is already a significant change. In addition, the rumors will grow and lead to certain discoveries that will not just be information about the history, but will be very useful to access new gameplay or roleplay knowledge.

The next patch ⇒

Tamarea (RT) – 21:21 UTC
A client, data and server patch and a restart of the game server are planned on February 19th, 2020 in order to implement the following additions and fixes.

Change • A new loading screen will be used with the name of the Storyline season episode and the latest news about it.
Improvements & bug fixes:
• fixes on webig;
• teleport pacts have now a label to easily identify the destination;
• fixes on French translations for some occupations products;
• improvements and new option (in beta test) to locate fight Daily Missions objectives.

• new Rewards Delivery System (izams getting a boost and can now deliver more than letters!);
• lot of menus items (when you right click to made an action) have now an icon.

• addition of a Storyline window information with current season and episode and the objectives;
• new loading screen displaying the name of the Storyline season episode and the latest news about it;
• new option to ask politely NPCs (or question roughly them if your fame with the nation is lower than – 30) which will open dialogs that will give you information sometimes useful, sometimes false or forgivable.

I give you the floor if you want to react!

Comment (Jorgensen): I like the idea of NPCs giving rumours that will lead to quests and discoveries.

New Ryzom website

Tamarea (RT) – 21:34 UTC
The new Ryzom website is being tested at this address:
Some German translations and some links are still missing, but most of the job is done!
It is scheduled to go into operation in March.
If you have feedbacks and suggestions for improvement, you can share them now or later on the forum.

Your turn to have the floor!

Feedback and suggestions are given at the end of the meeting (after Cotare, in charge in the RT of the website, has joined) by Craftjenn (for the most) and Ashuleila. These are as follows:
• Too bad the events agenda is hosted by Google... But the new website looks good.
• The installers seems to be different per each system (so, less heavy in size ?).
• Good too: the site is responsive!
• I don't see a lot of SEO tags, on the other hand.
• And a suggestion: add a short paragraph about webapps.
• The calendar plugin refuses to translate itself.
On this last point, Tamarea, supported by Craftjenn, suggests getting closer to Ulukyn for a migration of the agenda of events to "our current free tool".


Tamarea (RT) – 21:42 UTC
We are looking for volunteers to join :
• Translation team: ES and RU translators/proofreaders;
• Computer Graphics team: graphic designers (3D / 2D);
• Support team: EN and FR CSRs;
• Dev/Ark team: developers, as well as volunteers who will be trained on the ARK creation tool;
• Level Design team;
• Event Animation team: to write and/or animate IG events.

That was the last topic for today! Next time, we'll tell you about the future billing service.

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